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N64’s 15th Anniversary!

Happy B-day N64!

Today is September 29th, 2011, exactly 15 years since the US launch of the N64. A system that I bet many of you out there loved a great deal during your childhood. While the graphics and the wonderful cartridges may not be up to today’s standards, they did make a splash in their own time. So, it is with that idea that I am listing the Top 5 best and Worst Games of the system. Mind you, I am purely basing this off of what I remember. This might mean that horrible but unremarkable games will miss the list. As always, I would to see your lists and hear about your memories! On to the lists!


1. Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
While it’s true that the Ocarina of Time was a far more groundbreaking game, Majora’s Mask was a far more polished and entertaining game. The game mechanics were improved, that annoying fairy wasn’t there anymore (only to be replaced by a slightly less annoying fairy), and the graphics were superior to its predecessor. In many ways, Madrid’s Mask was a refinement of Ocarina of Time. However, it didn’t have quite as a compelling story. In fact, this was the game’s main flaw. To be honest, I could care less if Link stopped Majora or not. It was good–superficial fun. I loved being able to turn into multiple creatures. I love the boss battles and the fact that you could replay them after you beat them! How awesome was that? I also liked how creative it was to have the same three days repeat into infinity or when you beat Majora. And in the end that’s what makes this game such a great memory for me.

2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
A close second to our first game is its predecessor, the Ocarina of Time. This was this was an amazing game when it was released. The legend of Zelda was a great 3-D adventure game and had a fantastic story too! This was completely new and fascinating. Unlike its sequel, I really wanted to see Link succeed. I cared about this strange little green dude and the people he met. And God dammit I wanted to be Ganondorf! Hell, I can still member when that godforsaken cartridge lost my game right before I was going to beat him! I wanted to crush that game so bad. Good thing I didn’t, but I can play again.

3. Mario Party 3
When I picked up this game in the bargain bin, I didn’t expect how much fun it would be! I wasn’t even looking for Mario party. I actually confused it with Super Smash Brothers! However, once I got that baby home I couldn’t stop playing. If it was just a board game, it would be great, but it’s not. It’s a party game too! Mario party 3 proves that you don’t have to have cutting-edge graphics for a game to be great. The silly costumes and ridiculous situations combined with outrageous mini games meant hours of simple guilty fun.

4. Pokemon Stadium 1 +2
I list these games as a unit because they really all are the same game with a few modifications. In most cases, this would not work–however–it really doesn’t hurt this game. Still, I didn’t feel that they were significantly different from each other enough to mention them separately.

Anyway, Pokémon Stadium was fantastic! It allowed me to take the Pokémon from my Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal and play mini games, trade, battle, and store them. To do this, they introduced a new peripheral, insert name here. The thing with temperamental and often didn’t function properly, but it was so awesome to be able to play with your Pokémon that it didn’t matter. I can remember hours of battling Pokémon with my friends. Memories that I will cherish forever. Which is why these two games are in the number four slot.

5. Mario Kart 64
This game was the first N64 game I ever played. It was shortly after the Nintendo 64 have been released. I was over at a friends house. When I was younger I never had access to counsels such as the super Nintendo or the Nintendo. The only way I can access them was by playing and other people’s houses. We were just getting old enough to purchase our own counsels and I hadn’t purchased the N64 yet. I had never even touched the strange controller before. I couldn’t even control my cart very well. So, I stopped trying and I waited for my friend. And when she went in for the kill–I got her with my shells! She never want to play that game again.

WHAT DIDN’T MAKE THE LIST: Super Smash Brothers, Golden Eye 64 – If I had a top ten list, these guys would certainly be on it. As is, it comes down to the fact that I didn’t enjoy them as much as the others and I do not have quite as strong memories of them. So, they have been booted off the Top 5 List, but they are worth playing again!


