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Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products

As we get into the summer drought for all things fun on TV, let’s head to the infomercials for entertainment.


Dating Sites always suggest my brother

So, I am on a few dating sites. Sites like POF (Plenty of Fish), OK Cupid and a few others. I am lonely and I would like a mate. Makes sense.

But one thing they always seem to do is match me up with my bro. I get it. He’s in my area (we live in the same house), he’s similar to me (we’re siblings), and we’re both available. Too bad we don’t do the incest thing.

Now I understand their confusion – Often I go by Alley instead of Jen. And we don’t use the same last names (if I use that name). But I’ve been matched before when we have the same last name. So go fig. I usually just laugh and ignore him.

But then I got this email from POF:

POF humor

Apparently my brother is my top match. Nice one Plenty of Fish!!

Everything Wrong With Transformers In 7 Minutes Or Less

I never watched any of the other Transformers Movies besides this one. Maybe this is why . . .

Remembering my time as a Toy Sales Associate

So, as of today I am no longer a Toy Sales Associate. I am officially a Cashier! Now while this transition has brought up many feelings (both happy and sad), I want to commemorate the happy ones. That is why I am posting this post and offering up a present to you, my followers. A final image taken from when I was a Toy Sales Associate. Enjoy.

2014-04-08 22.04.09

Now, were you expecting that? I bet you weren’t!!!! This is a toy that I found while stocking on Tuesday. It was the most detailed Ram I had ever seen. Which included a nice set of balls. Why, I do not know. But it did cause confusion on what to do with him and his brothers.

2014-04-08 22.03.54

There were three of them in all. They came from the back room and where in the same bag. All of them were not on file and had to be put back on. And each one cost $4.88. That is, if you wanted to buy them! I didn’t. But I didn’t know where to put them either. I held on to them for most of my shift until finally I dumped them here. In Easter. For someone else to find. I don’t know if they were sold, but I hope that they were. I would love for them to go away. But then again I feel that way about all problem children like these three.

Here’s to a successful cashing career!! BAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Is that the sound that sheep make?

Social Network Of Idiots : Foamy The Squirrel

God I love Foamy.

The First Honest Cable Company

This kinda sums up my feelings about the cable/satellite companies.

MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently


Petsmart Grooming

So, it’s St. Patty’s Day (or it was recently) and what could you do to celebrate the robbing of people’s religion? Well, chalk your dog green, of course!!! Wait, you didn’t think of that? Well, Petsmart did.

Petsmart GroomingYup, this is real – grabbed it myself from their website.

Your poor little lab can celebrate his Irish Heritage with green ears & a shamrock that looks kinda like a flower.  Which is interesting because Labradors didn’t come from Ireland and well . . . the shamrock makes him makes him look more like a flower child than a leprechaun. But hey! You dyed your dog’s hair! That’s good, right? I mean the dog looks happy. I think . . .

I know that my dog provably wouldn’t like this. I mean he hates wearing the clothes I throw on him sometimes. Let alone frickin’ chalk for St. Patty’s Day. But then again, what do I know? It could be awesome . . .

How To Handle Taking Photos Of Friends



I didn’t get this at first until I actually watched it. Which is quite awesome!!! So, watch it already . . .

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