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Charlotte has shared a video with you on YouTube

For some reason my Badfurrvideos channel is very active. Despite the fact that it is only full of clips of other people’s work & I haven’t posted a video there in forever! I keep getting subscribers there. NOTE: My other two channels don’t get that love – just Badfurrvideos.

Now most of what I get there is uninteresting. Just people subscribing and stuff. But today I received this:


Now if you have followed my blog at all, you will know that I am an atheist. And a pretty dedicated one to boot. So anything to do with god isn’t going to interest me. If anything it’s going to piss me off. Which won’t get me to click on your video. If you want to send me youtube spam – stop, think, then don’t do it! But especially don’t do it if it is about religious crap. You don’t want to be on the wall of shame!


Maybe I was wrong . . .

While I was away I didn’t get much comments. Then again I never really do. Only the spammers seem to love me.

Spammers love me(Click on the image for a better view)

In the time that I have been away dealing with personal stuff – there have been only four comments made that have made it through the Spam Filter.  And all of them have been Spam. Yeah, I guess they are good spam messages since they made it through and all, but seriously! Come on guys show me some love. Don’t just let the spammers talk to me. They are lame. Just like this message:

Bad Spam

So, okay this one DIDN’T survive the spam filter, but why should it? It’s just a bunch of text and links. I know you guys can do better!!!! I want to see good spam. Spam that can survive the filter. Fake spam. Written by you. This is the first bullshit contest I will be running like in forever! So, you gotta be a part of it! I mean it’s stupid. That should be enough.

So, here’s how it works. You compose a spam message comment to ANY of my previous posts on this site. It can be from three years ago or even this post. You write something totally not on the topic of the post and include a link. Because this is what all spammers love! The link can be anywhere. In the message, in the name, or anywhere else you can fit it. But the link must be the same. It must point to Channel the Alley. Why? Because this is my damm contest, that’s why!

Now, when I find comments that meet these criteria – not only will they go live on my site – I will collect them and post your best on a special post dedicated to you. Because in the end, you are the reason why I continue this blog. Even with personal and work issues. I want to hear from you and celebrate you! Isn’t that enough?

But what about prizes? I know every good contest should have prizes! Yes, they should. I will purchase a humble bundle of your choice for 10 dollars. Which means you get great games or awesome apps or awesome books for free!! And the world gets 10 dollars for charity. But, with only two prizes available you will have to work hard. Be creative. And it’s all yours!

Why not create a better prize? Because if I do, then you will take this too seriously! This is supposed to be a booby prize after all. So get cracking.

Contest ends at the beginning of next month. Let’s say July 4th. That makes it sound cooler.

Now get going!

Westboro Baptist Church ‘Asks Public Not to Picket’

So, by now we all have figured out that the guy behind the Westboro Chuch is dead. Yeah, I know we are all crying on the inside. And before we get too misty-eyed, I found this on my facebook:


Now, before you get all excited – it’s a Hoax. The Westboro Baptist Church isn’t having a funeral for Phelps. In fact, nothing is scheduled to be held. At least of what I can find. Which was a exhaustive search of like five minutes (if that). Anyway, apparently they have the good sense NOT to hold a funeral for one of America’s most hated men. Too bad they don’t have the good sense to stop spewing their hate and picketing funerals. But that would be too much to ask.

Now, I’ll admit I get get caught up by this hoax. I didn’t fact check the person who posted this on facebook. Which you provably you should always do. I mean just because it was posted on Facebook – doesn’t make it true. DUH!!!!!

But just because it is a hoax, doesn’t mean it’s not fun or funny. I mean, think what would have happened if they really did this? It would be just as funny as one of PETA’s statements. PETA is always extremely funny for their hypocritical nature. I mean what kind of organization can picket one shelter for killing animals when they do it themselves? Nice PETA, nice.

Now, I am not going to say that PETA or the Westboro Church are the most vile organizations/people in the country. I think there are far worse people out there, but they are evil and funny. So long as you don’t support either organization – they will eventually die. And that is good enough for me.

Check out the “article” the post was referencing

Oh and here are my favorite responses (including mine):



Response 3



 and after I figured out was fake . . .


What will happen tomorrow? I dunno, but keep subscribed. ‘Cause it will be fun!

Scammers on the airwaves!!!

So, this isn’t about a radio-based scam but it sounded cooler that way.  But is about a phone scam that everyone should know about:

Tuesday I got a very “interesting” call from a man by the name of “Sam”. Now, I sincerely doubt his name is Sam since he spoke with a very heavy Indian accent and let’s be honest very few people from India have the name of Sam. I immediately thought this guy was bogus. I think I mentioned a video while back where a guy played with a scammer about his computer. If I didn’t I’m sorry – because it’s awesome. But I did I’ll post it here.

I decided to play with him. Particularly after he said that he was from Microsoft and that they had reported to him that I had a virus. How could I not play with him? I knew he was full of shit. How can he possibly know first off that I have a virus or even the kind of computer that I have? It’s impossible to do that on the phone. At least without help from my side. Which I wasn’t about to give him.


Now, before I continue this story I have to let you know that I own a mac. So, Microsoft would have very little to do with my computer. Hell, I don’t even own many Microsoft products! And I would have no idea of how Microsoft would know that I had a virus infested, malware contaminated computer! But if you listened to “Sam”, it was loaded.

