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Sim City: A Game to Kill For – NOT FAKE TRAILER

Let’s start with a classic from my watch later. I mean seriously, it’s time to get this gem out. It’s talking about Sim City and we all know how old of a game that is! Enjoy.


MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently


Dog Food Disaster (ORIGINAL!)

Yup, this is old and yup I forgot about it. But thanks to youtube changing it’s watch later system I found it again. So watch it, k?

Your Cat Doesn’t Care About You


Ugly Creeper

I’ve been told that a long time ago (before I started playing Minecraft), Mojang made a mistake. A monster got messed up. He didn’t look like the others. He was corrupted. This monster was so messed up that they decided to keep it. Thus the creeper was born!! An ugly, wonderful thing.

Alas, this creeper isn’t so lucky. . .


Yes, it looks either a really bad cake or lego bricks covered in modeling clay. And it may be a bit rough around the edges; but don’t judge it too harshly! It is only seven dollars!!!!

Here’s a second look right side up:

creeper2What do you think: Is it worth the seven dollars now? You know it is . . .

More Frozen Stuff

I was shopping at Wegmans yesterday and I saw this:


Which proves that people do this stuff at other places besides Walmart. Still sucky though . . .

My Crazy Ex

Awww swoozie!!!

Christmas Day 2013 – Waffles The Terrible – Cat Fails Jump From Snow-Covered Car


YES, I know this technically ISN’T a Christmas Video, but I like it so suck it!!!

Scammers on the airwaves!!!

So, this isn’t about a radio-based scam but it sounded cooler that way.  But is about a phone scam that everyone should know about:

Tuesday I got a very “interesting” call from a man by the name of “Sam”. Now, I sincerely doubt his name is Sam since he spoke with a very heavy Indian accent and let’s be honest very few people from India have the name of Sam. I immediately thought this guy was bogus. I think I mentioned a video while back where a guy played with a scammer about his computer. If I didn’t I’m sorry – because it’s awesome. But I did I’ll post it here.

I decided to play with him. Particularly after he said that he was from Microsoft and that they had reported to him that I had a virus. How could I not play with him? I knew he was full of shit. How can he possibly know first off that I have a virus or even the kind of computer that I have? It’s impossible to do that on the phone. At least without help from my side. Which I wasn’t about to give him.


Now, before I continue this story I have to let you know that I own a mac. So, Microsoft would have very little to do with my computer. Hell, I don’t even own many Microsoft products! And I would have no idea of how Microsoft would know that I had a virus infested, malware contaminated computer! But if you listened to “Sam”, it was loaded.

I am the first one to say that that Mac users our way too pompous in our belief that the Mac is impregnable. No OS is invulnerable. There are plenty of ways that your Mac can be attacked today. Just because no major viruses & malware hasn’t been released for the Mac doesn’t mean it will. Not that “Sam” would know anything about that.


Now, I could have hung up said something nasty and hung up. But what would be the fun in that? I wanted him to continue with his spew. I wanted him to tell me how Microsoft knew that my Mac was infested with PC viruses. I mean, how can that not be hilarious?

Sadly, he didn’t get that far before I just burst out laughing. He was just so stupid! And he must’ve thought that I would just as stupid. After all, I don’t know anything about computers . . . Not! Which was the best part of the phone call. It prompted him to honestly asked me, “why are you laughing?” “Sam” was truly confused as to why I would laugh at him. That wasn’t supposed to happen! This is a very serious issue. Of course I am going to laugh at you dude. It’s just so stupid!!!!!! You’re so stupid!!!! Now go to hell.


Now: I can’t end the story without warning you, my PC subscribers. If anyone calls you with anywhere near this topic – don’t believe them. There is little way for Microsoft to know whether or not you have a virus. Even if they did; they would not tell any third party and have these people call you and offer  an antivirus package on their behalf. It’s just not going to happen. Besides, this isn’t something that can be fixed that easily over the phone.

Get the word out and take the power away from the scammers. Because the more people know about this scam – the less people get caught by it. And the more likely it is that they will be caught. That is what they deserve.

Learn a bit more about this scam here.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

I won’t see the movie (not into horror movies – plus I bet the remake is far worse) but this video is awesome!!!

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