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Anime North 2013 Report

So, I wanted to tell you what happened at Anime North this year before it gets too late. Unfortunately, because of poor planning and work I haven’t been able to sit down and write before today (Thursday). And I am sure by now that plenty of people have talked about their Anime North experience but now. So, before we get too far away from the con, let me tell you what happened last weekend.

2013-05-26 12.43.54

Why don’t I start with negative? that way I can talk about the positive later. I started the new job this year. Instead of being in the staff lounge I was working in staff registration. And while the job itself didn’t bother me, I didn’t like how poorly it was managed this year. This is partly because of a handover of power (sorta). What I needed as a new member of this department was a clear idea of the hours and what I can and cannot do. I tried getting an idea of what and when I was needed before the con, however, that didn’t work. I got the most information or my friend Lisa who wasn’t anywhere near department manager. It’s how I based when I would be traveling. And as it turned out they did meet me but also didn’t.

With no clear direction next two days pasted a little slow. Thursday I didn’t really care whether or not I was out and about. However, Friday I did. There are couple of events that I thought of attending that I never did. Also, for a long time I was quite hungry and all I had was the water and sandwiches. But I couldn’t leave or at least so I thought. I thought this was a job that while you were there you had stay put until released. This is not the case, but I didn’t know it at the time. So I got angry, frustrated, and spiteful. Something I wouldn’t want to be on a vacation.

If they had taken so much as 10 minutes to explain to me my exact responsibilities and what I am allowed to do this situation would have never occurred. As it was, I very angry. And I returned to the hotel that night tired and angry. Which is a bad combination to my friend’s exhaustion and rage.

Now, I’m not going to describe exactly what happened to my friend. That’s his business. But what I will say is that he had a very similar experience to what I had. The only difference was it was a lot worse. No food, no water, no rest. Needless to say we had a very bad night.

Luckily for me, my convention started improving Friday night. That’s when we got released early to go to the Nominoichi. Basically, what in the Nominoichi is a Anime and Japanese themed flea market. I love the Nominoichi. Then again I love flea markets. So, it’s kind of a no-brainer that my mood would improve! Of course, I went home with some goodies from the sale but I’ll talk about that later.

On Saturday morning I hung out at my position for a couple hours then headed out with my friend Lisa to take pictures of cos-players and to check out Artist’s Alley. This is when most of my photos from the con was taken. We had a great time up to the point in which we came across my friend Tom again. His day hadn’t gone as nicely as ours had. And I got an earful. I can’t say that I am happy about what happened between me and Tom last weekend but it happened. I didn’t intend for him to have such a bad time and in my opinion it didn’t deserve how he treated me. His situation wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t fair to take it out on me.

Needless to say, after Friday night Tom and I didn’t hang out very much. He did his thing and I did mine. And for the most part it worked. I ran around the con taking pictures of cosplayers, meeting new people, and hanging out with Lisa. So, so that part of the con was a blast. I’ll admit that I didn’t really attend Any panels or workshops during the con but it didn’t matter. I was having fun. It was pure Anime North.

Of course, I did end up at the dealers room as I planned. However, I found nothing that I wanted to buy. Save possibly a corset custom made for me. It was fun trying them on and I may choose to wear one for a costume one day. Sadly, the con was almost over and I had a meeting to attend. So, Lisa and me made our way back to the staff office. That is where I learned the most about my job and I shared my concern over the lack of information this year.

Once we finished this meeting, I was off my friends Lisa and her husband Chris. And they had an important meeting to get to. As for me, I was staying over at their house so I free range. That’s when I sent Monday’s post and waited for the next day.

Monday was probably the worst day for me. Chris hadn’t realized that his passport was expired and they couldn’t take me across the border as planned. This was horrible. However, I had an even worse shock when I called my mother to attempt to get a ride across the border. She told me that my father had gone to the hospital. Now, getting across the border had new meaning.

It took a bit of work and a few phone calls but I did eventually find a ride. Cathy, my friend from work, agreed to come across the border and fetch me. All we had to do was get to Niagara Falls. And after an hour or two we made it there. I made a switch and was home in less than a hour.

So basically, that’s how my weekend went. It had its upsides and its downsides but it was the experience to remember. And while I am not 100% sure that I am attending Anime North 2014–I most likely am. I did have fun and it is still important to me. So, most likely I will be going again next year–despite the problems. And I will most likely remain in this department. I like it beyond the one issue it had.


Man of Steel: More Awesomeness

So, by now we all know that the “Man of Steel” is coming out June 14th. And while I am uncertain as to whether or not I will be able to watch it the opening weekend, I will see it in the movie theater! With a movie this awesome, how could I not? Sure, I am obsessed with Superman but that’s no secret. However to be honest, I never saw Superman Returns in the movie theater. I wasn’t that interested, so that says a lot about “Man of Steel.”

