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Why You Can’t Divorce Lois Lane From Superman


It’s so ironic (and amusing) to me when men who identify themselves as Superman fans engage in sexist, “putting women in their place” type behavior in regards to Lois Lane that is so far removed from the core of who Clark Kent is supposed to be that if he actually were a real person…you’d be on his shit list.

I mean he’s Clark….so he’d try to solve the problem with words and would forgive you for your behavior.   That’s just who he is.  (Or worse yet, he’d sick Lois on you and then you’d have no chance in hell cause she’d humiliate you far worse.)

But you’d be on his shit list.  He wouldn’t like you.

SUPER-MAN.  The meaning is literal.  He’s supposed to be a man who is better than the average man in a world of patriarchy which means while you still live in a culture that encourages you to go on to your little tumblr and shit all over the efforts of women because it “bothered” you….he would be standing there totally and utterly embarrassed for you.  The whole concept of a “SUPER-MAN” means he’s going to be more sensitive and more understanding and more enlightened about the meaning of true equality, worth and oppression than many men who great up in a culture that encouraged patriarchy.  Particularly now in the year 2013.

And then you get some of these men who worship this character—-who idolize the very idea of a Super-man who truly understands oppression and equality and justice and love and then act in such a gross way about the very existence of human, flawed woman like Lois Lane that so misses the f***ing point that it’s incredible.

You sit there and you make these ignorant little arguments where you downplay her importance and career achievements in an unjust professional context, downplay what she means to women, call her plain, judge her age, judge her body, judge if she’s “hot” enough for him, judge his choice to not want to sleep around, judge if her vagina can be pounded hard enough for your male gaze liking during sex, judge her aggressive personality,  call her a bitch, go on about how unworthy she is for this great male hero,  wax about how she’ll get old first or die first, judge everything about her which usually boils down to a bunch of sexist, misogynist bullshit….and the irony of your behavior as you worship this “Super” man is so severe, so poignant that it smashes through like a sledgehammer.

You want to love the “SUPER-MAN” but you don’t even know what the f*** that means.  Which is, I guess, why you aren’t him.

Source: Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane


Couldn’t say it much better myself. Although I feel compelled to try. Maybe there is a little Lois Lane inside me.


Videos That Make You Smile: Nostalgic Critic – Twister

Y’know I actually liked the movie Twister, but if I believe the Nostalgic Critic then this movie sucked. And if you look at the way he does – then it does! Just why can’t I seem to remember it like that?

What do you think? Was twister that bad of a movie or does he got it all wrong? Let me know in the comments section.

Videos That Make You Smile: Nintendo Training Video from 1991

So, this is day three of an exciting 5 day streak at work. Since I am usually pretty darned tired during this joy, I figured you might wanna enjoy something from the retail world – just from 1991 and a training video. Without further ado, let me present this training video:

You should note that while this is very sanguine piece it does try to inject a little humor. Of course, there is only so much you can do while developing a training video for Nintendo. Still, it is awesome in it’s historical value. For that alone I love it! But what do you think? It is worth preserving? Let me know in the comments section.

A collection of great “Demotivational Pictures”

So, the Demotivational Pictures craze is over. Been over for a long time. Still, there are some great images that should see the light of day. So sit back, relax and enjoy:


Brain Freeze

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Superman Loves Lois Lane

Like DUH!!!!

Source: Fuck Yeah Comic Relationships

So what do you think of this image? Is it cute or just over the top? Let me know in the comments below.

Videos That Make You Smile: SimCity – Mayor Meltdown

If SimCity was ever a major Motion Picture, this is how I would picture it.

Videos That Make You Smile: Squirrel Advice (HD) : Foamy The Squirrel



Videos That Make You Smile: Evolution of Music

Now this is just cool.

What do you think about this video? Leave you comments below.

Videos That Make You Smile: Batman Chooses His Voice

Aww poor Batman . . .


Deciding what will be my Retro-PC

So, I have been working on a couple of projects for a while now. One is the “Day of the Dreamcast” series (out soon) and the other is my Retro-PC project. And while the “Day of the Dreamcast” project was never intended to take so long, the other is a project purposely spaced over several months. Which is going along nicely.

I have sorted (yes I said sorted) several game system roms including NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy & Gameboy Color, & GBA. And while I haven’t gotten anyway near finished, I am progressing at the speed that I like. Which is pretty much – I have no idea when I’ll be finished.

Of course, this project has turned up some nice gems. And if you haven’t seen them before – check them out here: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and Post 4. Now, I am the first to admit that these little gems were never the intention of the project. They are mere awesome bi-products. So, don’t complain about how it’s taking. (actually no one has done that . . .)

But what about the intention? How is that progressing? Well, I am doing okay. I work for a while – get bored – and come back later to do more work. To be honest, it can be a week or more in-between work sessions. However, a work session can last for an entire day. So, figure that one out . . . As I said before, I don’t really care on this one how long it’s taking – it’s for me and I will be finished when I am finished. Still, I need to consider the final form the project will take.

