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Videos That Make You Smile: The Legend of Zelda: FPS

He is almost as funny as Drunken link . . . almost . . .

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Saving Walter Sunday

Today’s story comes from Caesar Millian’s website once again. It is about a abused and abandoned pitbull named Walter Sunday. This is his story:

Saving Pit Bull Walter

By Michael D. Mullins


It was Easter Sunday. Brooklyn bartender Alex Darsey was on his way to the gym when he spotted the young dog struggling to walk toward him. Malnourished, dehydrated, with chemical burns on his skin and a case of mange that had taken away all his hair, the Pit Bull looked to be on his last legs. A passerby told Darsey that he had just been tossed from a passing car.

“I was horrified,” says Darsey, 39, a native of Minnesota who has lived in New York City for ten years. “I was shocked to see the state he was in.”

Realizing he couldn’t leave the severely abused animal on the street, Darsey called Kenan and Ro Juska, a pair of animal-loving friends. They picked up Darsey and the dog and drove them to the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group of Brooklyn (VERG), a 24-hour facility that specializes in emergency treatment for animals.

There, Dr. Brett Levitzke, VERG’s medical director, shared their outrage and horror. The mange, he says, was the worst case he had ever seen. “I was disgusted that a human being could let that happen to him. We see cases of mange all the time, but never to that extent,” Levitzke says. It was, he says, clearly caused by “neglect and abuse that allowed it to get to such a level.”

The burn symptoms were probably caused by a chemical, possibly bleach. Darsey thinks it was someone’s ill-advised attempt to treat the mange.

In spite of the veterinary bills he knew he would be facing, Darsey decided to take the dog home that night, naming him Walter Sunday—Walter for actor Walter Matthau, of whom the dog reminded him, and Sunday for the day on which he was found.

After a week of caring for Walter, administering antibiotics and medicated soap to treat the mange, Darsey noticed that his condition was worsening. “He stopped eating, and his condition quickly became critical,” he says. “He was making horrible sounds, he couldn’t retain liquids, and his skin felt cold, like a dead animal’s skin. I was pretty sure he was dying.”

Back at VERG, veterinarians discovered secondary infections caused by Walter’s weakened immune system. They couldn’t predict whether Walter would live, leaving Darsey and his friends with a difficult choice: Go into debt for a dog who might not live—or walk away and let him be put down.

They decided to save Walter.

And VERG assured Darsey that they would work with him on the medical expenses.

Walter, who was kept at the hospital for several days, was given protein supplements, put on an IV, and placed in an incubator. To help pay for the treatment, Darsey and his friends, who up until now had been paying all medical expenses, launched a fund-raising effort in Walter’s name.

They started a blog named Help Save Walter!( with pictures of Walter along with his harrowing story, to inform others and, they hoped, generate donations on his behalf. Thanks to that, and media coverage—including an appearance on the Today show where Jill Rappaport told his story—thousands of compassionate people around the world contributed enough money over the next several months to help Walter receive the care he needed.

Darsey says it was enough to not only pay for Walter’s medical expenses, but also make donations in Walter’s name to local shelters and animal welfare organizations.

In addition, VERG is in the process of creating a fund in Walter’s name, using some of the money raised through the blog to help rescued animals like Walter that are in need of medical attention.

As for Walter, the lucky dog who was left for dead a few months back is now healthy, happy, and officially adopted, living in Park Slope with Alex Darsey, his rescuer and new best friend.

Michael D. Mullins is editor of The New York Companion, in which this story originally appeared.

Videos That Make You Smile: The Dark Knight Birthday

What happens when you hire the wrong Batman? Well, this happens . . .

