Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy Guitar Cover

Who knows with the new service in stuff if this will around for long. Snap it up soon kids!


Retro Report: Wild Horses: No Home on the Range

Here’s another good one:

Dating Sites always suggest my brother

So, I am on a few dating sites. Sites like POF (Plenty of Fish), OK Cupid and a few others. I am lonely and I would like a mate. Makes sense.

But one thing they always seem to do is match me up with my bro. I get it. He’s in my area (we live in the same house), he’s similar to me (we’re siblings), and we’re both available. Too bad we don’t do the incest thing.

Now I understand their confusion – Often I go by Alley instead of Jen. And we don’t use the same last names (if I use that name). But I’ve been matched before when we have the same last name. So go fig. I usually just laugh and ignore him.

But then I got this email from POF:

POF humor

Apparently my brother is my top match. Nice one Plenty of Fish!!

Do poor people deserve iPhones?

I thought about having a long winded essay about why I think that shouldn’t even be a debate. Then I realized that I provably shouldn’t do that. So, what I will do is let you watch this video. It will provably do more than I can anyway:

feministfrequency: Lego and Gender

So, a while ago people were talking about feministfrequency. Either you loved her, or you hated her. There was little in between. And her stuff on gender and video games is, well, true. Yet not true. It’s very confusing . . . Then again a lot of stuff with gender is confusing. So go fig.

On to today’s video:

I found these 2 videos a long time ago, shortly after her videos on video games & gender troupes went big. I put these 2 in my watch later so you guys to see then forgot about them. Sad I know, but it’s true. So, why don’t we watch them? Heck, you know how I feel about Lego. Why not watch them?

The Story of Dolly the Cloned Sheep | Retro Report

Remember Dolly? I do. Here’s her story.

Honest Trailers – Star Trek (2009)

There is no secret that I don’t like this movie. That I will never watch it again nor watch any of its sequels. This kinda sums it up for me.




This is from an episode of Parks & Recreation where Patton Oswalt was given free reign to improv his own filibuster. Which was pretty darn awesome! How could you make it even more awesome? Well add shitty Animation to it!

AsapSCIENCE – Motion Sickness – What is it?

I used to experience it when reading. Now I feel it when I watching 3d movies.

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