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Is the Wii U on it’s last legs?

So, Asada (who is owned by my employer – Walmart) has decided to pull the Wii U from it’s shelves. (See the story here). Now, one could speculate that it is because of poor sales and a lack of interest. After all, there aren’t that many third party games available for the console (or first party ones either). And of that, most are not that great. There is no “killer app” that would persuade a buyer to fork out the cash for the unit. Which means that there aren’t enough units out there for the developers to be interested in developing for the system. So, basically it’s a chicken or the egg situation.

The casual gamer has had their fill of motion control games or are kept their Wiis. Why fork over nearly 400 dollars for something that is barely better than what they already have? It doesn’t make sense and it is a real problem for Nintendo! It feels a lot like what happened to Sega and the Dreamcast. And if this is true, then it could mean the end for Nintendo . . . Or the beginning of it becoming yet another software developer . . .

I am not saying this is going to happen, but Nintendo really missed the mark with the Wii U. Hell, they even named it wrong!  Wii U sounds like Wii 1.5; not a totally new console! It even looks almost the same! WTF!!!! The market is changing and they aren’t with it. If they don’t shape up soon, they’re toast. End of story. And that’s really sad considering how important they were in my childhood.

Only time will tell what is going to happen next . . .


Best Comment FOREVER!!!!

So, I was looking for Herobrine. Yeah, I know it doesn’t exist, but I was looking for it anyway. And on a vid about it, I found this comment:

Best Comment EVER!!!

I know, I know it sounds like he is in the hood, yo! Either that or he is a surfer dude. Not that I care which one.  It’s pretty darn funny even if the video itself was boring. He really loves this channel and wants more vids man! You’d better get on that . . .


Top 10 William Shatner’s Captain Kirk Fight Moves

If you have followed me long enough by now, you’ll know I love Captain Kirk! Hell, I listen to a podcast called “look at his butt,” which talks about nothing but him. So, you know I’m going to pay attention when I find a video like this. I mean what is William Shatner’s hammiest fight moves? There are so many – what would make the cut? Well, Watch Mojo has the answer for you:

ComicCon Stuntmen Rescue Woman From Suicide Attempt!

So ComicCon was the previous weekend – duh! And while I didn’t attend it, I did see this awesome story:

IT CAME FROM ETSY!!!!! My Little Monster – Zecora

I announce a new series that I will periodically add to: “IT CAME FROM ETSY!!!!”  Basically, I find weird shit from Etsy (which is plentiful) and torture you with it. These are things that should NEVER exist! Yet they do.  Which means we all should know that exist.

You can thank me later . . .

Now on to the first – “IT CAME FROM ETSY!!!!”


So, would you combine Monster High and My Little Ponies? I wouldn’t. But then again I despise the pointless, ugly dolls in crappy packages. Why would girls obsess over a very fake high school full of cute monsters? Well, you’ve got me. I wouldn’t but then again I am not that interested in Love and dating . . . So, again not something I would do.

Still, if it were to be done – I wouldn’t do it as this person has. It’s disturbing, it’s creepy, it has a pedophile vibe that is just wrong. Why is the doll naked? Why are we looking at her naked body? They realize that when it is in humanoid form that it is creepy, right? Maybe it has something to do that crappy movie I heard about. Of course, maybe not. I can’t really tell. I can’t seem to stop staring at her butt . . .


Click here to see the Etsy Listing
(While it lasts)

Videos That Make You Smile: 50 Weird Laws – mental_floss

I love Mental Floss!

Want to see more of Mental floss? Let me know in the comments below!

Having fun with a Online PC Support Scam

This video is awesome! A IT guy who is in the know pretends to be an ordinary – stupid – pc user. What happens next is genius!

Sourcefeed: No More Porn!

Recently, a certain somebody has started a war on porn in the UK. Now, it seeems that his goal is to stop Child Porn, a laudable goal. But how do you stop it exactly? How do you do that without infringing the rights of adults? After all, all porn is NOT bad. And while you may disagree with it’s contents – it has a right to exist. Well, maybe not those child porn people . . .

Which brings me to my final point: What exactly is child porn? I think we all can agree that two five years doing it is child porn. But what about two teenagers? Sure, we all would love to believe that our sons and daughters are celibate but the reality is a tad different. Think about it: How often did you think about sex while you were a teen? Did you do it? I didn’t but I sure wanted to. Now, sure I don’t really want to see stuff about teenagers doing it – kinda boring – but I won’t stop anyone from enjoying it. If that’s what makes them happy – go for it! Hell, I am into stuff way worse than that. Of course, there is that issue that came a while ago in the US about age play.  If you include that – a lot of people are into child porn. Since that has everything to do with children . . .

So, I am not really on board for this attack on porn. Of course, this isn’t my country and I have no say in the laws of the United Kingdom. Nor would I force my will upon them! But, it is a worrying trend if he does actually make real this intentions. Not that he can . . . but if he did . . . WOW! Not good for all of us.

Great Lois Cosplay

This shows that you don’t have to be “pretty” to pull off Lois Lane. ‘Cause Lois ain’t “pretty” in the way that traditional girls are. She’s all woman and proud of it too!!!!


Going with a theme of WTF am I doing, I present this video on Shiny Pokemon!!!!

Yup, I still don’t care about Pokemon anymore. I am completely bored with the series. Yet, I watch videos such as the ones made by this guy. Why you may ask? I have no clue. Maybe it has something to do with fond memories. Maybe it is a way for me to reconnect with lost friends. Or maybe I am just out of my mind! In any case, I have chosen this video for today:

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