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Alley’s Attempt to Win A Free Trip!!

So, my work is having a talent search thingy for their annual Shareholders meeting coming up. Now, I decided what the hell, why not do it? So after several tries and I mean several tries! I got a video that I liked enough to send out. One that could possibly make it to voting that might even make it to actually winning that trip!


Now, I can’t tell you exactly why I want to win a trip to Arkansas – I don’t exactly know myself. It could be fun just to go somewhere on company money. Or it could be that I am dying of curiosity as to what it is like to attend the Shareholder’s meeting. Or it could be something entirely different! I honestly don’t know. I just wanna go. And I hope that you can help me get there!

Now, there is nothing to do right now. I have already submitted my video and I am waiting to see if I make it into the next round. If I do, then I will need your help! The next step is voting, which is open to everyone, not just employees. I am not a hundred percent sure how it works, but if I get into that step – I will explain then. I will need you and everyone that I know to help me win that trip. I would be most grateful.

Until then, please enjoy my submission:


Great Clip: Lois asks Superman to freeze her

I loved Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Of course, it had it’s issues but overall it was a great story told by great actors. It produced some of my favorite moments. This is one of them:

Videos That Make You Smile: The Kendama Toy

I want one!!!!

So, I was wandering around Smosh when I discovered this gem. If you go there you can find more like this one. Bitches!

Videos That Make You Smile: Singing Cashier

So, Walmart has this site for associates to get their schedules, read up on Walmart news, etc. All pretty boring until you realize that they are also trying to create social media website for their associates. Why did they do that? I have no clue. But it does provide some interesting stuff once and a while. Which is where this video is:

This video was shared at Walmart-One, not that it is of any use to you . . .

Need someone to be jealous? Well, then hire a fake facebook girlfriend!

On this one I don’t think I have to write much about – so I won’t. It’s a funny article that is worth your time. Enough said, now go read it!

Fake girlfriend: I paid for make-believe love on Facebook

By Dave Lee Technology reporter, BBC News
February 13, 2013

Screenshot from Facebook
Is this sentence worth $5? Sophia has made hundreds of dollars selling her “relationship status”

Twenty-four-year-old Sophia is smart, pretty and has hopes and dreams of getting to grad school.

And for $5 she will be your girlfriend.

“It’s not a big deal really,” she says, at the end of what has been an altogether very peculiar week.

“It’s just easy to do… I just tick ‘in a relationship’.”

Sophia is one of many women – and a few men – who have essentially brought the age-old industry of escorting to the world of social networking.

Now, instead of hiring someone to grasp your arm and go out to a party or dinner – it’s all about looking good online.

“It’s mostly guys trying to make someone else jealous,” Sophia explains. “Or to make their profile look like they’ve got girls all over them.”

For the money, you get a week’s worth of having “in a relationship with Sophia” on your profile, as well as a few status comments and “likes”.

But is it really fooling anyone? Surely friends and family are able to see through such a falsely constructed ruse?

I decided to try to find out. For one entire week, ending today, I have been living something of a lie – confusing friends, family and colleagues as I go.

I hired Sophia to be my fake Facebook girlfriend.

Brazilian ladies

The journey to find her took some time – but ultimately began with the discovery of a website that was launched in Brazil last month.

Called Namoro Fake, the site made lofty promises: “Who never thought of impressing your friends by showing up with a beautiful woman?”

“With only a few clicks those issues can be easily solved.”

“The whole relationship status thing on Facebook is taken quite seriously. It’s really quite official.

It’s the thing that people think about more than anything they post.

I think using a fake girlfriend is mainly to make an ex-partner jealous. To make them feel like you’ve moved on and have somebody else.

You’re announcing to them – and the rest of the world – you’ve found somebody else.

But if you’re found out to have created this fake girlfriend, it’s a totally different scenario.

You’ve got a long way to fall if someone finds out its fake – it can be humiliating.

If people find out you’re doing it it can be humiliating really. Obviously you’re not going to meet this person, so you’re not actively engaging in seeing them.

The girls who do it probably have quite high self esteem. A good sense of self-worth – they can laugh at themselves. They’re just not fazed by it.

