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So, yeah things are better . . .

As expected, things got weird and tiring for me. However, they are getting better. My brother’s surgery went well (although he is home all the time and I have to do wound care). All the stuff with my coworker ended (she ended up getting fired, but not on the account of me), and my hours at work will reduce shortly. (They go down not next week, but the following week.

Still, I am very tired (then again I just came off of six days on). And things are not going awesome for me everywhere. For instance, I am NOT going to Anime North this year despite plans to the contrary. This is all because of a screw up at work (on my part) that left me with the wrong weekend off. There is nothing I can do about it now though (believe me I have tried). So, that is off the list (yay . . .).

For those of you attending next week’s con I wish you a great and crazy weekend. I know it will be! I wish that I could be there with you, but I have to cash out hordes of people during their holiday weekend. YAY. . . AT least I get holiday pay. That’s something . . .

So, I am working a lot during the next couple of weeks (And dealing with wound care), so the blog will be mostly silent. I will try to get some posts together soon and queue them up for you. That way you have something to watch. I do have a lot of videos in my youtube watch later waiting to be seen by you. Too bad I haven’t gotten it out there yet! But it will happen. This just takes time.

As always real life gets in the way of virtual life. But that’s life. What can you do?


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