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Did you know? Xbox One Price Drop

The Next Gen Console war is heating up again. This time Microsoft is lowering the price of the Xbox One to match that of the PS4. Now, I am not saying buy right now (don’t). There aren’t enough games/useful features to warrant a purchase yet. This is Especially true if you are a cheap gamer like me. But the fact there is a price drop so soon says a lot. Perhaps in a year I may seriously consider buying either a PS4 or Xbox One.

Source: BBC

Xbox OnePrice on the Xbox One Hasn’t Dropped Yet.


Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

I love most of them . . .

My Long Distance Relationship Story and Tips


Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

This one made me feel surprisingly good.

The Wolf Queen of Solitude

Okay, so Skyrim is kinda old now. But it is very cool! Hell, I am still playing it (Of course I started a couple of months ago and haven’t played it in a while). Still, you gotta love the production values here. Especially, since this is a fan vid. Which makes it even more amazing when you consider this is a real story from the game. Well in the game’s books that is. (If you don’t know what that is then you haven’t played an Elder Scroll’s game). Get to it!!!

Are any Animals Truly Monogamous?

Something I think all humans need to remember.

Why Do People Love Trying on Glasses?

I dunno since I am one of those poor people who wear glasses because I need it.

Ugly Creeper

I’ve been told that a long time ago (before I started playing Minecraft), Mojang made a mistake. A monster got messed up. He didn’t look like the others. He was corrupted. This monster was so messed up that they decided to keep it. Thus the creeper was born!! An ugly, wonderful thing.

Alas, this creeper isn’t so lucky. . .


Yes, it looks either a really bad cake or lego bricks covered in modeling clay. And it may be a bit rough around the edges; but don’t judge it too harshly! It is only seven dollars!!!!

Here’s a second look right side up:

creeper2What do you think: Is it worth the seven dollars now? You know it is . . .

MinuteEarth – Birds that Hibernate in Lakes?!

Yeah it sounds stupid but then again that’s what people in the middle ages thought. Learn some stuff now!!!

A Cool Idea

This one has been in my watch later for sometime. Not because it isn’t cool – it is – but because I just don’t know how it would be applied to my online life. What can you actually do with Face Rig? Will it be implemented into an game or made into it’s own thing? How much will it cost? Will it be as cool as it says? Can you turn it into a art? Only time will tell . . .

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