Some may even do it because it may stop other guys hitting on them on Facebook.

I doubt they’re taking it too seriously – they’re the ones in control.

The site gives you several “candidates” to choose from, all keen to leave comments for men who want to “make their soon-to-be-exes jealous”.

Unfortunately, it did not offer an English-speaking service.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, convincing my friends I had suddenly found myself a wildly attractive girlfriend was going to be hard enough as it was – without the added issue around her communicating solely in Portuguese.

So instead, step forward Cloud Girlfriend – an American site.

Like Namoro Fake, it allows users to define their “perfect” girlfriend in the sign-up process.

Resisting the temptation to simply request “real”, I opted instead for – and here’s a look into my mind – a brunette, aged 25, who was well-educated and with a passing interest in stand-up comedy, film and, since we’re dreaming, football.

Facebook attorneys

But something was wrong. Although touted as providing a “Facebook” girlfriend, it became clear that Cloud Girlfriend did not seem to involve anything on the social network at all.

I got in touch with the owners to find out what was going on.

“We received 85,000 emails in [the first] three weeks from people who wanted to learn more,” said co-founder David Fuhriman.

“Some would tell their stories, some would tell what they wanted in a girl, some were girls who wanted to be employed to update the status of the [fake] girlfriends.

“The response was surprising, sincere, enormous, and very international.”

But then, a sucker punch: “Unfortunately we also caught the eye of Facebook’s attorneys who sent us some letters about their terms of service.”

It seemed that Facebook was not too keen on seeing this kind of service spring up on its platform – not due to the site’s nature, but because of strict rules regarding fake or false accounts.

Mr Fuhriman decided to back off and instead run an “anonymous” chat room service – which was obviously of no use to me.

Finding Sophia

A last gasp Google search revealed many other sites offering online “girlfriend hire” – including one US-based website named Fiverr – a website which lists things people are willing to do for $5.

Some examples included “I will make a handmade greetings card for your loved one” and “I will record a video message in the style of Robert De Niro”.

A search for “fake girlfriend” produced reams of women (or men, pretending to be women) offering their services as a person with whom to have a make-believe relationship.

Sophia, pictured, uses her own pictures for the profile – but a fake name

There were a few offers for fake boyfriends, but it is overwhelmingly women who offer the service.

I picked Sophia, in part due to her location (it said UK), but mostly because of her well-written profile page – my cover would have been blown immediately if my “girlfriend” was the sort to “rite lyk dis”.

Within a day, we had things set up – and then, before I knew it, there it was: I was “in a relationship”.

“Woohoo!” Sophia commented on my page, with a little love heart for added effect.

It didn’t take long for the first text.

“Sophia?!? GIRLFRIEND?!”

Putting aside my annoyance at the sheer magnitude of Andy’s surprise, it was good to see it had my close friends guessing.

And so followed a slew of inquisition from friends and parents.

Coming clean

Yet as the “likes” and messages totted up, I started to worry.

Screenshot from Fiverr
On Fiverr, many women – and some men –
offer services relating to relationship activity on Facebook

I didn’t have a back story, nor a strong ability to act convincingly when asked.

In the absence of an explanation, friends offered their own theories: we’d met online, suggested one, while another guess was that we had fallen in love at the top of London’s newest skyscraper, The Shard.

Within a couple of days, I came clean to Sophia, explaining that I was a journalist.

“That’s quite funny actually,” she said, before openly sharing her motivation behind it all.

“The whole Sophia thing is just my marketing username. Nothing on that Facebook profile is real! My photos on there are really me, but nothing else is.”

I’d been had!

“Do I enjoy it? I guess, in the sense that it’s an extra income. I feel like it’s innocent on Facebook when it’s just changing a status online.

“It’s an online persona, I don’t really feel it has anything to do with me.”

‘Own business!’

Recently, Facebook has been cracking down on fake profiles. After all, dogs tend to not click on advertising.

I asked the company what it thought of my experiment – and whether either Sophia or I had been in breach of their guidelines.

