Latest Dog Craze: Dog TV

So, I haven’t seen Dog TV. And I won’t be able to afford it – even if I wanted to. However, for now, I will pretend that I could afford that expense and take a look at Dog TV. Enjoy!

Latest Dog Craze: Dog TV



By Nicole Pajer

New Cable Channel for Dogs

Our four-legged friends love to curl up with us on the couch while we pop in a flick or watch our favorite sitcoms, but do they really pay attention to what flashes across the screen? The makers of DOGTV think so.

One of the latest crazes in canine stimulation is DOGTV, the brand new cable channel that provides 24 hours of dog-friendly programming that is “scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone.” According to the network’s creators, the content for DOGTV was carefully crafted after years of research executed by leading pet experts. The channel’s programming is centered upon engaging a dog’s sense of vision, hearing, and supporting natural behavior patterns.

Idea Behind Dog TV

The idea behind the channel is that it will keep your dog occupied when you leave it home alone, resulting in a calmer, happier, and more relaxed companion. The shows on DOGTV consist of three to six minute long segments chalk full of a dog’s favorite things: grassy fields, balls bouncing around the screen, dogs playing together in the park, tummy rubs, and more. These active camera movements, shifting objects, creative animations, and animals making noises are designed to keep your dog stimulated and encourage a sense of playfulness, even when left home alone. The station also features segments which center upon helping to relax your dog and reduce his stress level through the use of soothing music, sounds, and visuals. In addition, DOGTV states that it uses “the most advanced veterinary science, special sounds, and visuals to help comfort and habituate dogs by exposing them to different day-to-day stimuli.”

According to the creators of DOGTV, the programming was specifically designed to cater to the attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing. The programs are designed around a dog’s sense of sight and specifically colored to enhance picture details with dog-friendly brightness, contrast, and frame rate. The sounds on DOGTV are tailored to a dog’s sensitive hearing and are kept within a specific range of frequencies that won’t startle or annoy their ears.

Currently, DOGTV is available in the San Diego area on COX (Channel 2635) and Time Warner (Channel 148). The network plans to expand across the nation and encourages interested dog owners to touch base with their local cable/satellite provider for additional details of when it will be available in other areas.

Do Dogs Watch TV?

While DOGTV sounds like a fun idea, we’ve also heard many readers say that their dogs love to tune into episodes of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Of course, Cesar would be the first to say that not every dog will react the same, and before you invest in DOGTV you should figure out whether your dog is the kind who will actually watch. Some dogs are more sight- or sound-oriented than others, and television is a pretty un-natural concept because, while it may have images of other animals on it, it does not smell like another animal. Therefore, a lot of dogs will completely ignore anything on TV, while other dogs will react to, chase, or bark at everything on TV. Sometimes this can be amusing and other times frustrating, although it can be useful in some cases. Cesar has used his own version of “dog TV” at the Dog Psychology Center in order to help dogs overcome phobias. For instance, to help rehabilitate a dog who was afraid of people, Cesar showed the dog video of people interacting with a dog up close. If your dog is the kind to pay attention to the TV, it can be a useful tool. But, of course, don’t let it take the place of proper exercise.


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