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Now for something completely different – A CGR review of a pinball machine

I would love to have a real pinball machine in my house.


PBG Double Feature

Two great older PBG episodes for you to enjoy!

MySlave Kingdom – PBG

Adventure Island 3 – PBG

CGR: DYNAMITE DEKA 2 review for Sega Dreamcast

This looks awesome!!!

Digital games are too damn expensive!

A hot girl talking about video games?! I hate to say this but it’s kinda awesome. Watch her show!

Double Feature: Nintendo’s Recent Failures

So, it’s no secret that the Wii U isn’t doing as well as the Wii did. In fact, it’s performing quite poorly. Was the Wii a anomaly? Did they make a mistake with the Wii U? Have they made other mistakes? These two videos try to answer them.

The Point: Is the Wii U a failure?

Is the Wii Mini Worth It?

“Beyond Shadowgate” Review

Here is yet another retro review:

Christmas Day 2013 – Ashens Christmas Special

Yes, I know this special is from 2011, but hey! I just found it a couple of months ago. Besides, it’s still good!!!

Christmas Day 2013 – LGR – Santa Claus in Trouble – PC Game Review

Hmm . . . not sure I really want to buy this game . . .

Gaming Week 3 – Weird Gaming Stuff

Yes, this stuff is completely random and has barely anything to do with video games. I AM getting to the bottom of the barrel, aren’t I?

PCP Station Review

Since he is a little more upbeat:

Furby Handheld Game, 2000 Tiger Electronics – Rare & HTF

I find this one to be very unique and I would like to try it – even if it is with really old Wheel of Fortune Episodes. But I would like to know if it works with modern TVs.

Wheel Of Fortune TV Show Play Along Electronic Handheld Game, 1988 Mattel Toys

Gaming Week 3 – Classic Game Room

I know I’ve already posted Classic Game Room episodes, but I haven’t posted JUST Classic Game Room episodes. So I am now.



MATCH 5 review for IntelliVision

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