1. Starfox 64
Yup, there are worse games than Superman 64! Yes, technically Star Fox was a groundbreaking game and was well loved but I hated it. I never played it–you couldn’t make me–it was too damn annoying! Back when it came out, my brother started playing it over and over again. He wouldn’t stop! All I heard was those annoying voices constantly whining and begging and telling you to do barrel rolls! All I wanted to tell them was, “Shut the fuck up!”
Now, I am sure that it was far more annoying to listen to Star Fox 64 than to play it, but it doesn’t matter to me. I just hate so much!

2. Superman 64
Now, I am sure most people would agree with me that Superman 64 was a God awful game. You don’t need to play it to know that. All you have to do is watch someone play it and you will understand. Which is why it occupies the second slot of this list. It is a thoroughly unremarkable game in a horribly vanilla wrapper. It handles like crap, the story doesn’t make sense, and everything looks the same. And one has to question, how Superman going through rings would save the day? Is virtual reality that different? Or did some idiot I think he could make a lot of money off of the Superman name? I’m willing to bet it was the latter.

3. Hey You Pikachu!
This game had a fantastic concept and it tried to push game technology beyond its limits. Sadly, those limits pushed back. Hey you Pikachu was a game that you controlled solely by using your voice. You took little, wild Pikachu and guided him to the world of Pokémon by solely talking to him. Little Pikachu hung on your every word and obeyed your every command. Or so they thought it would!

Hey you Pikachu relied on voice recognition technology that simply wasn’t there yet. Even today, voice recognition technology is not good enough to control a game. For instance, I am writing this text using my MacSpeech Dictate software. It is a pretty good and decently expensive dictation software. Despite that, I have had countless issues with the understanding what I’m saying. This is after training it and lots of practice.

This was impossible with Hey You Pikachu. It made playing this game irritating and boring. I can remember my friends and I swearing as Pikachu to see if he would notice. He didn’t really. In fact, it was quite happy! Which didn’t entertain us for long.

4. Pokemon Snap
The other Pokémon game that has earned its spot on the top five worst games it’s got to be Pokémon Snap. It is a wonderfully boring game. All you do is run on a set track and take pictures of Pokémon. And that’s it. Nothing more to it. It works fairly well for what it is and it looks beautiful, but is just plain boring. Mind you I was a teenager when playing this game. So, maybe young children would have preferred this. As it is, it has earned its spot in the top five.

5. Mario Party
The final game in this list is Mario Party. I know, I have Mario Party 3 on the top five best games of the council. So what is Mario Party doing on a list of crap? Well, I really did like it that much. And I slightly hated it more than super Mario 64. Plain and simple that is why it’s on this list.

WHAT DIDN’T MAKE THE LIST: Any movie/series based game and Super Mario 64 (Sorry guys – just didn’t like it). These games, I just didn’t like. Granted, most movie games I never really bother to play – so I could be wrong, but let’s be honest, they suck! They are a cheap cash-in product and we should burn them. Hell, let’s burn all the games on this list!


So, I got a puppy today – sorta

My mom took me to the SPCA today and we picked out a new puppy for me! I have been waiting forever (okay a week) to get a new dog! Mind you part of that week I was mourning the loss of my last puppy and not terribly interested in a new doggie. Still, I have been waiting a while to get a new one. His name is Bolt and he was on the SPCA’s website up to today. (DUH!!!!) He is a Min Pin (I think he is, and apparently so did his former owner), although the SPCA says that he is a Manchester Terrier, they do look a like but I am leaning towards Min Pin.

Anyway, Bolt is 9 months old, he is the youngest dog I have ever gotten. Even growing up I have never really dealt with puppies, always dogs 1 year and up. Even Scooby was at least 3 years old if not older when I got him. So, this will be a new experience! One, I hope to enjoy. He just just under 20 pounds and is so adorable!

Sadly, I was unable to take Bolt home today. He is intact and will be fixed tomorrow. So, I get to take him home on the day I planned to go to the SPCA anyway. My brother and me had planned last week to go to the SPCA and pick up another cat to keep Budy company. He has never really had another kitty cat to live with. Also, Ed never really got to pick the kitty last time (Budy is my cat). So, I really want Ed to choose a kitty of his own this time. Which I hope he will still do on Friday. I just plan to pick little Bolt up while we’re at it!

