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Charlotte has shared a video with you on YouTube

For some reason my Badfurrvideos channel is very active. Despite the fact that it is only full of clips of other people’s work & I haven’t posted a video there in forever! I keep getting subscribers there. NOTE: My other two channels don’t get that love – just Badfurrvideos.

Now most of what I get there is uninteresting. Just people subscribing and stuff. But today I received this:


Now if you have followed my blog at all, you will know that I am an atheist. And a pretty dedicated one to boot. So anything to do with god isn’t going to interest me. If anything it’s going to piss me off. Which won’t get me to click on your video. If you want to send me youtube spam – stop, think, then don’t do it! But especially don’t do it if it is about religious crap. You don’t want to be on the wall of shame!


Maybe I was wrong . . .

While I was away I didn’t get much comments. Then again I never really do. Only the spammers seem to love me.

Spammers love me(Click on the image for a better view)

In the time that I have been away dealing with personal stuff – there have been only four comments made that have made it through the Spam Filter.  And all of them have been Spam. Yeah, I guess they are good spam messages since they made it through and all, but seriously! Come on guys show me some love. Don’t just let the spammers talk to me. They are lame. Just like this message:

Bad Spam

So, okay this one DIDN’T survive the spam filter, but why should it? It’s just a bunch of text and links. I know you guys can do better!!!! I want to see good spam. Spam that can survive the filter. Fake spam. Written by you. This is the first bullshit contest I will be running like in forever! So, you gotta be a part of it! I mean it’s stupid. That should be enough.

So, here’s how it works. You compose a spam message comment to ANY of my previous posts on this site. It can be from three years ago or even this post. You write something totally not on the topic of the post and include a link. Because this is what all spammers love! The link can be anywhere. In the message, in the name, or anywhere else you can fit it. But the link must be the same. It must point to Channel the Alley. Why? Because this is my damm contest, that’s why!

Now, when I find comments that meet these criteria – not only will they go live on my site – I will collect them and post your best on a special post dedicated to you. Because in the end, you are the reason why I continue this blog. Even with personal and work issues. I want to hear from you and celebrate you! Isn’t that enough?

But what about prizes? I know every good contest should have prizes! Yes, they should. I will purchase a humble bundle of your choice for 10 dollars. Which means you get great games or awesome apps or awesome books for free!! And the world gets 10 dollars for charity. But, with only two prizes available you will have to work hard. Be creative. And it’s all yours!

Why not create a better prize? Because if I do, then you will take this too seriously! This is supposed to be a booby prize after all. So get cracking.

Contest ends at the beginning of next month. Let’s say July 4th. That makes it sound cooler.

Now get going!

Bad Comment(s)

Spam is an everyday thing for all of us and while I wish that this wasn’t also true of my blog – it is. In fact, most comments that I receive are spam. Which makes me sad because I wanna hear from you!!! But I get the fact that this is only a reblog site and that it doesn’t really make for comments. So, I am okay with it. (BUT I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SOME COMMENTS!!!!)

Anyway . . . as I was saying . . . Most comments I receive are spam. And to be honest, they are pretty boring too. I get a lot of comments that simply repost a part of my blog and think that I’ll be fooled by that. I get a lot of, “Hey you’re blog is great!” comments complete with a crappy link to some weird site that wants my (your) money, and a lot more.

spamcomment2This is an example of a standard Spam comment. (Click the picture if you can’t read it).

These great comments typically have nothing to do with the post in question and are often just lame. Hardily worth your time (let alone mine), but every-so-often there is one or two that are interesting. That are just hilarious to read! This is the situation with this fine gem:


So, okay. I get it. It’s a post about fanfics and a lot of fanfics are about gay relationships (AKA sex). And I could have possibly posted about that. But I didn’t. Me no likely that stuff. Especially Lesbian stuff!!! Me straight tabathanz69, not gay. Take your shemale porn and go elsewhere!!! I am not interested.

See the post which this comment was posted to.

Speaking of weird Youtube emails

A couple days before my youtube trending email, I received this email in another channel of mine:

SPAM!!!I should note that this was sent to my Badfurr Account that only posts stuff that I don’t really want to be connected to. That and I haven’t posted anything in a long time – so, I don’t see why someone would want to work with this channel. It serves no point. It’s not active and the videos do not have terribly high views.  So, this would not be an channel you would want to work with. At least I wouldn’t.