I wasn’t. But in Sophia’s case, it was slightly more complicated.

“Assuming the account ID is real and the ‘business’ activity is not happening in Facebook there would not be a policy violation,” explained a spokesman.

“The only ‘on Facebook’ activity is changing relationship status and writing friendly comments. Whatever business agreement you strike with your beau in the offline is your own business!”

But as Sophia explained, while the profile is real – with photos of herself – the name she uses is not.

If Sophia is brought to Facebook’s attention, she would be asked to use her real name – or disable the account.

But the spokesman admitted it was hard for the company to spot this kind of activity.

“We’re not in the business of validating people’s relationships,” he said.


My friends, however, were. As the days plodded on, those close to me started to become suspicious.

Having a Facebook girlfriend was extremely hard work. And for what? As Sophia says, the main motivation for hiring someone like her is to make someone else feel bad about themselves.

With that in mind, I traipsed back to Fiverr to see if my money could get me something a little more feel-good.

I found Suzi Lindner (her real name, thankfully), a singer from New York.

She was offering a 30-second jingle on a topic of my choosing – so I naturally asked her to sing about my ordeal, which you can see below.

“Go out and get yourself a real girlfriend,” Suzi sings. And quite right too.

(see the article for the song)

Videos That Make You Smile: Why Women Get Mad

Something tells me that he doesn’t get it . . .

Me . . . That’s the source babe. Don’t forget it.

Good Superman Fanfics

So, good & fanfic is always an oxymoron. At least to me that is. So many crappy stories exist that you could fill a thousand blogs with them alone.  Hell, if I cared enough, that’s would provably be the next blog I would make. Luckily, I just don’t care enough to do it. However, every-so-often I find a few morsels that are worth mentioning. That are actually good pieces of writing! Sure, they ain’t perfect and they are their writer’s fantasies on the page, but all fiction is like that. And this is decent fiction.

So, I’ll shut up now and let you read for yourself.

A Welcome Ache

By saavikam77


A day never passed that Martha didn’t think of her husband. As the years wore on, the minutes spent pining for Jonathan grew fewer, and the ache grew less sharp, but still, he was never far from her mind. The littlest thing would bring his memory rushing back, the sight of his jacket still hanging on the hook by the door, the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, the autumn sun rising over the fields, and she’d come to welcome the little reminders of him, with all the bittersweet longing they brought with them.

On the day she stood in the office of Smallville’s Justice of the Peace with Clark and Lois, Jason’s little hand tucked into hers as the JP recited the simple ceremony the happy couple had chosen, her head swam with memories of her years with Jonathan. Their first kiss, their wedding day, long days spent working the farm, holidays spent tucked in together in front of the warm fire while Clark played outside, their last day spent together before he’d died. He’d been the best husband a man could ever hope to be and a woman could ever hope to have, had always made her feel loved, wanted, and needed, and she’d never regretted a minute she spent with him.

Wiping a stray tear from the corner of her eye with a tissue she’d brought specifically anticipating the need, Martha watched her son take Lois’s hand in his and gently place the simple platinum band on her ring finger, his vows falling from his lips in a soft litany of utter devotion. She knew then without a shadow of a doubt that he would be just as wonderful a husband to his wife as Jonathan had been to her.

And at that thought, the tears began to spill freely down her cheeks, her heart swelling with love and joy.

Red Tights: My Superman Fantasy

By Esther Huffleclaw


When I was a girl, I learned that when I grew up I could be a writer. Writers can change the world, and women can be writers. Although I read many stories by women writers, there were few stories about women writers. There was a story about a girl whose teacher loved her writing, but criticized her many italics, and there were others whose stories were written as diaries. I learned that women are the best writers.

When I was a teenager, I read the story of Lois Lane, the woman who won the love of Superman. I remembered the comics I had read as a child in my uncle’s house in northern BC; I remembered how much I had loved the story of how Lois Lane pursued the Man of Steel, at first only looking for an interview, then later seeking and winning his heart. I had once wanted to be a nurse, but then I read about the writer, Lois Lane. I would have to grow up a writer and I would have to find a Superman.

