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End of Day 1 Performances (Day 4 at the Festival)

So, I am home now (been home for a couple of hours) I am tired but otherwise happy. It seemed that the audience enjoyed the two performances that I did very much. I had good feedback and quite a few laughs. Which always makes me happy. However, I do feel that I have room to improve which I plan on doing so. I did notice improvement between the first show and the second show, so I have hope that the third and final performances will be my best!

I didn’t record any of the shows today, however, I do plan to record the third show at Rust Belt Books and maybe the final show. So I will have something to put to show you all who can’t make it. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as the people have been able to come. I also hope if you are in the area that you will be able to come as well.

Of course, more happened today than what I described but I just lack the energy to describe it. So, I am going to go to bed and I promise to tell more about today’s events later.


So, today is the day

I get to perform!

It’s 11:30 am and I leave in about a hour to go catch the bus. I woke up early, took a shower, and got something to eat. Then I decided to take a nap. I was kinda tired so I figured, I had the time since I was 80 percent ready at that point anyway. After waking, I went downstairs, packed my bags and I am waiting to leave. I have a little left to do, but honestly it will take between 10 and 15 minutes to do. So until then, I have to wait and stay calm.

My tendency is to over think things. For instance, last night I was going over what I wanted to say at the opening over-and-over again. Waste of time and energy for the plan really didn’t change that much and it did hurt sleep a bit. Which I need to get the job done. I know this is just nerves but it is frustrating. One of the nerve-racking things is that the show is improved and is dependent upon audience participation. If I can get the audience into it, it will work wonderfully. If not, well train wreck does come into mind. Okay, it won’t be that bad – but it will suck.

All I can do is hope that my preparation and planning is enough to make this show a success. I hope to see all you of out there today. I will be counting on it.

Check here for my show’s schedule.

FINALE: Superman – Bunns of Steel!!!!

The Final part of a series celebrating my new show, I am Superman’s Wife. For more information, please click here. (Which just happens to start tomorrow at Rust Belt Books!)

I know it’s late and I will be lucky to get this under the wire, sadly my life has been crazy the last two days and I was unable to get the awesome finish I planned. So, it means that in the near future expect my review of “Ruby-Spears: Superman.” But for now, let’s finish strong with my final entry in my Superman series, Bunns of Steel.

This is pretty self explanatory, but Bunns of Steel is a series of images featuring Bunns from the Superman Series. Mostly of Superman (Particularity Energy Superman – he flaunted his ass all the time), but a couple of other shots of Bunns featured in real Superman Comics.


Honorable Mention:

Okay, so no bunns are seen but damm you would love to see Superman in Bike Shorts now wouldn't you?

The Best Bunns

You gotta admit Energy Superman has a nice ass.

Now, I am the first to say Energy Superman is a BAD idea - but the Buns are so nice. Why can't normal Superman have this ass?

Look at this page! So many Buns, so perfect and round!

If you removed the talk bubble, this would be a great Pin-up Boy Shot.

I shoot Lighting out of my Ass . . . Enough said.

Lois has been a BADDD Girl!!!!!!

Come on tell me, that's nice isn't it?

So, he's getting some private time with the misses in his new hideaway then Jimmy Comes in. Damm Boy - You really know how to ruin a mood!

So, Clark has no powers but is able to mount a Comdo-Style rescue of his wife. Awesome. What else can't you do?

HEY!!! LOOK WHO'S TAKING A SHOWER!!!! Now go wash your eyes out with soap.

Middle-Aged Clark loves checking out Middle-Aged Lois. Damm She's fine!

Figures, Shrunk, and bunns is a nice combination.

So Clark has just created the Fortress and stands proud with his butt exposed for all to see. Damm those Polar Bears gotta be blushing now!

So that’s all the Bunns a girl can crank out in one day. I hope you have enjoyed it! See you Next time!

SUPERMAN: Lois Lane’s Best Moments

A part of a series celebrating my new show, I am Superman’s Wife. For more information, please click here.

Yup, as you might imagine I LOVE LOIS LANE!!!! She is like the most awesome character ever!!!! She represents how I would like to be, but just can’t seem to be. She’s honest, straight talking, stubborn, and dedicated to making the world a better place – even if that puts her at risk. Basically, an idealized version of me.  So, it’s no wonder that I love her so much. It doesn’t hurt that she also landed the best catch of the century – SUPERMAN!!!! Something I wish I could get my hands on. But that would ruin the story, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, to celebrate her and my upcoming show I am releasing 20 great pages/panels featuring Lois Lane. These are the best pictures I could find that represent who she is. I hope you enjoy the results!

——— QUICK NOTE ———-

Sadly, despite my best efforts – word press seems to love to cut off these images. It doesn’t happen in RSS (I have a test RSS feed in my feeder so I know). It also means that you can download the entire image with no problems.

