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Petsmart Grooming

So, it’s St. Patty’s Day (or it was recently) and what could you do to celebrate the robbing of people’s religion? Well, chalk your dog green, of course!!! Wait, you didn’t think of that? Well, Petsmart did.

Petsmart GroomingYup, this is real – grabbed it myself from their website.

Your poor little lab can celebrate his Irish Heritage with green ears & a shamrock that looks kinda like a flower.  Which is interesting because Labradors didn’t come from Ireland and well . . . the shamrock makes him makes him look more like a flower child than a leprechaun. But hey! You dyed your dog’s hair! That’s good, right? I mean the dog looks happy. I think . . .

I know that my dog provably wouldn’t like this. I mean he hates wearing the clothes I throw on him sometimes. Let alone frickin’ chalk for St. Patty’s Day. But then again, what do I know? It could be awesome . . .


Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind


How To Handle Taking Photos Of Friends



I didn’t get this at first until I actually watched it. Which is quite awesome!!! So, watch it already . . .

Digital games are too damn expensive!

A hot girl talking about video games?! I hate to say this but it’s kinda awesome. Watch her show!

Westboro Baptist Church ‘Asks Public Not to Picket’

So, by now we all have figured out that the guy behind the Westboro Chuch is dead. Yeah, I know we are all crying on the inside. And before we get too misty-eyed, I found this on my facebook:


Now, before you get all excited – it’s a Hoax. The Westboro Baptist Church isn’t having a funeral for Phelps. In fact, nothing is scheduled to be held. At least of what I can find. Which was a exhaustive search of like five minutes (if that). Anyway, apparently they have the good sense NOT to hold a funeral for one of America’s most hated men. Too bad they don’t have the good sense to stop spewing their hate and picketing funerals. But that would be too much to ask.

Now, I’ll admit I get get caught up by this hoax. I didn’t fact check the person who posted this on facebook. Which you provably you should always do. I mean just because it was posted on Facebook – doesn’t make it true. DUH!!!!!

But just because it is a hoax, doesn’t mean it’s not fun or funny. I mean, think what would have happened if they really did this? It would be just as funny as one of PETA’s statements. PETA is always extremely funny for their hypocritical nature. I mean what kind of organization can picket one shelter for killing animals when they do it themselves? Nice PETA, nice.

Now, I am not going to say that PETA or the Westboro Church are the most vile organizations/people in the country. I think there are far worse people out there, but they are evil and funny. So long as you don’t support either organization – they will eventually die. And that is good enough for me.

Check out the “article” the post was referencing

Oh and here are my favorite responses (including mine):



Response 3



 and after I figured out was fake . . .


What will happen tomorrow? I dunno, but keep subscribed. ‘Cause it will be fun!

For those of you considering an Electric Bike

SO, I am considering a new electric bike down the line. I have been going back and forth as to what that exactly means, but I think I could use a new one. But this time, I want to really think about what will work best for me. I have time. Something I didn’t have a whole lot of last time. Which means whatever I get will most likely fit me better.

But what exactly will I get? I don’t know yet, but I have found a source for e-bike reviews. They aren’t quite what I would want (I want to see these suckers after heavy use) but it is better than nothing. It get to see what is out there, what it does, and how much (generally) does it cost.  Which is a lot more than I had last time.

Check out his channel

Or Watch these two selected videos:

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 27D Electric Bike Review

EZ Pedaler F300 Electric Bike Review


I found this video recently that reminds us all that children can have a full and happy life with a major illness. In this case, they are talking about Down Syndrome.

Real life Intrudes to Blog Life

Here at Channel the Alley I don’t talk about my personal life very often. It is ironic because the blog is all about me and what I find interesting. But I have found that certain matters should remain private. Matters that I do not wish to discuss with the world. Besides, I find blogs where someone talks about their personal life a lot to be a bit much. So I don’t.

However, every so often a situation or an event in my life becomes large enough for me to desire to talk about it. That’s what this blog post is about.

Yesterday, I got into an argument with my favorite person at work. This lady, who will remain unnamed, decided to go after me. This fine woman has been a source of pain and agony for me since practically the beginning of my time at Walmart. I have done everything I can to at least coexist with her, but I do not believe that is possible anymore.


After last night’s argument and threats – I have decided that, no the matter what the consequences, I want out of toys. I like the department, and I like the products, and I like the children but I cannot tolerate such a work environment. I cannot stand looking at her and the way she looks at me. Plus, now I am afraid that she will follow through with her threats and attack me.

This is unacceptable and if this cannot be fixed, then I will have to quit. I have to work today later on and if I have to work with her, I’m going to request spending my shift elsewhere. You do not want to be anywhere near her. Six aisles is not enough distance when dealing with someone like this. It’s not worth it.

So, why am I tell you all this? Why aren’t I entertaining you with some cool video or awesome image? Answer is that you might be dealing with a similar problem at your work. There are a lot of people just like her. People you don’t get along with; that are impossible to get along with. You don’t deserve to deal with it. Don’t let it get as far as I let it go. Tell your managers. Request to switch departments. Quit/find a new job. It’s just not worth the stress.

If I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the break room waiting for my ride – then why am I working there? Then again why did I ask for a ride home? I mean there was nothing wrong with my bike and the weather was okay.

The answer is that I simply felt vulnerable. I believed that she was going to potentially attack me or run me down while biking. That’s not cool. I shouldn’t have to put up with it and neither should you.

Get out or change situation before it’s too late.

I don’t know what to title this, so here goes: Old Head Designs that aren’t quite so the same

I found this recently on ESCHER GIRLS and it’s kinda cool.But I don’t wanna say a lot about it, I’ll let them:




figure 1: head drawings by Andrew Loomis, 1956

figure 2: women’s head designs can be generated by the same methods, they don’t have to all look very nearly the same

Some food for thought for drawing women and avoiding drawing a single female face.  Too often artists seem to be afraid to give women big noses or lines or other distinguishing features, and we end up with the same face on all the characters.  I’ve been browsing a lot of genderswap art lately and I’ve noticed that when male characters with large noses, thin faces, wrinkles, or other features get genderswapped, they tend to end up with small noses, round faces, and no wrinkles, and they no longer look distinct (they also look much younger than the original).  So, just some references and a reminder that women’s faces have all sorts of different features, and you don’t need to just have small cute features with no wrinkles to have a character look female.


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