The first time I saw him, I would think he was a bird. He would be so far away, so high. Then I would realize that he was not a bird, and I would think him to be an airplane. He would swoop low and I would realize he was a man, a man flying without wings. I would be a young journalist the day I saw my Superman fly away into the clouds. The critics would accuse me of repetition and no imagination, but I would write about only him. I would beg him for a meeting, for an interview. Every time he appeared, I would be there with a camera and a notepad. We would settle into a comfortable routine of cat and mouse.

Even when I got used to the game, I would want even more to meet him. I would not care how long he dodged me; I would not give up. Suddenly, one day, another writer-a man-would catch my Superman and interview him. A rivalry would be birthed.

My Superman, now exposed by my rival’s article, would come to me one day and carry me away.

The earth fell away beneath us, and I gasped and gripped his shoulders tighter. I had been on an airplane before, but this was nothing like that; here, the distance from the ground and the movement were so much more immediate.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said to me.

“I’m not afraid,” I said out of pride.

(“But it’s so high,” I would have said in real life, mad at story heroines for lying so much. “I’m terrified. Do you have to fly so high? So fast?”)

“We’re almost there,” Superman said. “Relax.”

We landed on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with salt spray crashing on the shore. Superman steadied me on the wet, slippery rocks and helped me to sit down on a drier one. We sat for a moment in silence, gazing at the sea.

“I’m sorry,” Superman said. “I’m sorry I gave your interview to Clark.”

“It’s okay,” I lied. In fact, this was the meeting I had dreamed of for so long-the interview was secondary. Being with him was better than writing a story about him. But I still resented his openness with another, with my rival, a man.

After a few more minutes of silence, he took me home. The flight back was not as terrifying-maybe I was getting used to this. We landed on my balcony.

“Thank-you,” I said, glad to be out of the sky.

“Good-night,” he said. Then he flew away.

I watched him become a dark slash against the sky, then a dot, then a speck, then disappear altogether.

He came often after that, appearing at my window to take me on an adventure through the night. As I lost my fear of flying, our flights became exhilarating escapes and I eagerly looked forward to them. Sometimes, he would let me glide alone for short distances, always catching me long before I began to fall.

At this same time, my feelings towards my rival were changing. Although we still competed for the best stories, we became friends. Sometimes we would even collaborate on a story, sharing the work and sharing the credit. Slowly, our friendship deepened and one day I realized I loved him. This surprised me, for I always thought I loved my Superman and no other. After much thought, I decided that Superman was not for me; he was an exciting dream, but I needed someone real. So, when Clark asked me to marry him, I said yes.

When Superman arrived at my window that night, I had a speech planned for him. I was going to tell him that I loved him, but it could never lead to anything. I was going to tell him that I had found someone else. I was going to ask him to stop coming to my window. I never said any of those things. Superman spoke first.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” he said. “I live two lives: one as Superman, and one as a regular human being. You know me in both lives; I am Clark Kent.”

I was stunned and angry. “Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked.

“I wanted you to love me for me, not because I am Superman,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

I forgave him because I loved him. At least now I knew how Clark had gotten the interview. After we married, I was so happy. Superman no longer came to my window, but we still went on late-night flights-now we jumped out of our own window together.

My real life used to be so disappointing. For years, I watched as my friends found love and success and I wondered what I was doing wrong.

But then one day I realized that the mild-mannered young man who had become my best friend and confidant was also the super man I had been looking for. I asked him to marry me and we have lived happily ever after.

Read the rest of this entry

Videos That Make You Smile: Fridge Logic: Superman is a Moron

This video picks on the bunch of movies I hate – all the Superman Live Action movies ever made so far. They just make no sense to me! And it appears that I am not the only one who thinks so . . .

Fridge Logic: Superman is a Moron (Part 1)

Fridge Logic: Superman is a Moron (Part 2)

Me . . . That’s the source babe. Don’t forget it.

Videos That Make You Smile: Bread and Milk


Me . . . That’s the source babe. Don’t forget it.

Videos That Make You Smile: Facebook Focus Group

So true  .  .  .

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