Now it doesn’t hurt that I see his picture everyday when I go to work (Really I do). I see his face and I think Hot!!! Well, okay he’s not the hottest Superman I have ever seen, but he does look nice. And if he is at least as good at playing Clark as Superman, then this will be awesome. I so wanna see this. Please DC, don’t make it suck!!!!

Now on to the Fan-made Poster:

If you aren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t notice that it is fan made instead of official. I could see them using this poster as much as any other. I just wonder if they want Lois Lane quite as front and center as this. DC doesn’t really know what to do with women characters – let alone non-superpowered love interests. So, it will be interesting to see what role Lois actually has in the movie. Hopefully, they’ll take the route of “Superman Unbound” and include her as a central part of the story. I just hope there is even more of her than what they did in that movie (more on that later). But we’ll have to wait and see on that. Until then, take a look at this poster:

Source: Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane

Videos That Make You Smile: Kitty Kaos

So, today’s post is double feature – of CATS!!! We all know that cat videos are an integral part of youtube since the beginning. Why should now be any different?

Sad Cat Diary


Yeah, I know this isn’t about Anime North but today is Memorial Day AKA Crash Day, so no posts for you!

Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman

“Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman.” – Brian Q Miller  (via loislaneintrepidgirlreporter)

Source: Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane.

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Anime North 2013 Pics

So, now that the con is done it’s time to post the pics/photos. And while I have way more than what I will be posting today, I wanna get this out the ASAP. But since I am very, very tired I won’t give any explanations. So, many photos have been held for later. Plus I have some cool film shots that have yet to be developed. That will be done ASAP, but will be longer than a week. And depending on the quality of the photos I will post them here later or in the video that I plan to shoot shortly. With that in mind, let me post these wonders:















Well, that’s the first 15 photos from me – please hold on for more!

Now that the con is finished

So, I haven’t been really posting anything that has been going on all weekend despite a lot going on. That will soon change. I am currently at a friend’s house and not at the con anymore (besides it is almost over – like less than hour). I will be uploading some of the images shortly, but I will leave the entire story until Wednesday or Thursday. I have some videos but that will have to wait until I am state-side and have access to my compy.

ANIME NORTH 2013 VIDEO – Moving To Canada

So, it’s early – my job is done and I am enjoying the last of the con before heading home yet again. But before I make the Journey South to Buffalo, why don’t I talk about emigrating to Canada? It is something that I have thought about in the past but have done nothing about. Perhaps, you have thought about it as well?

Even if you haven’t, it is interesting to learn a little more about the subject – especially for Americans. We are a country of immigrants after all, just like Canada. And while the idea of leaving “the land of opportunity” may seem crazy; it may not be as crazy as you think. There are a lot of advantages to living in Canada over the US and vice versa. So, without further ado – allow me to present the Canadian Govt’s video on moving to Canada:

Before You Arrive in Canada

Your First Two Weeks in Canada

Temporary Foreign Workers: Canadian Experience Class

Integration (Becoming Canadian)

This is it for my Anime North 2013 Video Series, however this is not the end for Anime North 2013. I still have tons of videos & photos to post that haven’t been posted during the con. Which I will get out ASAP!!! And work schedule permitting, you will see a lot of what happened at Anime North 2013. See you later!

ANIME NORTH 2013 VIDEO – Maid Cafes

So, this video wasn’t found by me but is instead found by my friend Tom. It isn’t about Canada or Anime North, but does talk about something that is very popular in Japan & at Anime North – Maid Cafes! And as HiroHoch explains, it’s a bit weird . . .

ANIME NORTH 2013 VIDEO – Nuzlocke Challenge

So, I’ve known about user-created challenges for the Sims 2 & 3, but I never knew about the Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon. Now, I bet this challenge applies to ANY Pokemon game no matter what it is. So, this might be a great opportunity to get that copy of Pokemon Gold or Silver off the shelf and play it again (if the battery still works) or just buy another copy of Pokemon Black & White 2 and play using these rules. It might make it more exciting, it might make it playable. But that is only a guess . . . Since I have kinda stopped playing . . .

ANIME NORTH 2013 VIDEO – Highschool of the Dead Anime Review

So, this is the first canned post of Anime North 2013. Well, the part that actually posts during Anime North 2013. But because I am a werido that likes to have her posts coincide with work and life in general, I am queuing this to post at the exact moment that Anime North 2013 kicks off. Which provably means that I will be busy. HA!!!! Take that bitches!!!!!

Now, I will officially shut up and allow you to enjoy this review of this Anime:

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