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Videos That Make You Smile: Honest Trailers – The Lord of the Rings

My final post of 2012, enjoy!

I found this video.


What is Left Over After The World Ends

So, it’s December 31st, the last day of the year, the world hasn’t ended yet but there is still a few hours left to go. Who knows, maybe those nuts where wrong and the real end is at 12:00 am Jan 1st. And we are all stupidity barreling towards it. . . Yeah right . . .

Of course, if you did think it was the end of the world then you might have partied like it was 1999! As these fine individuals did. They couldn’t end the world at home – nah – they had to go party with the Mayans! To0 bad they are already dead . . .

Now, if you have a rip-roaring world-ending party going on then you provably aren’t too concerned with preserving the past. As this article points out. It just was too good of a party! Of course, the world didn’t end but the party sure did. Now Guatemala has to clean up after them.

End of the World Party


Luckily for us all, this party has lead to provably the best headline in all of 2012 – “Mayan Temple Damaged by ‘End-of-World’ Parties.” Which is a completely ironic headline. So thank you partyers and thank you ABC News for creating such an awesome headline.

Click here to view the article

ABC News: Putin to End Russian Adoptions for American Families

I don’t know how I feel about Americans adopting foreign children and taking them away from their poverty stricken lands. Removing their culture and throwing their native land’s population out of balance (just see China). Children who get lifted out of poverty to live a privileged life (one I never received).

Of course, I understand the desire to have a child (especially if you can’t have one of your own). And I can’t claim that I don’t have that same desire. I would love to welcome a second or third child into my home that is adopted. But why children from foreign lands? There are plenty of American Children who never receive homes. Who need a family just as bad as the children in this story but never find one. Can’t you adopt them? They need you too.

Now I know that I am playing devil’s advocate because I feel for the people in this story. I want them to adopt their Russian children, to make their families whole. I want them to get what they have worked so hard for. But at the same time why are countries such as Russia exporting their children? They are your future not a commodity, why are you throwing them away?

So, I guess I am glad that Putin put the ban in. But am I?

Read the article below:

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Videos That Make You Smile: swoozie: Video Game Girlfriend

Swoozie, you just gotta love him!

Me . . . That’s the source babe. Don’t forget it.


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Little Free Library Copied Worldwide

So, this idea is very interesting. You put out a tiny little book shelf full of books that you have already read for others to read at their leisure. You don’t charge them anything, you don’t hassle them for returns, instead you just build a small little shelf and offer up free books. Like this man did here:

Jerry Pax selects a book from the Tall Timbers Lending Library.

It reminds me of the idea of “take a book, leave a book.” Which is where possibly this idea grew from. I remember a year or so ago looking at humor images on Ray William Johnson’s site that included pictures of this. And while I cannot easily find those images anymore, I can show you what I mean:

Take a Book, Leave a Book

Grabbed from Flickr

If I ever did this (and I am not sure I could at my current location) I would have this policy. And perhaps I would expand it to audiobook cds that I have purchased and no longer need (There are few that I ever listen to twice). Maybe my neighborhood would get into the act and add their own submissions. It would be great to see! With all the used books we waste each year, it would be nice to see some be enjoyed again. To pass along new ideas to more people. To share and be shared. I think our community would benefit. And that’s worth every library built.


Little Free Library’s website

The ABC News Article that started it all

NEWS: Wal-Mart Employees Arrested in Shoplifting Investigation

This little tidbit comes a local Walmart near me, a little shoplifting ring has been exposed featuring several Walmart Employees who failed to ring up items on purpose. But why have me tell you about it when WGRZ can do it much better. Enjoy:

Wal-Mart Employees Arrested in Shoplifting Investigation

2:18 PM, Dec 25, 2012

CLARENCE, N.Y. – State Police say they have arrested three Wal-Mart employees and another person based on an investigation into a shoplifting ring at the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Transit Road.

Troopers say they were contacted by officials from the store and received evidence from Wal-Mart officials of several employees who were involved in an ongoing scheme of “under-scanning,” or “under-ringing” merchandise.