I am the first one to say that that Mac users our way too pompous in our belief that the Mac is impregnable. No OS is invulnerable. There are plenty of ways that your Mac can be attacked today. Just because no major viruses & malware hasn’t been released for the Mac doesn’t mean it will. Not that “Sam” would know anything about that.


Now, I could have hung up said something nasty and hung up. But what would be the fun in that? I wanted him to continue with his spew. I wanted him to tell me how Microsoft knew that my Mac was infested with PC viruses. I mean, how can that not be hilarious?

Sadly, he didn’t get that far before I just burst out laughing. He was just so stupid! And he must’ve thought that I would just as stupid. After all, I don’t know anything about computers . . . Not! Which was the best part of the phone call. It prompted him to honestly asked me, “why are you laughing?” “Sam” was truly confused as to why I would laugh at him. That wasn’t supposed to happen! This is a very serious issue. Of course I am going to laugh at you dude. It’s just so stupid!!!!!! You’re so stupid!!!! Now go to hell.


Now: I can’t end the story without warning you, my PC subscribers. If anyone calls you with anywhere near this topic – don’t believe them. There is little way for Microsoft to know whether or not you have a virus. Even if they did; they would not tell any third party and have these people call you and offer  an antivirus package on their behalf. It’s just not going to happen. Besides, this isn’t something that can be fixed that easily over the phone.

Get the word out and take the power away from the scammers. Because the more people know about this scam – the less people get caught by it. And the more likely it is that they will be caught. That is what they deserve.

Learn a bit more about this scam here.

Speaking of weird Youtube emails

A couple days before my youtube trending email, I received this email in another channel of mine:

SPAM!!!I should note that this was sent to my Badfurr Account that only posts stuff that I don’t really want to be connected to. That and I haven’t posted anything in a long time – so, I don’t see why someone would want to work with this channel. It serves no point. It’s not active and the videos do not have terribly high views.  So, this would not be an channel you would want to work with. At least I wouldn’t.

However, even if my account was active I wouldn’t work with this person! I put a link to possibly bad shit and I get – what? Money? I doubt that.  I am more likely to get a virus and my identity stolen than to get a penny from these people. WHY WOULD I GO ALONG WITH THIS???!!!!! I am not stupid, y’know. You can suck it.

Finally, I love the fact that they referencing my Superman: Doomsday clip. Which isn’t one hundred percent legal. Y’know since I didn’t get the rights to show that clip. Which makes any opportunity to make money off it even more problematic. But that doesn’t matter since I never posted it to make money. I posted it because it is one of my favorite Lois moments. And worth watching again. So do that now:


I recently got this from youtube:


I have to say that this is strange. First off, I don’t remember the video in question. If I did watch it, I didn’t get far enough for the sauna scene (believe me it was really weird!) So, I have no idea what they are talking about. Second, even if I did remember – why does youtube send emails like this? What is the point? Will it encourage me to share this video?

No, I don’t think so . . .

In any case, thank you youtube for this crazy email.

Is this hacked?

So, I was going through my feeder the other day and I discovered this:

WTF(If you can’t see it right, click on the image to get a bigger view)

Now before you go all – ABC NEWS HAS BEEN HACKED!!!!!!! Don’t because when you click on the article – it’s pretty normal. And Scott Wilson did write this thing. Just wonder why he “needs a wordpress account” and if that is really his cell. Y’know what – let’s find out!!! Well, I didn’t talk to anyone but it does ring – bad Scott!!!! Now everyone start calling Scott – he needs love!!!

See the actual article

Time For Yet Another Spam Message

So I got more spam. Like who doesn’t? Luckily for us, it’s interesting! So enjoy:

WTF Spam Message

So, not only are you a spammer but a stalker too!!!! Yup, I am totally going to buy your service. Did I mention how creepy he looks? Or the fact this email address belongs to a girl? No? Well it does. Joy, if you are out there, your email address has been hacked. Sorry . . .

PS: I have no idea what Heritage Health is . . .

Spam, I just get tons of it!

I’ve just gotta know what women don’t want me to watch . . . oh wait, I am woman, nm!

Watch the video!

SPAM: Let Jesus Save Your Soul


Dear Maureen,

Thank you so much for your kind email. It is good to know that people like you are looking out for my soul. Sadly, I have to report that Jesus hasn’t saved me nor will he ever. For I know a better way, a true way. One that I will pass along to you now!

As an atheist you don’t have to worry about pesky gods or the afterlife. Hell, you don’t even need to read the bible. All you need is to understand that there is no god. And once you free yourself from all the trappings of religion; you will feel free. No longer do you have to behave to suit priests or bishops. Hell you can frolic in the woods if you want! Just don’t tell me about it, k?

And that brings me to the best part: As an atheist you live by your own rules. No other person can tell you how you practice atheism. That part is up to you and your fabulous mind! No longer do you have pester non-believers and to insult their way of being. Since their way is the right way for them. Awesome right?

Now, I understand if you would choose to continue to worship your strange man-child. In fact, I am more than happy to let you do it. So long as you spare me your fake concern for my soul. For I assure you it is quite fine. It is yours I question.

Maybe one day you will see the light and throw off your false god. Until then I will continue not caring about you. As you do about me.

Have a great day,



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