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Wrap Up The Year Right: The Best Videos of 2011

Content providers from all over the world worked hard this year to provide the best entertainment possible all for free. In my generosity, I posted their videos throughout the year. Now the year is literally almost over and I haven’t paid my respects to their awesomeness. That can’t be allowed to continue. . .

As you may have already figured out this post is ONLY for videos that were not made by me. I simply found them throughout the year and posted them here. Now, my top ten favorites are coming back for one more go before we say, “Happy New Year!” Enjoy your trip down memory lane as we wrap up 2011:

The Best Videos of 2011

1Fault Lines: The Top 1%

So, I have posted throughout the year about how much I hated the Occupy Protests. I didn’t get it. I didn’t see how they were changing things. At least not in a positive way. However, earlier in the year I posted a video from  Aljazeera (In English by the way) talking about the Nation’s poor and rich. It was a beautiful and moving piece. That it had to be watched. Now, it needs to be watched again. [Warning: The Video is Almost 25 Minutes Long – Commit to it!!]

2. Le Internet Medley

Shifting gears to something more positive, I present “Le Internet Medley,” by “The GAG Quartet.” In this song, the Quartet (Although it looks like for most of it – they are three people) crams in as many Memes as possible. This bit of Pure awesomeness must be seen again!

3. Charlie Brown Medley

Yup, yet another music video! Two men hold a surprise recital in an retirement home. The rest of what happens is just magic!

4.  Zelda Medley

How could you not love this video? Hell, it should be video of the year! (But it’s not). It is one of the best put-together music videos that I have seen in a long time. Not to mention one of the best Internet Music Videos. Sure, they are selling the song, but can you blame them? It’s that awesome! I am, of course, assuming they have permission to sell, otherwise it would have been gone by now.

5. Chuck Testa Song

Ahh Chuck Testa, that socially inappropriate taxidermist, how we love you! We want to thank you for those terrible commercials. Luckily, we don’t have to, because we have the Chuck Testa Song! Marvel at the stupidity of it all, as you listen to some great music and autotune – did I forget to say the autotune? Yup, it’s there!

Original Commercials:

Chuck Testa Song:

6. Yoga Girl Song:

What can say about this song? Well, that it’s awesome! That’s it.

7. Tit For Tat

From the same people who gave you the “Yoga Girl Song” comes “Tit For Tat!” This short little comedy reminds you just how silly we women can be!

8. “My Little Pony” Song

This is the weirdest “My Little Pony” song I have ever heard! That’s why it is in the 8th slot for this year!

9. The Avengers Trailer: A Parody

To be honest, I wish the real Avengers Trailer was this awesome. If it was, I rent it. Bitches!

10. Damon Claus For A Clause

Matt Damon dressed up as Santa Claus and tried to give kids Water Bottles. The rest is magic!

So, that’s it for the final post of 2011. I hope you have enjoyed this short series and reading my blog. Keep doing it! I NEED YOU!!!!!! Seriously though, come back tomorrow because I have a News Year Extravaganza planned. What it is, you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to hang on to find out!


Wrap Up The Year Right: The Best Posts of 2011

Okay, so it’s official – tomorrow is 2012! Which means it’s time to wrap up this year’s awesomeness. Which I plan to do in three parts. They will be posted throughout the day today, so keep watching! The Second part is “The Best Posts of 2011.” I went through all the posts I made this year and picked my favorites. These are the results:


The Best Posts of 2011

1. My Anime North 2011 Posts

This year I decided to chronicle my trip to Anime North 2011 on this blog. In a series of posts, I talked about everything, including being held up at the border, the results of my workshop, and my experience of being staff at the event. As always, Anime North is a major part of my life and was a major part of this blog at the end of May and the beginning of July. It holds some of the most special memories for me. This is the anime north posts are number one on this list!

Click here to see:

Posts written during the convention

Wrap up Post

2. Man Dies From Toothache

When I first came across this news story, it scared the shit out of me! And with a tooth problem of my own, I was afraid that I would meet a similar fate. (Did I mention that I am a hypochondriac?) Not that I did that much about the tooth. But I will, eventually. Ignoring the tooth thing, this story was a stark reminder of the reality of the have and the have-nots. And how our medical system is broken. Now if I could only figure out what to do to fix it . . .

