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Clark’s Protector: Lois Lane



Is there any doubt on how cool, Lois Lane is?

Source: Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane


Videos That Make You Smile: Batman meets My Little Pony

I have no fucking clue what the hell is going on!

This time the source is me. Enjoy!

Videos That Make You Smile: Dick Tracy – NES Review – AVGN

It’s time for yet another AVGN episode!

This time the source is me. Enjoy!

Tracking Sandy

So Google has this Crisis Map thingy that allows you to track bad weather patterns. Which is beyond cool especially if you are within a storm’s path. Now, I am pretty sure this is only for Major Storms such as Hurricane Sandy, but it is still cool!

A screenshot of Sandy’s Path on Google Crisis taken at 1:56 pm EST on October 29th 2012.

There are a lot of options to play with – especially if you pick an area along it’s path to investigate.  There you can see places to go if you need to seek refuge. Which actually makes this map more than merely entertaining – it makes it a life saver!

A listing of Emergency Shelters along the Eastern Seaboard.

So, if you are in the path of Sandy, please take a look at Google Crisis Maps.

I want to thank the British for letting me know me about this awesome tool & other fine Sandy related facts. Click here to read the BBC Article that started it all!

Videos That Make You Smile: Henri 2, Paw de Deux

He hates life . . . IN FRENCH!!!!

This time the source is me and ABC News, to see the article that brought me to this video, click here.

Videos That Make You Smile: ‘Minecraft Style’ – Gangnam Style Parody

Wow, that’s pretty awesome!!!

So, I was wandering around Smosh when I discovered this gem. If you go there you can find more like this one. Bitches!


PS: This is video is a yet another video from the geniuses that made this video!

Just in Case

So, for those of you hanging out in Sandy’s path you provably already know this, but there is a storm coming – a big one! Now, I don’t live in New York City or New Jersey, so I am not really fearing the storm. Still, the damm storm is at least 300 miles in circumference already which is almost the distance from Buffalo to New York (which is 388 miles by the way). Who knows how big it it will be by the time it makes landfall or when it collides with the Arctic air from the midwest. It is very possible that Buffalo will be a stop on it’s tour of destruction.

While we will most likely not get the brunt of it, it is wise to prepare. There is a possibly that we could lose power for days. So, I have prepared a few posts to go out during the week automatically. I will also work tomorrow to queue up a few more. That way you can Channel the Alley even during Sandy.

Here’s hoping Sandy doesn’t do that much damage . . .

Videos That Make You Smile: Zero Punctuation Reviews Dishonored

I kinda want it but I kinda don’t. Hmmm . . .

Click here to view (Weird Player, I have no idea how to get it to work on WordPress).

So, I was wandering around Smosh when I discovered this gem. If you go there you can find more like this one. Bitches!

This is why Lois Lane is so AWESOME!!!


Source: Fuck yeah! Lois Lane

ESCHER GIRLS: This explains so much about anatomy in comics


Source: Escher Girls

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