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Annoying Things People do in Group Photos



Five good reasons why – Kickstarter is great for the game industry

More variety = awesome!!!!

Honest Trailers – Dragonball Evolution (Feat. TeamFourStar)

I never saw this movie and I’m glad I haven’t:

Documentary Week – Wild Dog Packs of the Indian Forrest

These Primitive dogs are very similar to the Dingo and a few others around the world. Learn about their lives in this documentary:

Documentary Week – Wild Dog Dingo

These semi-wild primitive dogs are the hearts and minds of Australia. Learn about their lives in this Documentary with an Aussie Twist!

Documentary Week – Pompeii: The Mystery Of People Frozen In Time

It’s the end of the week and time to say goodbye to Documentary Week. So, why not have former Prime Minster¬†Margaret Thatcher narrate a documentary? I see no better way to end it, do you? Then on to the show!

Documentary Week – China’s Dessert Mummies : Documentary on the Taklamakan Mummies

Learning more about China makes them more and more interesting everyday.

Christmas Day 2013 – Nostalgia Critic – Starwars Christmas Special

So, this is it – the end of the day. Well, for me that is. Now, I know that I have flooded you with posts (something I avoid like the plague) but I wanted to condense what might have been a month’s worth of posts into one day. Now that I am done, I’ll have to think on what I plan to do next year. Maybe it will stretch into a week or be a greatest hits thing.

Who knows what next year brings, but what I can tell you is that this year ends with the worst special of all TIME!!!!! Enjoy!

Christmas Day 2013 – Elmo & Patsy – Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer

Of course, I gotta have the holiday standard, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer!” Wouldn’t be Christmas without it, now would it?

Christmas Day 2013 – Patton Oswalt – Christmas Shoes

Youtube, how you provide  . . .

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