Click here to read this post

3. Weird Canadian Comic

This post of definitely one of my favorite posts of all time! Partly because of the hilarious nature of the image, but also because of the fact that one commenter though I was Canadian! It was cute and sweet, but alas I am NOT Canadian! It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy political cartoons. I love those beasties no matter where they come from! Hell, at one point, I wanted to become a political cartoonist. Of course, its a dying art though . . . But Who knows! In 2012 I may make some! Only time will tell . . .

Click here to read this post

4. Portal 2 Comic

This one is almost too awesome to bear! (Yes that was a terrible pun). I found this beastie all the back in October. It was so great that I got it out as soon as I could! Now it is a classic among my posts. Read it again, I dare you!

Click here to read this post

5. Sharing my pain

2011 has been both a great year and one full of pain. At the end of summer, I suffered a big setback professionally. I messed up – BIG TIME!!! And believe me, I mulled over it again and again. And in this post, dated August 1st, I go over exactly what happened at the Infringement Festival.

Click here to read this post

6. Sad Story of a Dog

Going with the theme of pain, this one comes from one of the many natural disasters this year. A little Beagle is found alive seven days after Japan’s 13th Typhoon cradled in the arms of his dead owner. Sadly, I do not know what happened to Chiro after this article was published but I hope that he found a good home.

Click here to read this post

7. Cute Little Comic

Switching gears to more happy things, I present a short webcomic for your entertainment. I don’t know much about this comic, but it is sweet! And definitely worth a second reading!

Click here to read this post

8. =3, can you live without their antics?

Ray William Johnson is the source of all kinds of funny. This post is no exception. These 5 little images tell us what ISN’T likely to happen irl. Hollywood be dammed! Best part is they are all stick people!

Click here to read this post

9. Atheist Cartoon

Yet another fine Political Cartoon! I found this while Stumbling Around on Stumble this year. I don’t really know much about it other than it is awesome! And that’s all I need to know. Now read it before you go to hell . . .

Click here to read this post

10. The Top 5 Best and Worst Games for the N64

This year marked the 15th Anniversary of the N64. To celebrate it, I listed the top 5 best and worst games for the system. Now each game I had to either play or have experienced personally to get on the list. That means there are provably many more out there that deserve honors (for either one) that I simply do not know of. I dare YOU to make up your own list! If you, I promise to post it here!

Click here to read this post

So, that’s it for the second post of three. I hope you have enjoyed reliving some of the best posts of 2011. Make sure to come back later on today, because there is one more “Best of 2011” post yet to come!

Wrap Up The Year Right: The Best of the Alley-Made Videos

Okay, so it’s official – tomorrow is 2012! Which means it’s time to wrap up this year’s awesomeness. Which I plan to do in three parts. They will be posted throughout the day today, so keep watching! The first part is “The Best of the Alley-Made Videos.” AKA: Alley uploaded it! Enjoy your trip down memory lane as we wrap up 2011:

The Best of the Alley-Made Videos

1The Prisoner of the Mind 

I have to say that this is my absolute favorite video that I have made in a LONG time. Filmed in 2010, it wasn’t until the end of 2011 that I was able to put together the pieces. It wasn’t what I thought was going to happen, but in the end I liked the result a lot more. Please enjoy watching “The Prisoner of the Mind” once again.

2. Pocket Full of Hawthornes

This is a mere reupload of a awesome video available through nbc. Only this time it has no ads to pester you with. Plus, it seems fitting that it should end up on youtube, don’t ya think?

3. Occupy My Butt

This was my first video on my new “Channel the Alley” channel and the prototype of my new “Alley Rants” series. While the second rant is in someways a better rant, this one just has the magic that I love. Everything comes into place to make a great and insulting piece. The only thing I would change is the audio quality. And while I have done rants before (see my furry videos channel), this is the first time I have ranted as me not as a character. Worth watching again, don’t ya think?

