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Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products

As we get into the summer drought for all things fun on TV, let’s head to the infomercials for entertainment.


Everything Wrong With Transformers In 7 Minutes Or Less

I never watched any of the other Transformers Movies besides this one. Maybe this is why . . .

Pretty Applejack

Yup, I am still trying to catch up on posting. So, here’s something disturbing I found on Ebay:

Pretty Applejack

I bet you are scared now, aren’t ya?

Big Tits and No Spines, the Women Woman is born!!!!

Seriously, men should die if they think this is an ideal woman. SHE IS UGLY AND FREAKISH!!!! Then again, most of these statues are pretty crappy (Believe me, my brother has a few). So, maybe it is just a perfection of the art-form and she is the pinnacle of design. . . or she is just an attempt to cash in on the sexualization of women – you decide.

From Escher Girls’ Blog:

aliveitellyou submitted:So I was looking around when I found this gem of a statuette:

This is the “Queen’s Blade – Cattleya – Touki Ranbu – 1/6 – Limited Edition, Crimson ver. (Q-six).” Actually, all their figurines look like this. It has to be the worst spine contortion I’ve ever seen. I think it speaks for itself.
More images here: 

Escher Girls’ Comment:

It took a bit for my brain to be able to figure out what was going on in that first picture.

Yup, I definitely hate it. They hate it, but what do you think? Is it art or is it taking advantage of women? Or is something else? Please leave your comments below:

Videos That Make You Smile: Is This Why Germans Aren’t Funny?

This makes me ashamed of being German . . . such BAD humor . . .

Today’s video comes from Ray William Johnson’s site. Go there and be awesome!

Videos That Make You Smile: I So Want This Product!

It would make me look sooo hot!!!!!

Today’s video comes from Ray William Johnson’s site. Go there and be awesome!

Awesome Craigslist Ad


Videos That Make You Smile: Crappy FedEx Employee Caught on Tape

I DO NOT want you to deliver my stuff!

Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

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