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Review of “BATMAN: Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?”

So, today I have 4 graphic novels due at the library. And before I turn them back in, I wanted to pass along to you my reviews of them. Of course, I would not flood the internet with all 4 at the same time – so I will be releasing them throughout the week. Today’s review is of “BATMAN: Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?”

It is even smaller than it appears.

Recently I read “BATMAN: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”.  With the recent reboot of the universe, I was curious to read some of the older Batman titles. Which just so happens this book is.

First, I want to talk about the story. It is surreal and very strange. I’m not certain if it takes place in an alternate reality or in the main DC universe. In fact, I was confused about that the entire time. This could be because it takes place in a dreamworld in between life and death. Where Batman is attending his own funeral. A funeral that all of his former allies and enemies are attending.

Yeah, it's that weird - and worse - yet I liked it

The strange setting aside, it is a well told and moving story. Which is very strange considering the insane setup and confusing story. I really didn’t understand what was going on until the end. Which coincidentally was when Batman figured it out. Which fits in with the story. I read this story at the least twice before putting it down. Which I don’t do with many stories. I certainly didn’t expect to do that with this one.

The book itself is a collection of two comics; Batman 686 and Detective comics 853. This is DC’s idea of a graphic novel. They take previously published comics dealers and condense them into a bound book. With this method of publishing, it’s never new stories – only repackaged content.

The story runs out about half way through the book. The rest of the book is filled with sketches, covers, and unrelated classic Batman material. Material which they never really explain why it is there. The best part is the book isn’t even that big–most 100 pages long–and yet they felt the need to pad it. It actually very pathetic. And if I had paid the $14.99 to get it I would be furious.

Now, before you yell at me–I know Marvel does this too–and they both need to stop. If they want me to buy graphic novels, then they better make original content for it. Put the cash needed into it to make it a success. Don’t just make it a cheesy reprint of your comics! The comic industry is changing, you need to get with the program.

So, as far as story, this graphic novel is worth it. However, I would not recommend buying this book. It’s simply not worth $14.99! I would borrow it or read it in its original form. And if DC gets their act together as far as online comics, I would suggest reading it there. Just don’t buy this graphic novel. Thankfully, I didn’t.


ERRR!!!! WHY AM I SO STUPID?!?!?!?!?!

Hey, don’t answer that . . .

Okay, so I should explain why I say that. Really, I should. For all ya who don’t know – I am Spiral Knights player. (If you play – add pooralley and tell her you’re from the blog). Anyway, I have been working on going level 3 for a while. The problem is you need 200 energy to do so. Now, you could be one of those players that spend real dollars to get the energy – but I ain’t. I refuse to spend real money on this game.

Still, I need the energy to create level 3 equipment. Luckily, there is a energy market system where players can trade crowns (the money unit in the system) for energy. I have done this several times. I have even wheeled and dealed 2 star equipment to get me enough crowns to buy energy. And yet I still lack a single 3 star item.

This is because I foolishly lose the energy down in the dungeons trying to get either crowns or materials (needed to make equipment). This is what happened to me today. I had over a 100 extra energy and I lost almost it all. I am practically back to square one – although now I have more 3 star recipes. But I can’t use a single one, so it is worthless. YAY!!!! I suck.

What happens is I go into an area that is a tad too hard for me alone, then waste energy reviving myself. And as I go down again – the amount to revive me goes up! I am throwing the good after the bad! WOOOO!!!! So human. So stupid. So me.

Still, I am having fun playing the game and I will continue to do so. Afterall, the game is free-to-play and available for the mac as well as the pc. Which means I can also play with my pc friends as well as my mac friends. YAY!!!

A Slow News Day Is Filled With Stars . . .

So, today is a slow news day. Sure, it’s also the same time as Irene is battering the East Coast, but hey that’s still not good enough. There aren’t enough Stars in that news story – now is there? We need something better – something that would seem utterly mundane if anyone other than Star did it. OH! I know! We’ll have a news story about Stars Shacking up together! That will sell newspapers!

Sure, if you wrote a story about someone – let’s say me – shacking up with with some guy – it wouldn’t be worthy of an article. Hell, I doubt I could even get it into the Obituarys. After all, no one died. And I am just not that exciting – nor will I ever be. Still, if I was Jennifer Aniston or if I was Justin Theroux then maybe I would get an article of my own. I would like to have one about wiping my ass. I wouldn’t want to be accused of being boring – now would I?

To be honest, I haven’t read this article – nor will I. It’s stupid. It’s pointless. It’s boring. And it belongs in a tabloid – not on ABC news. I wonder what is next, will they be writing about their alien babies? If they do, I swear I will post it on this site.

This is what ABC News is becoming

Read the article here


The 5 Worst Episodes of Star Trek

So, from time to time people produce lists. Nothing new here, right? You’ve got the best of something, the worst of something, the top ten BLANK, etc. It’s been all over the net- well, since it began! And every so often, when a news day is slow, a journal or newspaper will even produce lists. This is one of those lists.

So, without further ado, I present TechRepublic’s “The 5 Worst Episodes of Star Trek”.

Read it here

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Today, I have a simple offering for you. In my news feeds there was a lot of activity about a proposed Star Trek series. The articles remind me of Shatner’s infamous Academy pitch. Which makes me think that it will be just about as successful. Take note at one of the sources for this darned article; MTV. They don’t really strike me as source of reliable reporting. Oh! Did I mention they cite TrekWeb as a source – clever. But hey! It’s a new generation and maybe I am wrong. If so, well sorry MTV, you are just as good as Fox News.

Anyway, 1947 Entertainment has been pitching the idea of redoing Star Trek since 2006. Why the hell they are mentioning now, I have no clue. Obliviously, they have tried before and failed. What would make this time different? They don’t really say. Nor do they say what the executives thought. So, basically this is pure rumor mixed up with a touch of fact. Nice.

Something strange to start your morning . . .

Adidas has created a new shoe – one to simulate going barefoot while training. Now, one has to ask: Why not just go barefoot? It’s a whole lot cheaper and you would get that authentic barefoot experience. If that’s what you’re going for . . .

Reminds me of those funky socks with toes - and I hated that!

Read the article

Jimmy Olsen: The Wife Beater

So, on my travels through the net; I found a blog post that will certainly interest you all! “Another Cringeworthy Comics Moment: Jimmy Olsen – Violent Sexist” is the title of the blog entry, which, well needs to be seen. I guess I can’t say too much about it until you see it. So go there now! (Sorry I feel you should really see it in the blog it was created on).



~~~~ Now read on ~~~~

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Finally Home

Well, I am finally home and I had a great time. I will shortly write about what I did the last four days or so, but that will have to wait. I don’t have it in me right now to do it. I hope you all have had a great summer and at least one great trip. If not, there are a couple of weeks of summer left – GET GOING!!!!!! I wish you luck.

Going to be going away for a few days

I am heading up to Toronto on Wednesday for a few days to stay with friends. While I am gone, I don’t plan to add very much to the blog. I doubt I will have much time to post anything.


So, I will leave you with this article that I found on the BBC. May you enjoy it as much as I have.

Roaches Love Dancing to Lady Gaga

The most awesome title to a news story – EVER!!!!

Now, we could all care what exactly ABC News is talking about (And if you do, please go here) but since I don’t – there is no need to expand on it. It just is people – it just is.

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