4. Layaway Angels

This is a reposting of ABC video that continued the “Layaway Angel” story. It was so fun reporting on this magical story. Which is why I am bringing it back for one more go before 2012. Enjoy.

5. Myth Busters Bust House

Yet another reposting! So, in 2011, I mostly reposted awesome news videos. So, it’s no surprise that I am including one of my favorite stories from 2011. Laugh once again at the Myth Busters when they bust up a Californian Neighborhood by accident.

So, that’s it for the first post of three. I hope you have enjoyed reliving some of the best moments of 2011. Make sure to come back later on today, because there are two more “Best of 2011” posts yet to come!

Videos That Make You Smile: Kid DOMINATES Arcade Game

This video reminds me of the story how a ten-year pwned me at air hockey. I was dammed lucky I didn’t have balls, because I would have lost them that day. Anyway, this kid is that good – only at Arcade Basketball. Too bad that skill doesn’t translate to anything useful. Like playing real Basketball. Then he could make millions.

My best and greatest source of wacky videos is Ray William Johnson and his blog. I find an never ending stream of WTF sent to me everyday. And it can be for you, if you subscribe to his feed! Enough said.

Videos That Make You Smile: Man Flips Car Over Skateboard

Yes I know it is an Optical Illusion thingy, but it is pretty darn cool!

My best and greatest source of wacky videos is Ray William Johnson and his blog. I find an never ending stream of WTF sent to me everyday. And it can be for you, if you subscribe to his feed! Enough said.

Humane Society Euthanizes Hurt Cat

This one you have to read to believe:

Public Outraged by Phoenix Man’s Euthanized Cat

PHOENIX December 28, 2011 (AP)

Some outraged donors are threatening to pull their support for the Humane Society after it euthanized the beloved cat of a former heroin addict hours after he brought it in for medical treatment.

The Arizona Republic reports ( ) that Daniel Dockery’s 9-month-old cat, Scruffy, was put down not because of cuts it got from a fence but because the 49-year-old Phoenix man couldn’t immediately pay $400 for its care.

Dockery said that he reluctantly surrendered the cat to the Humane Society on Dec. 8 after clinic staff declined to take a credit card from his mother over the phone or wait 24 hours for her to wire him cash. They told him that the cat only would be treated if he signed over ownership, he said.

Dockery searched for the cat for three weeks at agency shelters and repeatedly asked staff what had happened to Scruffy but learned Tuesday that the cat was euthanized a few hours after he brought her in.

“Now I’ve got to think about how I failed that beautiful animal,” Dockery said. “I failed her. … That’s so wrong. There was no reason for her not to be treated.”

Humane Society spokeswoman Stacy Pearson said the agency took Scruffy intending to treat it and put it in foster care, but when she was taken to a second-chance clinic with three other cats, doctors were only available to treat two of them.

“It was never intended for that cat to be euthanized,” she said. “This truly is a worst-case scenario … and it is one the Arizona Humane Society must deal with every day.”

She said that if Dockery paid for the treatment or the clinic had accepted his mother’s credit card by phone, Scruffy would not have been taken to the second-chance clinic.

The Humane Society said it is reviewing its credit-card policy because of what happened to Scruffy.

Dockery said that for the past nine months, Scruffy has been his closest companion and has helped him stay off drugs for more than a year, the longest stretch he’s ever been clean.

A recovering heroin addict with a lengthy prison record, Dockery has a handful of friends and a caretaking job in Phoenix that provides him with room and board.

He said that as he hand-fed Scruffy even before she opened her eyes at 4 days old, he found that he was nursing his own way back into society. He raised money to have Scruffy spayed. The kitten ate from fresh cans of tuna and slept on Dockery’s pillow at night.

Dockery’s mother, Donna Koning, of Muskegon, Mich., said she believes that when her son told the Humane Society workers that he didn’t have a real job, they assumed Dockery was homeless and couldn’t care for an animal.

