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Videos That Make You Smile: Draw My Life

I love swoozie and when this came out, well I thought you would like it too!!!!



Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders

That is weird . . .

Wish I posted this during Anime North . . .

Paula Deen dropped by Ceasars, Wal-Mart after ‘Today’ show

So, by now you’ve all heard about the Paula Dean controversy. And I haven’t said too much about it, because I feel that it should die. It’s ridiculous, mean-spirited, and cruel. I don’t know what Paula Dean said or didn’t say or even how often. I DON’T CARE!!!! Is she perfect? NO!!! Why would would she be? She’s human. And people do stupid things – especially when the shit hits the fan. So, I don’t know if the person who is suing her is in the right or not, but frankly it doesn’t matter. That’s between them – not us. Why are we punishing her?

So, basically, if someone gets pissed at you and sues you for “racial comments” this person is dead to us. All contracts, all shows, all restaurants, and all products are null and void. You don’t exist. And if you end up destitute, then oh well! You shouldn’t have said what you did . . .

Really? I mean really? That’s the proper response to this incident? Ruin this woman’s life? Really? Wow . . . remind me never to become famous.

Now, okay – Paula Dean isn’t going to become destitute, but hurting her like this over these “comments” is insane!! She’s human and isn’t prefect. Maybe she needs some help and correction, but writing her off all together isn’t the solution. It’s worse than what she said. And you’re doing people!!! Congrats. How does this equate to the factories crashing down? I have no clue.

And now for something completely different

Hmmm . . .


Man of Steel Fan Art

So, since the movie came out (and possibly a tad before) there has been a lot of Fan Art posted to Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane and related sites. Now instead of re-posting each image in separate posts, I am going to lump them together. This doesn’t reduce their value – just the number of posts it takes to get them out. Which is nice considering this ISN’T a Superman or Lois Lane related blog. It’s a everything Alley like blog. Which is almost the same thing . . . DAMMIT!!!!



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Videos That Make You Smile: Double Feature – McDonalds’ McNugget Snack Maker

So there are some great kids’ makers out there – some are current like the Slurpee Maker others are no longer made like the McNugget Snack Maker. And some, well, just should have never been made. Luckily for us, this is not the case for McNugget Snack Maker. Enjoy!

McDonalds Toys McNugget Maker Playset Vintage McDonalds Snack Food Maker

McDonald’s 1993 McNugget Snack Maker Set – Making McNuggets!

These two channels are great – even if I haven’t mentioned them before. You should take the time to subscribe!!!!


And While We’re Still thinking of Movies . . .

So, “Man of Steel” is still in my mind but it’s time to move on (until the DVD comes out that is). And why flush my system is a bad movie? Or bad movies as the Digimon Movie was technically three different movies. But ahh who cares!!! It’s Digimon!!! Wait the Nostalgic Critic cares . . .

Cue the movie.

Retro Reviews: The NES System

So, every-so-often I like to watch reviews of Classic systems. Even ones that I DIDN’T own. Like the NES. I may not hold a special place in my heart for this gem, but it was a cool system for it’s time. But how does it stack up today? Find out in this review:

Hollywood writes for the Chinese Audience

After seeing Man of Steel, I thought of this:

Finally Got to See “Man of Steel”

So, I finally got to see “Man of Steel” and it was awesome!!!! It’s gotta be one of the best Superman Movies that I have ever seen and definitely one of the best films that I have ever seen. It is the first Live Action Superman Film that I have liked. Thank you for getting it right this time! It has to be the closest that DC has ever gotten to the way that I see Superman. So kodos DC for making an epic film.

I will try¬† to make a proper review of Superman later when the DVD comes out. That way I can go a head and use stills from the film and everything. But until then, please go out there and watch “Man of Steel.” You’ll be glad you did!

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