As for names, I have decided that Bolt is not a good name for him. Based on what I saw at the SPCA it just doesn’t fit him. I haven’t decided a name, but I am working on it. I often find that when you get to know your puppy, the right one just presents itself! I do have some ideas though: Right now the front runner is Charles, which seems very prim and proper – which is so cute on a little guy like him.

Finally, I am sad to report we didn’t think about taking a pic of him. So, I have nothing to show. However, I will be sure to take some pictures after we get home. I am sure you will enjoy seeing his cute face! Good night.

You Scumbags!!!!

Yes, the internet is that good!

I am looking for a new dog. I am pretty much over grieving over Scooby and I need a new puppy to full my home. So, I have been searching the internet (the rescue orgs) for a new guy to call my house home. While searching, I get treated to tiny little morsals like the craigslist post below:


re: lab collie mix (alden)

from: (For now)

Date: 2011-09-27, 12:59PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]



  • Location: alden
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

 I should point out that the post this person refers to has been flagged for removal. So, this puppy who has lost it’s home now has an even harder time finding a new home. I guess he/she will have to go to the SPCA. Which will open her up to a lot more protential adopters. It’s provably where I am going to get my new puppy! Who knows, maybe should could be mine!

Healing up Nicely

So last week was ruff (to say the least), but it is a new week and I feel a lot better! I’ve got to work most of the week and a good chunk of my tests are behind me for a while. Which is good, because I’d like to spend sometime and just relax for a bit. As for my grieving, well I am still doing that but I don’t feel as sad as I did. I still miss the little guy (and I always will), but I am looking forward to what’s next.

Now what that is, isn’t exactly clear. I am considering getting a new puppy (not literally – I get adult dogs) or maybe a kitty. I am also considering getting nothing for a bit and saving up to afford the adoption through the SPCA. Still, I am not sure how long I can live without a puppy of some kind, I have always been around dogs. Now I don’t have any dogs again. It sucks, but this time it’s worse because I am still mourning my lost puppy. Hopefully, I will be able to fully get over it soon!

I want to take a moment and talk about today’s events

To all those who read this blog and to my friends & family on Facebook, I want to thank you for reading my blog. I know that I don’t talk about my personal life very often on this blog – this is not an accident – I prefer it this way. However, from time to time I feel that I should write about important events that have occurred in my life. Sadly, today is one of those days.

This morning, we found my dog Scooby dead in the hallway. It appears that he died in his sleep last night. He had been sick for a day or so, but I thought he had been recovering. He was walking around, eating, begging, and doing most of the things that Scooby likes to do. Sadly, I was mistaken. While, chances are good that Scooby died of heart defect (he had a heart murmur), it still makes me feel like there was something more I could have done. Granted, I had no money for a vet bill and they really can’t do anything really for heart failure, but it feels like I should have done something! Of course, that doesn’t really matter much anymore, but it feels like it should.

So, I’d like to take this moment and say goodbye my beloved dog, Scooby. May he find rest where ever he is now. Who knows, maybe he is chasing cats in heaven!

Can Your Dog Read Your Mind?

After reading Netflix’s email, I am sure that you want even more! Well, I just so happen to have an offering from Casear Millian, the Dog Whisperer. I have been a fan of his for years, and I have watched many of his shows and I am a subscriber to his email list. Which is where I found today’s offering. Enjoy.


Can Your Dog Read Your Mind?


By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, July 15 (HealthDay News) — To anyone who is familiar with the eerily human-like qualities of man’s best friend, the news that dogs can read your mind shouldn’t come as any surprise. The latest research adds to growing evidence that dogs can interpret both human body language and general behavior, and use it to their advantage.

“Dogs and [human-raised] wolves are capable of distinguishing between a person looking at them, someone who’s paying attention and someone who’s not,” said Monique A.R. Udell, lead author of a study published recently in the journal Learning & Behavior. “They’re more likely to beg [for food] from someone paying attention to them.”

Researchers have been learning more and more about the surprising capabilities and intelligence of Canis lupus familiaris, better known as the domestic dog.