“Don’t you have enough animals in the shelter that you would not want to take a beloved pet from someone who clearly cares for it?” she asked.

A Republic story on Saturday about Dockery’s search for Scruffy led to an outpouring of support, as more than 150 people emailed and called to offer Dockery financial help, new kittens and free veterinarian services.

Residents also expressed outrage on the Humane Society’s Facebook page, which was flooded with messages from donors threatening to pull donations.

“Shame on you!” wrote several people.

Videos That Make You Smile: Double Feature

It’s All About The Bear Toss!

Today’s two features are about the Bear Toss. Both are videos taken from Hockey Games. Which would provably be obvious to anyone who knows what a Bear Toss is. Of course, if you’re like me – then you don’t.

So for those of you who don’t know what it is, here is Wikipedia’s explanation:

A teddy bear toss is a popular Christmas season promotion at many minor and junior hockey arenas throughout North America. Fans are encouraged to bring teddy bears to the game, and to throw them onto the ice when the home team scores its first goal. The toys are then gathered up to be donated as Christmas presents to hospitals and charities. In many cases, the players themselves personally donate some of the bears to children at area hospitals. The tradition is said to have started in Kitchener, Ontario at Kitchener Rangers games. [From: Wikipedia, duh!]

Now that you understand, it’s time to hear about the movies.

2010 Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss – Hitmen vs. Rebels (Original)

Since I didn’t know about this Canadian, turned American Tradition when I watched it; I said.” Huh. Well’s that different. Provably some Canadian thing.” Next I said, “There’s a talking dog around the corner, I know it!” Then moved on. But after watching the second video (just wait for that okay?) I went back and watched it again. Now I think it is pretty cool. And a neat idea. Maybe more things should have a Teddy Bear Toss during their games. Like the Bisons, that would be cool!  If that ever happens, only time will tell . . .


Tiny Little Bear Toss

This one was uploaded by me, but is merely a reposting a local news article. Click Here to Watch it. Merely cut the thing a bit and added an opening. It’s about a local junior Hockey Team I never knew about. They did their own Teddy Bear Toss, which was really cute but sad. I guess not many people show up to Junior League Hockey Games. Still, you have to watch the little girl in this video. That alone is worth it’s own viral video. Trust me, you will love it!

PS: I know I misspelled Sabres on the video, but I just don’t feel like recompiling it to fix it. People will provably cut away from that anyway. Have fun!


Adults-Only Machine Dispenses Pudding

An Interesting new concept . . .

Click here to view the video (sorry abc news again)

Most Popular YouTube Videos In The UK For 2011

Wow that’s a mouth Full, but is pretty what this post is about. BBC News posted recently a awesome article about the most popular YouTube Videos in the UK. What was really weird that the top video for 2011 wasn’t anything royal. It was a talking dog. Yup, you heard me, a talking dog. Don’t ya love the internet?

Click here to view the article

Or Scroll down to watch the videos I thought was interesting (Yes I know the Nyan Cat was on the list, but we all know about that!):

Ultimate Dog Tease

Yup the talking dog. If you need to know why this is so awesome then you are dead. Dead.

Rebecca Black “Friday” (Brock’s Dub)

Remember that weird Teen Music Video that popped up on Youtube this year? Well, this guy dubbed it over with his own song. Awesome!

Diary of a bad man

Not my favorite of the bunch, but still good.

Masterchef Synesthesia – Swede Mason

While not the best Video-Turned-Music Video (AKA Remix) it is still very creative and worth watching!


All I can say about this is WTF.

Michael Collings – Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Audition

This reminds me of that other hidden, yet ugly gem from the UK. Somehow though I get the feeling he may be retarded. Watch the video to what I mean.

So, that’s all the videos from the top ten most watched YouTube Videos in the UK for 2011 I thought was interesting. Who knows what will come up next year, but I bet it will be brighter!

Videos That Make You Smile: Master Grief

The Smosh Pit is awesome! Particularly their original videos. Which this just so happens to be. Enjoy!

As mentioned before, I got this from the Pit, Smosh Pit. Go there and laugh your ass off!

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