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Man jumps on tracks to save stranger

You’ve all heard the story before, someone falls on the subway tracks just as a train is coming in. They are unable to get up or save themselves. Then someone risks their life to save them – a complete stranger! A true hero. But one primarily of myth and legend – until now! In buffalo, NY (My Hometown) a man risked his life to save that of an old man. This is his story:

Man jumps on tracks to save stranger

Updated: Friday, 06 Apr 2012, 5:57 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 06 Apr 2012, 2:28 PM EDT


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – An incredible act of heroism unfolded underground on Thursday in Buffalo when someone suffered a medical emergency and fell onto the Metro rail tracks, a Good Samaritan jumped into action.

Steven Love was on his way to catch the outbound subway on his way to work when he saw an older man suddenly collapse onto the tracks and a train was coming into the station. Initially, Love tried to reach the man from the platform.

“I leaned in, tried to grab him and pull him out first, but I could not get him. Saw a train coming, so then I had to hop down,” recalled Love.

It is about a four-foot drop, and Love says the man fell directly on the rail, face first, and was bleeding heavily. As much as Love struggled with the unconscious man, he could not get him off the tracks. And if the train did not stop, they were both likely doomed.

“It was pretty scary. I thought about it for a second, but it just seemed like the right thing to do,” said Love.

But the train operator, identified as Jose Ramirez, did spot the men on the tracks and hit his emergency brakes. NFTA spokesman Doug Hartmayer told News 4 that Ramirez is a 10-year veteran, and an instructor, and brought the train to a stop about 50 feet from Love and the man he was helping.

“And it was based on his quick thinking, and his reaction, that he was able to stop that train short of where it would normally stop, which where the two gentlemen were on the tracks,” said Hartmayer.

Love said he acted purely out of instinct, feeling an adrenaline rush. But with small kids, and a fiancee why would he risk his life for a complete stranger? Because if the roles were reversed, he would want someone else to do the right thing.

“If it was my father, my mother, me, or any of my children, I would want them to do the same thing,” he said. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

The man Love risked his life saving was taken to ECMC, where we are led to believe he is recovering from a possible seizure. All we can tell you is he is an older man from Buffalo. That’s because at his request, ECMC is not at allowed to release any further information

BUY ME: 2 Originial NES Controllers with Box

So, from time to time, I put auctions up on ebay. Sadly, they aren’t a branded T-shirt, but various pieces of junk I’ve managed to find over the years. Junk that you can have for cheap! Okay, Okay! It’s not actually junk, but I have no use for it. So, it needs a new home. Whether or not it will be your home is up to you . . .

They never really look this cute

Which brings me to today’s listing: “2 Originial NES Controllers with Box“. This rare find was discovered a few years ago at a yard sale. It was bought from one of those perennial sellers. Every town has got them, those people who Always have something for sale. They can be a nuisance, but sometimes they are useful. Which was the case this time.

My item: 2 NES Controllers with Box

I was on my way to my then boyfriend’s house when I stumbled upon his sale. He had lots of neat things so I stopped and had a look. I was hoping to find a cheap present (which I did) when I discovered the controllers. I knew that they were rare the moment I saw them. But I didn’t know how rare or how much exactly they were worth. I did know that they were worth more than the 3 dollars he wanted for them.

Of course, I didn’t want him to know that though. It’s when I kicked in the techniques I saw on American Pickers. I let him take me to whatever crap he wanted to show me (which was very expensive btw) and I let him go on about it. I pretended to be interested as he talked about their value. Then I guided him over to the controllers & the cameras. I ended up bundling it with a old camera for a mere 3 dollars. Which is truly a steal!

Now, I didn’t sell it right away because I didn’t have a way to test the controllers (no NES available) and I wanted to keep it for a bit. I liked it so much I wanted to have it for a while. Which I have done. Now it’s time for it to find a new home. Is your home it’s next stop? Go to ebay right now and make it so!

Videos That Make You Smile: What Makes You Beautiful

This one is just WTF funny.

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Ask Twilight Sparkle: How do you draw?

A friend of mine is author of a blog called “Ask Twilight Sparkle.” Yup, a he’s a brony and he draw ponies. Specifically, Twilight Sparkle. Now, I am the first to make fun of bronies (just look at this link and you’ll see) but I do enjoy that silly little show. That and making fun of them. And while I cannot match their enthusiasm, I can love them for it. It is with that in mind that I present today’s post.

