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Christmas Day 2013 – AVGN: Wish List

Two parts!


Gaming Week 3 – Yet ANOTHER Collection of Classic Reviews

YEAH, I am posting even more! Enjoy!

Retro Game of the Week – Earthworm Jim (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis)

Nintendo World Championships – Angry Video Game Nerd

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Gaming Week 3 – Music Video TIME!!!!!

Obviously, this post is all about Video Game related Music Videos. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE????

No? Then watch them already . . .

Pokémon Theme Song Dubstep (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

Angry Video Game Nerd Theme – Epic Game Music

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Gaming Week 2 – Ghosts N’ Goblins – Angry Video Game Nerd

I’ve played Ghosts N’ Goblins before but I didn’t like it very much. To frickin’ hard!!!!

Gaming Week 2 – Indie Spotlight

The first post today is all about Indie Games. Games that you might have NOT tried. I can’t say that I have tried any of these games, but I want to. And I think you should try them too. So get out there and try some games!

Extra Credits – Games You Might Not Have Tried #6

Child of Light is a Love Letter to JRPGs

That Dragon, Cancer: Experiencing Catharsis Through Video Games

and finally . . .

Mario / Zelda Homebrews (NES) – AVGN

Introducing the Second Gaming Week of the Year!!!!

So, gaming-related videos are filling up my youtube watch later again. Which means it’s time to post yet another Gaming Week this year. Which is a lot of fun because there are some great videos this time. Plus, since I know I will flood this blog with videos you know it’s gotta be good. Now on to the fun:

Oh BTW: If you want to see what happened in the last Gaming Week, then click here to view it. It’s still good man!

AVGN – Zelda 2

Gaming Week: Three AVGN Episodes

I can’t have a Gaming Week without posting something from AVGN. And while I don’t have as many leftover AVGN episodes as I do other gaming related stuff, I have enough to fill at least one post. So, why don’t I do that? It’s always fun to watch AVGN!!!

Superman 64 – Angry Video Game Nerd

Street Fighter 2010 – Angry Video Game Nerd

Atari 5200 – Angry Video Game Nerd

Videos That Make You Smile: AVGN – Toxic Crusaders

Time for another AVGN episode!!!!!!!!


Videos That Make You Smile: Board James – Dream Phone

I almost wanted to play until . . . until . . . well, you’ll see . . .

What do you think? Would you play Dream Phone? Or would you burn it? Answer in the comments below:

Oh yes and buy the dammed song – it’s awesome!

Videos That Make You Smile: AVGN – Silver Surfer NES Review

In this classic AVGN Episode, James reviews the shitty Silver Surfer on the NES. Yup, it’s going to be good!!!!

I found this video.

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