I never intended the ROMS to remain on my Mac. I have done this before on other PCs in the past to varying amounts of success. I just don’t want that anymore. Particularly with awesome videos such as the one below, I want something like it:


(You wanna see the pc – go to 3:22)


(To start seeing him talk about the PC, go to 4:42)See Part 2 Below

Now, I know that I am not up to making a computer such as the two above. And I have batted around the idea of putting computers inside a lot of gaming systems, NES, SNES, Famicom, SuperFamicom, Genesis, etc, but I have never really locked down what one I wanted – assuming that I wanted to do that all. However, I did like the idea of making a computer to play roms like the ones shown above. So without knowing what the hardware would be, I started sorting the games. I’ve put months into the project already and I am nowhere near done. And I am okay with that – I knew that this would take a while – but it’s a labor of love. Just gotta get through it!!!!

Still, I have to consider what I will end up using. I’ve kinda discarded the idea of building my own PC from scratch such as WesM did. It’s just not as cost effective or as easy to do as I would like (duhhh!!!!). So, I have been keeping my eyes open and I have found a few possibilities:

1. RaspberryPi
So, this little pc board is intended for kids and tinkerers who want to experiment for cheap. It was suggested that this could be used to teach computer science to kids. It is literally an entire computer contained on a single, self-contained board. And for my purposes this was pretty cool.


As you can see, the RaspberryPi is pretty cool and small – around the size of a iphone. With that size, I could fit it into any old system shell or just use an optional case designed for the RaspberryPi.


With this board, creating the hardware for my RetroPC wouldn’t be hard at all. However, the software would be an issue. I would be using Linux. Sure I like Linux better than Windows, but it is a lot harder to set up and mod. Plus, I would be using an version of Linux not set up for this purpose. This would mean a lot of extra work for me. And I am not even certain the board could handle the front-end. It could be a waste. Then again – it’s real cheap. So perhaps, it is worth it. Then again perhaps not . . .

2. Open Pandora

So, this is the world’s first open handheld (maybe). Anyway, it’s basically a handheld-Linux box designed to play games. But not just any games – ROMS!!!! It’s provably one of the neatest devices I’ve seen in a long time. Granted, this was not the original plan – I wanted them on my TV – but this could be a great option to take my gaming on the go. And with the ability to soft-mod it so easily, it could be truly awesome!!!!

Open Pandora

Of course, unlike RaspberryPi, there are a lot of videos that represent this handheld (And What I wanna do):

The Promotional Video

Pandora System Review

Open Pandora Review

There are way more videos on it than this but this gives you an idea of what the system is like. It’s pretty awesome but it’s also pretty expensive. And hard-to-find. I couldn’t find it to give you an exact price, but I remember it going for $300 bucks or more. Which in comparison to it’s nearest competitor, the 3DS, it is a 175 dollars more than buying one. OUCH!!! Not sure I wanna pay out that much cash. But if you are interested, go to for more info.


This is something I only recently learned about. Apparently, a little while ago a kickstarter project was posted to help develop OUYA into a viable product. Not only was it fully funded, but they received over a seven and a half million more than they asked for. An awesome start for a great console! But before I talk about why I am interested in OUYA and why it is most likely going to be the choice for my RetroPC, why don’t you watch the video posted on their kickstarter page?

So now that you have seen the marketing message, what do you think? Is OUYA Cool? Well, it’s a lot cooler when you think about the emulators already available for the system and what could be to come. Since it is completely open, hackers can hack OUYA to do almost anything!! Now, I’ll admit that I wouldn’t be doing anything ground-breaking but I can think of some really cool shit that I can do with the system. All I need is something with programming skill to figure out how.

Of course, I wouldn’t be interested in OUYA without looking at reviews of the system. And while they show that OUYA is clearly no Xbox – it is pretty cool – and pretty cheap – just $99!!! But don’t take my word for it – take theirs:

Some reviews of the system:

GDC 2013: OUYA – Hands-On Preview

Ouya Hands-on Impressions

Will the $99 Ouya gaming console succeed?

Ouya hands-on review

Now one of the great benefits of OUYA beyond price & ease of hacking is the fact that this console is designed for games. I will have access to a possible treasure-trove of indie games available on their store. All of these apps will be made to play on OUYA & my TV. Which is pretty cool since the TV is one of my favorite places to play games. Now, I won’t get Hyperspin or MAME on this system (or the others either) but I still could get a great retro gaming experience plus the extra Indie on the top. Which is pretty awesome!!!

Watch below to see some of the cool games on the system

Plus, I just found out that OUYA will be featuring the OnLive! Streaming service. Which pretty cool since I have been on the fence whether or not to buy the OnLive! Service. Though it might hurt their own box’s sales. Then again they aren’t just on that thing, so maybe it doesn’t matter.


If I did get the OUYA and I wanted to maintain that retro look that the NES PC has, I could easily take OUYA out of it’s case and place it inside a classic console. I would most likely choose either a SNES, a SuperFamicom, or a Dreamcast. All these consoles have a great deal of meaning to me and look really cool. I would just have to find a dead one to rip it’s guts out. Of course, I may just end up keeping the OUYA as is.

Now, I am not saying that I am buying the OUYA for sure – just that the likelihood of me doing that is a lot higher than before. I really like the system and it’s potential. I might even be an early adopter. Which, if you know me, is rare. Congrats OUYA for making such an interesting little device – I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it comes out!!! And if you want to take a look at the OUYA, go to for more information. You’ll be glad you did.

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