I will continue to work on this problem and hopefully in future posts, I will have conquered it!!!



See, she's not sick - she's perfectly fine . . .

Clark! Take Typhoid Mary home!

I want to make you suffer!!!!

I love the fact she is busting Clark for something she did all the time!!!

Honey, who are going to vote for?

Ahh . . . LOOK!! A citzen needs saving!!!!

Fine! I'll get you when everyone is watching - THEN YOU'LL HAVE TO ANSWER ME!!!

You'll forgive me? Oh no, you didn't.

If I act all sweet, will you tell me now?

Go! Vote! I'll be waiting for you afterwards . . .

Now that we have both voted; "Daring, Who did you vote for?"

After leaving him for no good reason: Lois Comes back in an torn Wedding Dress. After using a Drug Lord as transportation and handing him over to the cops, that is.

Even though he proposed to her once already and has his heart smashed in pieces - Clark proposes to her again - While she is wearing her Bridezilla Outfit!

Perry makes a list of reasons why to fire her or keep her.

Honey, please stop with the Smallville already!

Lois Lane, you are a true Hero!

After Lois got shot - she decided that the best way to deal with it was to have a baby. Which totally Clark is on board for, of course.

If I can't protect you, how can I protect our child?

Hope you got all of that!

I want a Ninja-Action Lois Lane too!

Well, that’s it! All 20 best moments of Lois Lane! Of course, there are many more moments of pure Lois out there. Sadly, I do not want to be here until the cows come home. So, you’ll just have to live with these selections. See you tomorrow!


A part of a series celebrating my new show, I am Superman’s Wife. For more information, please click here.

So, the Festival is Officially started today! And while it is not time for me to perform yet it is soon. So, I will be ending this series very soon. Provably Saturday. That way I can focus on performance over promotion. Still, please do enjoy these last few posts. I hope they are as much fun to read and look at as it was creating them.


I love the Raiders of the Lost Ark Feel to this kiss. Plus the Lighting so great!

I love the colors of the one, plus the way her hair flows. It has great framing and really shows them off.

Clark kisses Bridezilla - Can there be another reason to love this Panel?

It's a great Wedding Shot - Provably the Best Known - But it is a good composition and has good lighting.

Good Compostion + a Iconic Location = Good Kiss

It's a nice full body shot of the two, which happens to take place on the last panel of the last comic of the century.

I am not a hundred percent sure why I love this one so much. I just do.

I love the way this one looks and the story it contains. I can feel how they want each other, but can't.

This is the moment he purposed to her. I love the kiss and what they say on the panels. Perfect.

After waiting by her bedside for weeks, Lois wakes up and in his excitement kisses her. I love that.

Final Prep for “I am Superman’s Wife”

So, I have been rehearsing for my upcoming Infringement Festival show. (Go to Buffalo Infringement Festival 2011’s website for more information). Mostly I have been calming my fears and locking down the final plan for the show. And if you don’t think I am afraid of screwing it up, you are crazy! I am always nervous before a show regardless of what it is. I think it keeps me on my toes. But as they say, you never want too much of a good thing. So, it helps to prepare.

I’ve got to do a little last minute shopping for the show.  I am missing a couple of props and a backer for my poster that I had printed at work. Beyond that, I just need to do a few more rehearsals then get down there. It’s that simple. Of course, I can’t wait for all the fun to start, but I have no choice. My first show isn’t until Sunday.

Of course, if you are in the Buffalo Area, please do check out the Infringement Festival. It will be starting tomorrow. There will be tons of artists of all kinds there. There will be something for everyone. Sadly, I am only providing a small portion of the entertainment, but I will do my best! I hope to see you there!

***** SHOW INFO *****

Speaking Engagements – they are so popular. Lisa Sells-A-Lot is promoting a new way to lose weight.
And So-And-So was the wife of Brat Pitt. Oh and Dick Nobody was John Lennon’s best friend.
Exploitation is the name of the game. Let the buyer beware!!! So . . . what if we create an event
with a fake speaker. Then add in a bad breakup and a famous character.

I am Superman’s Wife is a spontaneous romp through the world of Superman.
There are no scripts, no master plans, just magic unfolding before your very eyes!
What will happen next? Who knows. But it will be funny!

— 10 Dollar Donation is requested. Thank you! —

$$$$$ TIME/LOCATION $$$$$$


2:00 pm – 2:30 pm: RUST BELT BOOKS
202 Allen Street

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm: OLD WONDERMOTH
208 North Street (Corner of North and Elmwood)


2:00 pm – 2:30 pm: RUST BELT BOOKS
202 Allen Street

7:30 pm – 8:00 pm: CHRIS’S HOUSE
96 Niagara Falls Boulevard (In Buffalo – It is a Private House Opened for the Infringement Festival)

****** SHOW POSTER *******

CLICK here for the show’s  schedule!

