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Gaming Week 3 – More Extra Credits

Yup, this is the last post of Gaming Week. So, why not end it with Extra Credits? I can’t see anything better . . .

Extra Credits: Games You Might Not Have Tried #3

Extra Credits – Games You REALLY Might Not Have Tried


Gaming Week 3 – Weird Gaming Stuff

Yes, this stuff is completely random and has barely anything to do with video games. I AM getting to the bottom of the barrel, aren’t I?

PCP Station Review

Since he is a little more upbeat:

Furby Handheld Game, 2000 Tiger Electronics – Rare & HTF

I find this one to be very unique and I would like to try it – even if it is with really old Wheel of Fortune Episodes. But I would like to know if it works with modern TVs.

Wheel Of Fortune TV Show Play Along Electronic Handheld Game, 1988 Mattel Toys

Gaming Week 3 – Classic Game Room

I know I’ve already posted Classic Game Room episodes, but I haven’t posted JUST Classic Game Room episodes. So I am now.



MATCH 5 review for IntelliVision

Gaming Week 3 – Emulators on the OUYA

One of the reasons why I would like an OUYA is because I want to run emulators on it. Now, I am not finished by any sense of the word so I don’t want one right now, but it is nice to see how they perform on the OUYA. Don’t ya think?

Ouya Graphics and Performance Test #2: Nintendo 64 Emulator (Mupen64plus)

Retro Emulators on the Ouya: NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy Turbografx, NeoGeo & more

Now I originally wanted to talk about this more (that’s why it was held), but I think the videos speak for themselves. There are many possibilities for emulation with the OUYA. And that plus a slightly better design makes me want it more than the GameStick. But if I ended up with either or, I don’t think I’d care. They’re both good and both are worth the money. Come on people – it’s cheap! Buy it!

Gaming Week 3 – Two very random videos

I wanted to hit home that Gaming Week is ending and what way to do it than post two very random, very different videos in one post? You’d think that there wasn’t one more day in Gaming Week. But there is, HA!!!

10 Awesome Facts About Nintendo

Godus – Rethinking The God Game Genre

Gaming Week 3 – Extra Credits

It’s getting towards the end of Gaming Week 3 and while I may be hitting the bottom of the barrel, you’re still getting great videos!!! So, do you want some extra credits? Yeah, go on, take them. You’ll be glad you did.

Extra Credits: Energy Systems

Extra Credits: Game Addiction (part 1)

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Gaming Week 3 – Everdrive

This post is dedicated to the Everdrive a solution for those who want to play emulated games on the original systems. Which is a great way to play Prototypes of Games that where never released!

Everdrive N8 – Famicom (NES) Flash Card – Adam Koralik

Turbo Everdrive – NEC Turbografx 16 Flash Card – Adam Koralik

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Gaming Week 3 – Some More Music Videos

Here’s two more to watch!

“It’s a Creeper” – A Minecraft Parody of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep (Music Video)

Macklemore Thrift Shop “Game Shop” Parody

Gaming Week 3 – Cleaning and Repairing Your Old Systems

This post’s videos where made by a guy who is very familiar to me,but may not be to you. I watched a lot of his videos while putting together my series (The Day of Dreamcast) which I gotta finish. Unfortunately, because most of his videos relate to the Dreamcast and I am holding ALL Dreamcast videos until it’s finished – you haven’t really seen him. Sorry for that. He is really good. At least you can enjoy these two videos:

Gamerade – Cleaning and Restoring an Original XBox – Adam Koralik

Gamerade –¬†Cleaning and Restoring a Sega Genesis Model 2 – Adam Koralik

Gaming Week 3 – Reviews of Classic Systems

This obvious – modern reviews of classic systems. Which means awesome!!! Now watch.

Classic Game Room – SUPER NINTENDO console review

Rare N64DD System Review

Classic Game Room – GAME BOY ADVANCE SP review

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