Police said over the past month, the employees allowed other accomplices to go through check-out lines and leave the store without paying for a number of items in their shopping bags.

State Police say they arrested 26-year-old Evelyn Smith, of Buffalo, for Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, an E Felony, for under-scanning merchandise on at least seven occasions while she was working as a Wal-Mart employee.

Police added that Smith was observed posing as a customer and left the store with under-scanned merchandise by going through the cashier line of one of the other members of the group.

Investigators say they also arrested 21-year-old Tacara Lawrence, or Buffalo, for Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, an E Felony, for under-scanning merchandise on at least four occasions, while she was working as a Wal-Mart employee.

Troopers say they arrested both 22-year-old Dewayne Harrell, a Wal-Mart employee from Buffalo, and 19-year-old Latasha Morrow, of Buffalo, for Petit Larceny.

State Police say that on some occasions, a cashier would activate a gift card and keep it, swapping it with another card that was not activated, allowing unsuspecting customers to leave the store with a gift card that was not activated.

Police say other arrests are pending and that Walmart estimates that this group of suspects is responsible for the loss and/or theft of more than $7,000.00 dollars in merchandise.

My Favorite Comments from the article plus my answers:

Marianne Kane Carroll
So some people got Walmart gift cards that are unactivated for Christmas! The gift that never gives!! Geez!

  • Hey! That’s what I want for Christmas!

Karen Ford Carnevale
You get what you pay for. If Walmart offered a fair wage and working environment, maybe they would not have to take what they can get.

  • Really. So by that logic I should be robbing the place blind or a bum on the street should be picking everyone’s pockets. That’s not exactly what happens y’know. It’s your choice to take from the till or not. Don’t blame it on others.

Anita Costello · Top Commenter · Grover Cleveland High School
It happens at other stores not just Walmart. It happens everywhere.If you are a thief you will steal from anybody.Since there are very few consequences,or even no consequences, it will continue.

  • Your completely right. It does happen elsewhere. It’s just more in the public eye at Walmart.

Game of Thrones tops TV show internet piracy chart

So, this kinda makes sense to me but recently HBO’s hit, “The Game of Thrones” topped the list for the most pirated videos on the internet. Why does this make sense to me? Cause the show is awesome, full of great writing, sex, violence and oh did I mention the drama? Well, it’s full of it.

Of course, if this was the only reasons why it make it to the top – I would be surprised since I can list many other shows that have these qualities in spades. What makes “Game of Thrones” so popular is it’s lack of availability. Either for the US market or abroad – whether it is because it doesn’t show up to netflix (and similar services) fast enough or because the episodes are aired on delay in other countries it doesn’t matter – it all sends people to extremes.

Now, I can’t say I agree with their wholesale theft. It’s wrong and it should be stopped but I think of HBO and the other networks need to change their outlook on the digital mediums. They would find opportunities that they never had before. They would also find that many people would forget to pirate. It is after all tedious, annoying, and dangerous – so why bother with it if you can simply get it through legal means? Problem solved.

Game of Thrones Image

Click here to see the BBC Article

Videos That Make You Smile: Fez Xbox Live Arcade Review

Fez is one of the indie games featured in the movie, “Indie Game: The Movie.” A movie I bet you have seen (if not, go here or watch it on netflix). I have seen it and I have tried Fez and I have to say that I like it. It is relaxing and it is fun and it a very original game. Something Mike agrees with:

I am the source for this video today.

A Christmas Video That Makes You Smile: A Slamacow Christmas

So, this is it; the final Christmas Video That Makes You Smile!! From this point on, You will be seeing your regularly scheduled programs.

But wait one second before you go, ’cause there is one final video to view. One more moment to enjoy before it all goes away for one more year! Enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

A Christmas Video That Makes You Smile: Kids Tell the Story of Christmas

Ahh kids, they are so good at getting stuff wrong.

This time the source is me. Enjoy!

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