Today’s Essay is . . .

Today, I am going to something a little different. Instead of just linking to cool stuff (which I will continue to do), I am post this essay on Bison’s Baseball for you all to read. Please note, while this primarily about Bisons Baseball and my experience there on Monday, July 25th 2011, it can be said that this applies to ALL baseball. Especially, the minor leagues (which the Bisons are a part of). So please, sit back and enjoy my essay!!!

Coca-Cola Field (Home of the Buffalo Bisons)

by Alley McNally (obviously)

As a child I can remember going to see the Bisons game. Eating tons of peanuts and enjoying the old ballgame. Now before you accuse me of being a nostalgia freak. Mind you that I still think today is the best time to be alive. We have our problems and it’s going to be hard going but we have it in us to do it. Still, that all human beings I do have fond memories of people and places. Pilot field (Coca-Cola field today) is one of those places.

I’ll admit it; I don’t pay as close attention to the game as some people do. I never really have. Yes, I understand the game and know it’s rules. But to me, it’s just as much about sharing a fun experience with others as it is about winning or losing. And while I will cheer for the bisons, I respect the other team a lot if they are good. Can you blame me? In fact what’s unique about baseball is that there’s a sense of appreciation for both teams.

Of course you’re yelling and carrying on, that’s part of the enjoyment of it all. However, there are no riots, or a sense of deep loss if the home team loses. You just think “oh well” and hope for a win next time. And if you are in another city, you root for their home team. How many sports can you honestly say that happens in? I can’t really think of any. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating. Just a lot of fun.

Which makes it more distressing when you see it languishing. Be it extreme age, lack of employee enthusiasm, or being in the way the players conducted themselves. It could have even come from us, the fans ourselves. I just don’t know. I know something was wrong. That was obvious.

So, I decided to look back at what the Bisons used to be like. I remember, being enamored with the Bisons. How could I not? It was a family outing that was exciting and fun. There was peanuts, commodity with with your fellow fans, entertaining things on the scoreboard, and just a general sense of fun. I loved the mascots and their dancing on the dugouts. Oh and you can’t forget running to the ball. Please don’t forget that when you go to a baseball game, it’s actually kind of useful for your own safety. It seemed like the goal was not just to bring games (that was great if you did) but to entertain the audience. After all, this wasn’t the major leagues. It was the Bisons. And I love them for it.

Now, while baseball has not really changed; Pilot Field has. Then again so of I. When I first started going I was a little girl. Now, I’m a 27 almost 28-year-old woman. So of course my perspective has changed. But definitely the field has as well. It has changed its name several times. Now it is Coca-Cola Field. It has replaced the big Board at the least one to two times. And done some minor updates with technology.

Pilot Field as it once looked

Close of the Scoreboard as it once was (Taken a year or two ago)

The most part the technological changes were minor and only slightly bothered me. Yes it was irritating to constantly hear that little bloop, bloop sound of the ticket scanner as people came into the game late. Then again I was near an entrance. And I kind of enjoyed the new options for food. However, one change I really didn’t like. And that was the big board. I need to go back now to the early 90s when they had a much more basic board. Advertisements were big posters not put on the screen like everything else. The board had less capabilities as the technology wasn’t as advanced. What it did have was the a sense of fun. Often the animations on their board were entertaining. If you’re bored with the game you could just go to the big board for entertainment. It felt like it was part of the game. Now it feels more like a hockey scoreboard or like it belongs on a football field. It just doesn’t feel like a baseball scoreboard anymore. And for me that’s one of the biggest losses in the bisons have had.

Coca-Cola Field in 2011

Close up of Scoreboard Today

The biggest change by far isn’t in the technology, it’s in the people. They lacks the sense of excitement that it once had. The team is anemic. For instance, when they scored two runners in a row, there was a little excitement from them as they came back. How I know? Well they showed up on the big Board. It’s interesting to note that the team they were playing against cared about winning or losing. When they hit a home run they were excited. When asked for runners in during an inning, they were ecstatic. They even had an argument with the umpire at one point. I started to care a little bit more about the other team winning just because it was clear to me that the Bisons didn’t want to win.

And if you think that’s just the team that is uncaring you’d be wrong. Even the mascots don’t seem to really care. They kind of halfheartedly dance around the stadium and occasionally on the dugouts and that’s about it. They all are, in a way, like actors. For them, the stadium is their stage in their start time is the minute the audience starts coming in. They have to have a high energy level to get the crowd going. The only mascot that seem to care about their job was this female one. I can’t quite remember her name–she wasn’t there when I was a kid. I believe she’s supposed to be married to Chip 1/2, or somewhere like that. I don’t know. Frankly the character itself is boring but it is the performer underneath was great. She worked hard to fix the other’s lack of energy. She wanted around the stadium, played with the kids, and whenever she could to help the audience enjoyed himself. I remember at one point chip was dancing on the dugout halfheartedly, she got up there and got him to come down.

