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Thinking of Selling Random Boxes of Crap

So, I had an idea: Why not sell a random box of crap? I’ve seen ASHENS review boxes of crap, and it would be fun to sell something like that and give it to whatever person loves stupid stuff. It could be a lot of fun and it might net me a little cash in the process – not bad if you ask me.


But here’s the real question: WHAT should I put in the thing? Sure, I have a few crappy things I bought in my house that can go but I just not want to do that. I want to send something truly crappy along with it. Perhaps something from a Dollar Store? Like some crappy figures or a shirt or something. That could be nice.  But I think I should put something useful in every box and something of real value. Obviously, not something more than the price of the box but something cool. Problem is – I don’t know what that is.

So, maybe you guys can help me. I know that this is not a very active community. Mostly, it’s just me talking and you watching, but I have always wanted more participation. Maybe this is the project that will do it. I mean, what fun could be it be thinking of something wacky or useful that could go into a bag of crap? I think it’s cool! Don’t you?

Of course, I would like the object/objects to be less than 10 dollars US in value. For I am thinking of selling the box of crap for $20 bucks US (plus shipping) This item would be randomly placed in one of several boxes and be kinda like a prize. Which means that most will be valued less than 20 bucks. I want this to be about fun, not the value of the stuff so I am going to keep it at that.

Some ideas that I have come up with are: Giving some Canadian Pennies, Giving up some of my Pony minis, sending condiments (like Weber’s mustard – a local brand), sending bad video games, giving away Superman figures that I didn’t like, buying dollar store toys – especially knock-offs, buying value toys at walmart, buying clearance toys at walmart, sending coupons that are still good, and giving clearance clothes that may or may not fit.

These are some ideas that I thought of sitting here. But are they any good? Would you like to receive any of these randomly? Do you have any ideas of what to add? I really want to hear your ideas. It could really help me get this idea off the ground.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Myth Hacking – 5 things you thought were true, but aren’t.

Some of this I knew, but not all . . .

Sourcefeed: Michael Bay’s Face DISFIGURED on Transformers 4 Set?!


YES, there are Minecraft Fanfics

So, I was talking to friends and Minecraft Fanfics came up in convo. And of course, being an ass I had to find one. Which brought me to Fanfiction and “Lion Hunting,” a fantastic little fanfic about minecraft and youtubers. Yup, you heard me Minecraft and Youtubers – How could anything go wrong?

Funny LineOh wait nm . . .

With a start like that, you know this story has to be good!!!

Paragraph 1

Wait, that sucked. Who are these people? What do they have to do with Chicken Nuggets and why does he need to say that he’s NOT gay? I almost want to email the person and ask those questions . . . almost.

Click here to read the story

Disney Infinity Review

So, I don’t like Skylanders. I don’t like the concept. I think it is extortion – pure and simple – but could possibly be a great business plan too. Yeah, I don’t get it either but that’s life.

Anyway, with my prior bias towards Skylanders (a very similar game) and my general dislike of all things Disney I was surprised to be interested in Disney Infinity! Now, there is no way in hell I am paying 70 dollars for it – especially considering I have to buy all this tat to go along with it. That is just to fully enjoy the experience!!! NO WAY!!!! Maybe if they were starting at 20 I’d consider it. Until then I think I’ll just wait. But what will you do? Do you want Disney Infinity? Why don’t you watch this review and let me know:

Sourcefeed: Your Body Controls Your Sexy!

WOW, I didn’t know.

Top 10 Free to Play TPS Games! (2013)

I am not sure that I will play any of these games but they are interesting.

Woman banned from Walmart arrested . . . again

Wal Mart Hazardous Waste

Okay, so she isn’t this woman. But just like that one, Traminique J. Porter has been banned from Walmart. But unlike the first one, it wasn’t for being a loud mouth. It was for being a thief. And apparently she is a bad one at that. STOP GETTING CAUGHT LADY!!!! That’s how you fail at stealing and the others prosper.  You suck. Now stop stealing plz!!!

Now Traminique stole about $700 worth of stuff when she was arrested which adds to whatever she stole previously. Which is a pretty good catch for the people out in Clarence. Of course, Traminique isn’t the only person banned from Walmart for stealing. NOPE, THERE ARE OTHERS!!!! They include: Andrea Warrior, Shannon M. Trott, Joyce Antoniette Robinson, etc. Pretty much get caught stealing from Walmart and Walmart doesn’t want you within their doors. DUH!!!! Why would they want someone who steals their profits? It makes sense!!!

Of course, this isn’t the only way you can get banned from Walmart as our first woman, April Cuevas, can attest to. Behavior that is dangerous or harmful to yourself or others can get you banned too. Just do a web search for “Banned from Walmart” and you’ll see what someone people have done. And while I can’t claim that it is all 100 percent accurate, it does give you an idea how you can get banned. But for entertainment’s sake, lets go over a few ways:

  • Attack a security guard or an associate.
  • Masturbate in the Toy Aisle (Yes, this really happened)
  • Performing Pranks at Walmart (YES, GOING INTO THE BALL PIT CAN GET YOU BANNED!!!)
  • Performing Union-related activities (according to one dude – but I think this one is fair. They don’t want you there bitch!)
  • Fighting at Walmart (I am sure this gets you banned.)

Now these are a few ways to get yourself banned, but I bet you could think of others. Now, I am sure beyond shoplifting it is difficult to get banned. And that is because in order to succeed, Walmart needs customers!!!! They DON’T wanna ban you. Most likely, they will just kick you out for bad behavior and you can come back another time. Hopefully by then, you will have learned your lesson and WON’T do it again. But that part is up to you.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

See the article that inspired this post:

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Iron Man Helps The Homeless Smile

This video makes you feel nice . . .

2DS Review

I might end up getting this system over the 3DS. I can’t watch 3D and I want something cheap. Enjoy!

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