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Now for something completely different – A CGR review of a pinball machine

I would love to have a real pinball machine in my house.


For those of you considering an Electric Bike

SO, I am considering a new electric bike down the line. I have been going back and forth as to what that exactly means, but I think I could use a new one. But this time, I want to really think about what will work best for me. I have time. Something I didn’t have a whole lot of last time. Which means whatever I get will most likely fit me better.

But what exactly will I get? I don’t know yet, but I have found a source for e-bike reviews. They aren’t quite what I would want (I want to see these suckers after heavy use) but it is better than nothing. It get to see what is out there, what it does, and how much (generally) does it cost.  Which is a lot more than I had last time.

Check out his channel

Or Watch these two selected videos:

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 27D Electric Bike Review

EZ Pedaler F300 Electric Bike Review

Christmas Day 2013 – Nostalgia Critic – Starwars Christmas Special

So, this is it – the end of the day. Well, for me that is. Now, I know that I have flooded you with posts (something I avoid like the plague) but I wanted to condense what might have been a month’s worth of posts into one day. Now that I am done, I’ll have to think on what I plan to do next year. Maybe it will stretch into a week or be a greatest hits thing.

Who knows what next year brings, but what I can tell you is that this year ends with the worst special of all TIME!!!!! Enjoy!

Um, WTF???

Yesterday I decided to try this promotion tool – headliner. It was suggested by WordPress and I decided to try it. I thought, what the hey! IT can’t be worse than the facebook feature. I mean, nothing can be worse than that!

facebook feature fail

Heck, I can’t get this thing to work anymore. Believe me, I’ve tried!

But maybe I am wrong. It does seem like headliner works with facebook well (I think), but it doesn’t have enough categories to describe your blog. I failed to be able to say that this is a blog about stuff. Hell, I couldn’t even say this was a blog!!! I had to pick my industry and honestly that has little to do with this blog.

But it appeared free (unlike facebook’s promote features), so I decided to do it anyway. I mean, what harm could it do? Sure, I didn’t have a message (I wrote “This is awesome!”) and I certainly had no plan. But I wanted to try anyway. Maybe it would know for me?


Maybe not . . . I mean, I am not a Christian and I would certainly NOT share this on Facebook!!! HELL NO!!!! And for a second, I thought that it was automatically posting all this junk on my facebook since there was a stream of them all at once:

Christian 2wtfMoreAnd it goes on and on. . .

I couldn’t honestly find anything that I wanted to remotely promote and I doubt with my snazzy message that they would want to promote my post either. I mean, why would you? This is just garbage!!!

I guess the concept of promote others and they will promote you is valid. I just would want, I dunno something more. Something more legit. Less like spamming my friends on Facebook. I think I’ll pass on headliner.

Of course, don’t let me stop you. If you are interested, go to and check them out!

Lucky Penny Shop: Input The Strategy Game Ahead Of It’s Time

While it’s not always clear to me wherever or not he actually sells the stuff he shows off, this time it is clear. Buy it for 10 bucks today!

Gaming Week 2 – The Simpsons Bart’s Nightmare – PBG


Gaming Week 2 – Retro Game of the Week : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I loved this game when it first came out, but is it still good? Find out in this review:

Gaming Week 2 – State of Decay Reviews

I recently purchased “State of Decay” and I liked it. I didn’t play it for too long because of the combat issues, but I may choose to go back and play it again. It is fresh take on the Zombie Apocalypse – which I like. However, at 20 dollars on Xbox Live – it may be a pass for most people. This game just isn’t up to 20 bucks in value. I think 10 is a better price – lower it guys! You’ll get more buyers! And lower expectations. Which will help the game a lot.

But don’t just take my word for it, take theirs:

Buy the Game:

XBOX Live (20 US Dollars):

Steam (20 US Dollars):

Gaming Week 2 – Happy Video Game Nerd: Parasite Eve “Trilogy” Review

I remember playing this game when I was a teenager and I remember liking it. But as the years has passed I have forgotten about it in favor of newer games. But does it still stand up today? Is it worth our attention? Find out in this review:

Updating an update

So, this post is an update to update. I’m not going to say much because I’ve pretty much said almost everything. I just wanted to show the pictures that I took of the products in the store. And yes, I did straighten it up for the picture. It is my department after all! It should look nice.

On to the photos:



NOTE: Twilight may be the same price as Rainbow Dash. I did my best to arrange them correctly but as these guys are new to me – I may have gotten the prices wrong.



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