Buster T Bison & Chip 1/2

Bella Country: A "new" Mascot added within the last few years (Married)

It was hilarious and sad. It made me want to go out there and help her fix the show. Then again the actor in me. And if the performers inside the mascot suits have no enthusiasm for this then they should get new work. It’s the same for any performance art, if you’re not scared before performance and in it presents no challenge for you at all: then you need to find new work. By the way, I should let you know I am available, and I’m willing to stick myself inside a hot mascot suit for little to no money. Hell I do that for free already.

Of course, the mascots weren’t the only ones that were anemic. The scoreboard announcer was boring. The people calling out popcorn and peanuts weren’t very interesting either. Mostly they simply walked by you quickly and didn’t say anything. I thought that was part of baseball. Maybe I was wrong. Frankly, they could use something in between the earlier stages of the game. Particularly with an anemic team you need something to get the crowd into it. And if the players have a problem with it, then they need to find other work. It’s not as much about the sport as it is about the experience. They should be able to play while tuning out the audience.

I hope that places like Coca-Cola field remain open. I really do want to go and help. Yesterday made that clear. Sure, I can’t help with the team, but I can’t help with the audiences experience. It would be a very fun and challenging project. It is also something worth keeping alive. Partly because it represents Americana in its truest form. It’s true that as a foreigner you can learn a lot about the American culture by watching a baseball game. And you can be swept away in that feeling all summer long if you wanted to. Isn’t that something worth saving?Because I do that so often!


I didn’t want to leave you without a little of the research that I used in creating this essay. Please Enjoy all the links!

The Buffalo Bisons’ Offical Page

Article about the Board

Video about the new Scoreboard (Big Board as I called it)

Jimmy Olsen: The Ulimate Whipping Boy!

Or at least that’s what I call him!

He’s been shot at, treated around like a slave, been turned one of several different super heroes, been hooked on drugs, and been beaten countless times. And I am sure that I haven’t even mention a tenth of the crap that has befallen today’s subject. Despite that, he maintains a happy exterior and says crap like “Gee Mr. Kent.” Which just screams RAPE ME!!!! Which promptly happens.

So, Jimmy, I announce that today (whatever is left of today) is Jimmy Olsen Day! May the whips crack down upon you!

AMEN . . . .

Loss: The Superman Way

A continuation of my series celebrating the opening of my new show, “I am Superman’s Wife.” See it’s info here.

Since today I feel a little sad I felt that I would share a couple of sad moments in the lives of Lois and Clark. Yeah that sounds fairly Emo, but what can I do? Sometimes it better to indulge the feeling to allow it to pass. Plus, for some reason it is really fun to watch characters suffer. It’s pretty messed up, but it’s true. If it weren’t then Shakespeare wouldn’t be so timeless. I am so glad that it is.

On to the suffering . . .



He can't help her.

Superman's Shield with his wife's blood on it.

Waiting is killer - especially for those with Super-hearing

She is finally stable enough to move, but just barely

Clark gets the news no husband wants to get.

Alone, Clark sits by her side . . .


Not an Alien with Super Powers, but a man who has lost his everything . . .

He can see everything - except for who he is looking for . . .


To hold your Fiance as he dies, words do not describe the pain . . .


Even a while after losing him, it still hurts

After Doomsdays killed Clark, she went to his apartment . . .


She may have not married him, but they still treat her as their daughter.

Lois has bad dreams about losing Clark

Waking up can't be easy after such a dream

She even has day dreams about him

WHEN SHE IS ON HER OWN(Not while Clark was dead):

Please don't blow up on me!


Why didn't he save him?

So what he was Bizarro, he was alive dammit!!!


Even in this state, for her he will move mountains . . .

Reunited finally!!!!

But only for a moment . . .

Superman is dead (AGAIN)

There is, of course, always more suffering that happens in Superman Comics, but that is for another day. Until then, have a great day. I will see you again tomorrow for more Superman!!!!


A continuation of my series celebrating the opening of my new show, “I am Superman’s Wife.” See it’s info here.

So today’s entry is a little different. Instead of just telling a joke and being on my way, I wanted to put in a request too. I know that this comes from a mini-series crossover with the Wildstorm Universe. However, I do not know exactly where this comes from. I have done some research already, but so far I have not found the issues in which Mr. Majestic comes to Metropolis. Could someone tell me the name of the series?

Thank you.



(Obtained from:

Pinkies up!!!

I bet Lois LOVES you too!!!

Holy Shit!!!! That's what happens to me too!

So Handsome, So Sophesticated, So Majestic.

Hey! His Pinkie is still up!

They Part Ways

If Superman says he's cool, then he's cool

Damm is my friend cool or what?

The End (For Now)


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