On his blog, he has people ask Twilight questions. Then he draws humorous pictures to answer them. It kinda reminds me of “Draw Something” but I am not completely sure. Maybe if I could play the app, I would know – but I can’t so I don’t. Anyway, allow me to present “How do you draw?”

How do you draw?

AKA: True Story


PS: If you like his artwork, please consider sending a donation his way – check his site for more info!

My Little Brony

On Spiral Knights guilds rule the world!!!!!!! One of those guilds is My Little Ponys . . . This is one of their members:

Strays on Reservations

Today’s tale comes yet again from Travels with Casey. At this point, he was about half way home when he discovered these dogs at the Reservation – abandoned and uncared for – no one wanted to help – except for him. This is his story:

Travels With Casey:Life on the road takes some strange turns. Yesterday, as we drove toward Best Friends Animal Society, I pulled in for gas in the small town of Kaibeto, part of the Navajo Nation. As I prepared to fill up the tank, I saw a black dog meandering about in a nearby field of bushes and rocks and red clay. I stopped what I was doing and walked toward the dog. She saw me, too, and came running over. She wasn’t in great shape, and she was eager for attention. Suddenly, dogs seemed to come from every direction. I grabbed dog treats from the RV and started feeding the hungry pack. I asked around and learned that this pack is just one of many on this reservation–this particular group lives behind the gas station. I called the nearest animal control group, but they said they didn’t come on the Indian reservation to pick up dogs. (I wouldn’t have wanted them to, either, because the nearest shelter is not no-kill.) What to do? The dogs were all friendly, and I learned from a woman who lives nearby that the black dog had recently been hit by a car. Her teets were also filled with milk, and I wondered if she was caring for puppies nearby. I called a friend at Best Friends and asked if I should rescue this dog. “I’d hate to say not to rescue her, because it might be her only chance at a good life,” she told me. “And I’d hate to say rescue her, because 8 puppies might die.” There was also no guarantee that there would be space at Best Friends, she said. I put the dog on Casey’s leash (a first for this dog) and walked around, hoping she might lead me to her puppies. But all we did was go for a nice walk. It was getting late by now, but I started knocking on doors near the gas station and learned that the dog’s puppies were gone. “People took them,” a woman told me. I decided to spend the night in the parking lot behind the gas station. Now we’re heading on a three-hour drive to Utah, with two dogs in the RV, hoping that Best Friends will give this beautiful black dog a happy life.
Source: Facebook
Thank you for saving that dog’s life and for sharing it with us. I hope she found a place at the shelter!
UPDATE April 7th 2012:

Travels With Casey:
An update on black dog, a girl I’ve named Rezzy, or Rezy, or Resy (spelling to be determined), due to her having been found on a reservation. 🙂 I am considering keeping her. I’m sticking around the Kanab area for a day or two (which means foregoing the trip to the Grand Canyon) to see how she does in the RV with Casey. So far, so good. She is very sweet, and very shy, and very tired. The Best Friends vets think she’s about 1, which makes her an awfully young mom. If this doesn’t work out, or if I come to my senses in a day or so, Best Friends Animal Society has said they will take her. (This place is AMAZING, by the way. Pictures and video to come in next few days.) I have fallen for Rezzy/Rezy/Resy, but rescuing a dog and then immediately driving around in an RV for a book that demands a lot of interviewing and research (as I’m doing for two more months) poses its share of logistical challenges. At this point I am 50-50. On the plus side, everyone I talk to about “res dogs,” as they’re affectionately called around here, tells me that they are easy, go-with-the-flow kind of animals. We shall see. Casey also gets a vote in this process, of course, and so far he seems to like her.
Source: Facebook

Videos That Make You Smile: Accidentally Naughty News Bloopers

When will this ever end?

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