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I’m going to Star Trek Day!

I recently heard of Star Trek Day in Toronto, ON. It’s a new event that takes place in Toronto’s West Downtown. It promises fun and a movie (Provably Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). As well as Carnival Rides, comedy events, and a Burlesque Show. It kinda sounds like Shat Fest on crack. (I have been wanting to go to Shat Fest for like years now).

Now, of course, it could no where near as much fun as it is being promoted as. Their site, for instance, doesn’t really say very much. I got all the info from the article below. So, I have to question whether or not it is worth going. So far, the answer is yes! But I haven’t bought my tickets yet, nor have I booked the hotel room. I am waiting on more info before I take that final step.

That shouldn’t stop you though! Go on over to the news article and read all about Star Trek Day. Then go to their website and see what officially is going on. Who knows, maybe by now they have listed what the events are. It would be nice to know, since it does take a little effort to make up to Toronto, even if it is for a day.

————- LINKS ————-

Toronto Sun Article on Star Trek Day

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Their Official Website


As we continue to enjoy this summer . . .

Yeah it’s been rainy or unbearable hot (depending on where you live), but it is summer and it’s time to think about safety while you enjoy the weather. In that endeavor, I plan to start a series about Summer Safety. Today’s entry is re-posting of a ABC article. It’s about the ways to Prevent Tick-Borne Diseases. Listen to it, particularly if you plan to go travel in the wilderness.

Just so you think I’m crazy!

I am posting this vid that I found for your enjoyment:

My Little Pony Music Videos

This is for all the Bronies out there:

On my BadFurrVideos account, I have posted the music videos from My Little Pony: The Movie. I didn’t do too much, just ripped it from the DVD, but it is still pretty good. If you are interested in viewing them, I have posted them in this post. (Make sure to click more to see them). Have fun!


Gay Marriage = YAY!

So, at the last minute New York finally got off their asses and passed the Marriage Equality Bill into law. Now even if you are gay, you can enjoy the trials and tribulations of being married. And while, I will not be looking for the hot broad down the street, I love the fact we are no longer impeding another’s right to get married.

I have many friends who just happen to prefer men. And while they aren’t in the market for a lady, they are still great people and they deserve the right to live as they choose. As I do. As you do. Why is it that we feel that we must stop these people from being happy? Religious views? 19th Century Etiquette? Does really hurt society is someone loves people differently?

Now, I should note that while New York has finally passed the Marriage Equality Bill, that doesn’t mean a spouse gets full protection. For all Federal matters, your marriage simply doesn’t exist. Hopefully, soon that will change. And with such a major state approving of gay marriage, it just be around the corner! Keep fighting guys!

Links to articles about the new law:

Governor Cuomo Signs Gay Marriage Law

US: NY Gay Marriage

For a little Fun:

Flash Mob Celebrates Passage Of Marriage Equality Bill

Yardsale, day 2

We held the yardsale again. This time, we both ended up waking up late, so we started late. Anyway, we got set up and waited. Most of the people who came by came between 11am and 1pm. So the next time, I will shoot for that target time. The sales, were so-so because of the god-forsaken weather. It didn’t really rain today (a few sprinkles) but it was cold and windy. Oh and I did mention overcast? Yeah, that didn’t help. After I counted the money received, I did end up with slightly over a hundred dollars. Not bad for the weather!

My brother who was helping netted slightly less than 20. Then again he mostly had comics for sale. Oh well.

Rain, Rain, Rain!

We had the yardsale today but ended early due to all the god-forsaken rain. Stuff got ruined, I got soaked, made 3 dollars – WOW. Tomorrow isn’t supposed to rain, so I’ll be out tomorrow! I bet it will go way better!

A little humor before the yardsale

Well, it’s morning and I woke up early – yay! I couldn’t sleep. *SIGH* Anyway, before I start running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, here’s some Dilbert.

Yardsale Tommorrow

I am just finishing up some final prep for the yard sale tomorrow. I need to transport some totes downstairs so that we can take them over the side yard for display. Then tomorrow I need to go a head and put everything out. A lot to do, and we couldn’t preset set up because we ain’t using the house nor the garage for the sale. It will all be on the lawn.

If you are around town, come on over 231 Division Street and check out out! We’ll be there until 2 pm.

Afternoon of Dilbert

Yet more Dilbert to share, aren’t ya glad you read my blog?

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