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I wanted to drop this note. Know that my posts have been a little more than sporadic lately and I am sorry about that. No, no one has died or gotten sick. But I have kind of been enjoying summer a tad too much.

And I think I kind of want to do that. Of course, I do plan to keep updating the blog when I can but at least for the summer I plan to post sporadically at best. I am sorry about the inconvenience but this is something I feel I must do.

Enjoy your summer,



Bad Comment(s)

Spam is an everyday thing for all of us and while I wish that this wasn’t also true of my blog – it is. In fact, most comments that I receive are spam. Which makes me sad because I wanna hear from you!!! But I get the fact that this is only a reblog site and that it doesn’t really make for comments. So, I am okay with it. (BUT I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SOME COMMENTS!!!!)

Anyway . . . as I was saying . . . Most comments I receive are spam. And to be honest, they are pretty boring too. I get a lot of comments that simply repost a part of my blog and think that I’ll be fooled by that. I get a lot of, “Hey you’re blog is great!” comments complete with a crappy link to some weird site that wants my (your) money, and a lot more.

spamcomment2This is an example of a standard Spam comment. (Click the picture if you can’t read it).

These great comments typically have nothing to do with the post in question and are often just lame. Hardily worth your time (let alone mine), but every-so-often there is one or two that are interesting. That are just hilarious to read! This is the situation with this fine gem:


So, okay. I get it. It’s a post about fanfics and a lot of fanfics are about gay relationships (AKA sex). And I could have possibly posted about that. But I didn’t. Me no likely that stuff. Especially Lesbian stuff!!! Me straight tabathanz69, not gay. Take your shemale porn and go elsewhere!!! I am not interested.

See the post which this comment was posted to.

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