One recent study found that dogs have the developmental abilities of a human 2-year-old, with the average dog capable of learning the meanings of 165 words.

“Over the last five years or so, we’ve been trying to understand how dogs and relatives of dogs such as wolves respond to social companions,” explained Udell, who was a researcher at the University of Florida in Gainesville when the study was conducted.

“The idea behind this particular study was to try to understand how it is, for example, that dogs can use cues of attention to predict what we’re going to do next and use that information to decide to beg for food from one individual and not another?” she continued. “How is it that dogs make us feel that they know what we’re thinking?”

The study involved groups of pet dogs, stray dogs from a shelter and hand-raised wolves (named Tristan, Miska and Marion, among other monikers) who were comfortable around humans.

Two people stood about 6 meters apart, one of them looking directly and continuously at the dog or wolf. The other person had their vision blocked, either with a bucket over their head, a book obscuring their face or because their back was turned. Both humans held a piece of food.

“On average, both dogs and wolves were significantly more likely to be begging from the person looking at them when the other person’s back was turned,” said Udell.

But levels of sensitivity did vary by how domesticated the dog or wolf was.

“Domesticated dogs were more likely to beg from someone paying attention to them, but shelter dogs and wolves who don’t often see a person reading books were not likely to get that cue,” Udell related. “So it does seem like specific life experiences really do matter in this context.”

The findings, said Udell, are “important because previous research suggested that something happened to dogs during genetic domestication that made them begin to think like humans. This shows that wolves are capable, if reared with humans, of [picking up human cues].”

“Animal people in the scientific community have known for some time that dogs are pretty smart and very good at reading our body language,” said Adam Goldfarb, director of the Pets at Risk Program of the Humane Society of the United States. “This shows that something about dogs or wolves inherently allows them to read humans far better than other animals can.”

Copyright © 2011 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

Netflix’s Explantion of the new companies

This morning’s offering is simple. I merely reposting an email I received a day or two ago from netlfix. I am sure that you already know by now about the company splitting into two. After the uproar caused by that announcement, netflix sent all of it’s customer’s this email. I wanted to repost it in case you didn’t get a chance to see it. Enjoy!


from      Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix
to       my email is hidden.
date      Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 8:22 AM
subject   An Explanation and Some Reflections

Dear Alley,

I messed up. I owe you an explanation.

It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology. Let me explain what we are doing.

For the past five years, my greatest fear at Netflix has been that we wouldn’t make the leap from success in DVDs to success in streaming. Most companies that are great at something – like AOL dialup or Borders bookstores – do not become great at new things people want (streaming for us). So we moved quickly into streaming, but I should have personally given you a full explanation of why we are splitting the services and thereby increasing prices. It wouldn’t have changed the price increase, but it would have been the right thing to do.

So here is what we are doing and why.

Many members love our DVD service, as I do, because nearly every movie ever made is published on DVD. DVD is a great option for those who want the huge and comprehensive selection of movies.

I also love our streaming service because it is integrated into my TV, and I can watch anytime I want. The benefits of our streaming service are really quite different from the benefits of DVD by mail. We need to focus on rapid improvement as streaming technology and the market evolves, without maintaining compatibility with our DVD by mail service.

So we realized that streaming and DVD by mail are really becoming two different businesses, with very different cost structures, that need to be marketed differently, and we need to let each grow and operate independently.

It’s hard to write this after over 10 years of mailing DVDs with pride, but we think it is necessary: In a few weeks, we will rename our DVD by mail service to “Qwikster”. We chose the name Qwikster because it refers to quick delivery. We will keep the name “Netflix” for streaming.

Qwikster will be the same website and DVD service that everyone is used to. It is just a new name, and DVD members will go to to access their DVD queues and choose movies. One improvement we will make at launch is to add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Members have been asking for video games for many years, but now that DVD by mail has its own team, we are finally getting it done. Other improvements will follow. A negative of the renaming and separation is that the and websites will not be integrated.

