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More Frozen Stuff

I was shopping at Wegmans yesterday and I saw this:


Which proves that people do this stuff at other places besides Walmart. Still sucky though . . .


Frozen Corn?

I saw this in the freezer the other day:

2014-01-27 21.59.17

Apparently, they got confused and thought that canned corn went with the frozen corn. And easy mistake to be sure. Either that or they didn’t care. I vote for the second one. Thanks for waiting food guys! No one ever gets to eat that one. . .

Overpaying for an NES Game

Ahhh the NES, a favorite of many a child’s life. At least if you were growing up in the late 80s, early 90s. For me, I didn’t have the NES. My parents wouldn’t buy one nor would they buy an SNES. So the first console that I owned was an original Playstation Dual Shock (NOTE: It was before it was called a PS1). Still, I remember the NES and SNES. And while the NES isn’t my favorite system of all time I understand why someone people would have the that opinion. And why you would collect for the system.

What I don’t understand is overpaying for specific carts/accessories. Super rare/prototype items go for BIG BUCKS!!! Like thousands to start. I mean COME ON!!!! It’s just an NES cart!!! It doesn’t deserve that much cash!!!!

Of course, I am a fairly poor so throwing away money on anything more than 20 bucks starts to make me nervous. And if I am throwing away a hundred or more than it better be awesome. But beyond that I dunno. It just seems like a waste. I could get so much more for the money than a stupid cart with games that already exist in it’s entirety. I guess I just don’t have the money that these people do:

‘Super-rare’ Nintendo game hits eBay

January 24, 2014 Last updated at 07:05 ET

Rare Nintendo game The game cartridge will be highly sought after, despite the tatty label

An extremely rare Nintendo game is expected to fetch thousands of dollars in an eBay auction.

Only 116 copies of Nintendo World Championships were ever made, as part of a special event in 1990.

The first bid came in at $4,999 (£3,000), but the game is likely to fetch more, one Nintendo expert said.

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Meet Batkid!!!!

Meet Miles, a cancer survivor and a brave kid. He got his greatest wish (to be batman for a day) this is his story:


So, yeah this is a real thing. Found the original on a legit news site and everything. Sly Cooper is really coming to theaters. Which is kind of AWESOME!!!!! Yeah, I know – I don’t really talk about Sly Cooper (beyond that one post) and I am not into as much as I used to be (see like 5 years ago) but I still love that crazy raccoon. Don’t you?

Now that you have seen the trailer, read on:

I think this is a good start. High quality voice acting in all and nice animation. It’s clear that they put some money into this. What is sad is that I don’t think the actor playing Sly is the original one. He sounds like one of the Ninja Turtles from the current series. (I can’t figure out which one though – I’ve barely watched the thing). So, I keep thinking he’s a turtle. Which is pretty funny since only Bentley is a turtle.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

Listen to Sly in this clip (hint: he’s the second person to talk). See how different he is? It’s definitely not the same actor. Which isn’t necessarily bad – it’s just not who I picture as Sly Cooper.

Finally, my biggest concern is the story. Which the trailer tells you nothing about. Easily, you could have a plot like one of the games and get away with it. But it isn’t very deep and at this point is a tad boring. We’ve been there and done that. Let’s learn more about Sly’s life. And I don’t mean his ancestors. Maybe we could learn more about his dad (maybe see his face?) or his romantic life. Anything, but just heists. Give us something more!!!!

Only time will tell . . .

AsapSCIENCE Double Feature

Yeah, I could have made two posts with these videos, but why when you can watch them on the same day? Enjoy!

Can Stress Actually Kill You?

Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

Beta64 – Banjo-Kazooie / Dream

I barely played it myself but is very interesting . . .

Something you didn’t know you needed . . .


My Crazy Ex

Awww swoozie!!!

Health and Fat Shaming

So, this one is a combo-post. It combines several episodes of a UK series that I recently found is that great!!!!! And adds to it a video about Fat Shaming. Well, I add it anyway. I wanna leave the fat shaming for last, so let’s get going with “Supersize vs Superskinny.”

[WARNING: THESE ARE FULL EPISODES!!!!! If you don’t want to sit down for all of it, watch a little of each episode. This is five seasons worth of content! Play around, see what ya like and see if is worth watching all the way though. If is, feel free to use this page as a jumping off point.]


Season 1 Playlist –

Season 2 Playlist –

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