There are no pricing changes (we’re done with that!). If you subscribe to both services you will have two entries on your credit card statement, one for Qwikster and one for Netflix. The total will be the same as your current charges. We will let you know in a few weeks when the website is up and ready.

For me the Netflix red envelope has always been a source of joy. The new envelope is still that lovely red, but now it will have a Qwikster logo. I know that logo will grow on me over time, but still, it is hard. I imagine it will be similar for many of you.

I want to acknowledge and thank you for sticking with us, and to apologize again to those members, both current and former, who felt we treated them thoughtlessly.

Both the Qwikster and Netflix teams will work hard to regain your trust. We know it will not be overnight. Actions speak louder than words. But words help people to understand actions.

Respectfully yours,

-Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix

p.s. I have a slightly longer explanation along with a video posted on our blog, where you can also post comments.

What does someone’s personal life have to do with their job performance?

This morning’s entry is one of my pet peeves. Apparently, ABC News felt that it was important to share with the world the sexual habits of NY’s Assistant Attorney General. Of course, I have no idea how this is related to her job performance. I am assuming that ABC News would like to get rid of Alisha Smith. Since they couldn’t find anything else, they slung this her way! Regardless of the reasons I hate things like this.

I don’t really care whether or not Alisha Smith is into BDSM. Why should I? It’s none of my business! What she does in her private time shouldn’t be my concern – unless it affects her job or it hurts somebody. Which I have a suspicion that it isn’t the case here. Personally, I love the picture that shows a woman in high heels standing over a man’s arm. It suggests a foot fetish as well. And one mustn’t forget the title, “NY Asst. Attorney General a Fetish Worker?” What the hell is that? Is it some kind of new prostitute? Because if it is, I want in!

Now, if I was Alisha Smith, then I would be mortified that my personal life was dragged into my work life by the most public way possible – the news. Then, I would want to sue. Which wouldn’t hold up in court, because America has a stick up it’s butt about sex and politicians. Apparently, if you are getting some – then you are sick, sadistic bastard – particularity if you happen to enjoy fetishes. Take a look at Bill Clinton, sure I hated the mother fucker, but all that crap about his sex life? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! If you can’t hang him on something – shove it! Wait until the next election, then try to oust him. But please, PLEASE, don’t bring his religion or sex life into the campaign – it’s just wrong!


NY Asst. Attorney General a Fetish Worker?


PHOTO: Alisha Smith, 36, works for the state Attorney General's Office by day - but by night turns into a dominatrix at S&M events.

Alisha Smith, 36, works for the state Attorney General’s Office by day but by night turns into a dominatrix at S&M events. (Getty Images)

Sept. 19, 2011

A New York assistant attorney general who has brought lawsuits against Bank of America and Royal Bank of Canada has come under fire for her salacious personal life–one that involves whips, dominating, and S&M.

Alisha Smith, 36, who won a $5 billion combined settlement from the banks through her work in the Investor Protection Bureau of the AG’s office, has been suspended from work without pay for possibly earning money in her side-job as a dominatrix performer, according to the NY Post.

A story in the Post alleges that Smith works as a performer at S&M events and may have violated internal rules of the department that require employees to consult with supervisors when earning more than $1,000 for outside work.

A spokesman for the attorney general’s office confirmed that the employee has been suspended without pay.

Smith would not return calls for comment.

It is unclear whether Smith was actually paid for performing. The NY Post cites an anynonymous source that claims she was; ABC News was unable to verify that claim.

The story cited a Twitter message posted by Alisha Sparks, which they claim is Smith’s stage name, to a well-known S&M worker, Jade Vixen. The message was deleted by Monday, and Vixen did not return an email request for an interview.

The story also claimed Smith posted photos of herself wearing a see-through latex dress with heart-shaped pasties.

More from ABC News
  • Love Hurts: Sadomasochism’s Dangers
Comments from the Article (As of 9/20/11):
6:33 PM EDT
Sep 19, 2011
A as long as all involved are consenting adults, don’t care. The only thing wrong here is that she broke the rules if she was paid.
5:56 PM EDT
Sep 19, 2011
Another “closet freak” that has stood in judgement of other has been exposed.
5:49 PM EDT
Sep 19, 2011
Oh gosh, stay out of her personal life.

A tragic crash at one of my favorite restaurants

Recently, there was a tragic crash at one of my favorite restaurants, Cheeburger, Cheeburger in Amherst, NY. It is on the boulevard, if you know where that is. Anyway, a van plowed into it, killing two and injuring several more. One kid is an orphan today, that is sad – it always is. I don’t fully understand what happened, but I did catch a few news articles about it. And that’s what I am sharing with you today. Who knows, maybe we’ll learn why the van jumped the curb. But for now, all we to go on is this:

Parents Killed in Crash, Child Being Treated at Children’s Hospital


Written by

Allison Jagow

Written by

Patrick Moussignac



AMHERST, N.Y. – A young child is recovering from a horrible accident that claimed the lives of both his parents Saturday night.

While the family was eating a meal together at Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant, a minivan drove into the building, pinning Joseph Bennett, 56, and Kathryn Bennett, 52, against the wall.

The van was driven by Kasmore-Torbert, 74, who was attempting to park her minivan in a parking space when it jumped a curb and accelerated into the building.

Police and emergency crews were able to remove the van from the victims quickly.

Joseph Bennett, was transported to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:19 p.m.

His wife, Kathryn Bennett, 52,  suffered serious injuries and was transported to ECMC where she underwent surgery. She died a day later at 11:44 Sunday morning.

Their 13 year old son Matthew Bennett was initially taken to ECMC with non-life threatening injuries. 2 On Your Side has since learned that he has been transferred to Women and Children’s Hospital for a collapsed lung.

Kelly Weber, 20, a waitress at the restaurant, was also struck by the van. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to Millard Fillmore Suburban for treatment.

Several people including Irving Smith were inside the restaurant. Smith tells us what the accident sounded like.

“I hear an explosion and I got sent flying out of my chair and I felt glass bouncing off my shirt and I proceeded to crawl out. More, and I turned around and I looked there was a van in the wall,” said Smith.

A passenger inside the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country van, Walter Miller, 79, North Tonawanda, was uninjured in the crash. Lieutenant Thomas Ratzel says this is the 4th time in the past month that a vehicle has been driven into a building in Amherst.

“For the short period of time yeah. I mean we’ve had them in the past over the past several years. We’ve had different ones where people have driven through the front of convenience stores and other things, but I mean it doesn’t happen everyday,” said Ratzel.

Originally it was reported that the family was from Dansville which is south of Rochester, but On Sunday Amherst Police confirmed they also had another home in Wilson, Niagara County.

The restaurant is closed and currently has a sign on the door that says it plans to open on Wednesday.

More Spam Than You Can Shake A Stick At

So, yesterday I received more fun SPAM in my inbox. Of course, it has to be one of those phishing schemes which I love so much! Honestly, I find them to be most hilarious of the types of SPAM – and the most dangerous too. Sometimes, you almost get sucked in. If you do, they got ya and your identity and can use it however they please. Pretty darn scary if you ask me.

So, please allow me to share with you my most recent bit of SPAMMY goodness. May you NEVER fall for it!

————- EMAIL RECEIVED ——————-

Please Respond: Contact Email: (

from    Teresa Petersen
to         (this was left blank)
date    Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 3:11 AM
subject    Please Respond: Contact Email: (


I am Mrs Mary Abery, a devoted Christian married to Late Engr. Sir Keith Abery {PhD} who worked with a Multinational oil company as a drilling rig supplier in Saudi Arabia for 19 years before he died. We were married for twenty four years without a child. I am in the process of setting up a charity foundation but due to my health condition I would need somebody who I would make next of kin to our funds in Canada to help me finish the charity work we tried starting as my doctors told me that I would not live longer than the next eight months due to cancer problem. I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit our estate.
I don’t think I will need any telephone communication at the moment because of my health as this mail was sent by my PA (Teresa Petersen) so please reply to my email address: for more details.

Remain Blessed
Mrs. Mary Abery

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