However, even if my account was active I wouldn’t work with this person! I put a link to possibly bad shit and I get – what? Money? I doubt that.  I am more likely to get a virus and my identity stolen than to get a penny from these people. WHY WOULD I GO ALONG WITH THIS???!!!!! I am not stupid, y’know. You can suck it.

Finally, I love the fact that they referencing my Superman: Doomsday clip. Which isn’t one hundred percent legal. Y’know since I didn’t get the rights to show that clip. Which makes any opportunity to make money off it even more problematic. But that doesn’t matter since I never posted it to make money. I posted it because it is one of my favorite Lois moments. And worth watching again. So do that now:


I recently got this from youtube:


I have to say that this is strange. First off, I don’t remember the video in question. If I did watch it, I didn’t get far enough for the sauna scene (believe me it was really weird!) So, I have no idea what they are talking about. Second, even if I did remember – why does youtube send emails like this? What is the point? Will it encourage me to share this video?

No, I don’t think so . . .

In any case, thank you youtube for this crazy email.

Why Spammers suck

I found this a while ago in my  spam folder. If you don’t know, Tim Russert is a journalist who died of heart failure a few years ago. So, what would a spammer write about Tim? That there was a sex scandal of course!!!

funny spam

Yup, tasteful. This kinda headline you’d expect on a tabloid but here it is selling penis enhancement. YAY!!! Reminds you that these people have no shame.  Then again, they just provably want to steal from you anyway . . .

Time For Yet Another Spam Message

So I got more spam. Like who doesn’t? Luckily for us, it’s interesting! So enjoy:

WTF Spam Message

So, not only are you a spammer but a stalker too!!!! Yup, I am totally going to buy your service. Did I mention how creepy he looks? Or the fact this email address belongs to a girl? No? Well it does. Joy, if you are out there, your email address has been hacked. Sorry . . .

PS: I have no idea what Heritage Health is . . .

Spam, I just get tons of it!

I’ve just gotta know what women don’t want me to watch . . . oh wait, I am woman, nm!

Watch the video!

IS IT TRUE: Facebook Class Action Email

So, yesterday I received this email with this header:


Now, when I receive anything – and I mean anything with the subject line of RE: and some junk I have no idea what they are talking about – I am suspicious. It is my nature. Too many phising schemes and other fine elements of SPAM start this way. So, I decided to investigate.

So, after searching google, I found two things that were interesting to me. One was a post on Mashable and the other is a news article about this issue. Why don’t I talk about the Mashable post first:


In that post it states:

If you receive a message purporting to be from Facebook with the subject “LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION” — don’t worry, it’s legitimate.

Facebook is sending proposed settlement notices to members of a class-action lawsuit against the company’s use of Sponsored Stories. Facebook’s offer of $20 million to settle the case was granted preliminary approval by the courts in December.

An email detailing the reason behind the lawsuit as well as the terms of the settlement was sent to users it believes are class members of the lawsuit, “according to available records.”

Now, if you just base your decision on what a blogger (or bloggers) say on issues like this – wow. You can’t just do that! Not even from me. On matters like this where you could lose your money or your identity, you have to be more careful. Now I can see that mashable appears to be more legit source for news than say – me, but I’d still not a hundred percent trust them. I have to have other sources!

So, I went on to find actual news articles about it. Which I didn’t find many of. In fact one news report even referenced the mashable post! If I wanted a different source, it wasn’t going to be there. So, I went on. And what I found was that the lawsuit was in fact legitimate. It really happened. And that Facebook was supposed to send out these emails telling us to opt-in.

Still, there was the issue of the “RE:”. No article or blog post that I could find mentions it. True, they do mention the body of the email but not the subject line. Which is interesting and it still calls the email into question. Was mine made by an opportunist trying to take advantage of the situation? While I never heard of that before, there is always a first time. So, I had to continue to investigate.

So, I changed my search terms. Instead of putting in “Facebook Class Action,” I put in the subject line of my email, “Re: LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION.” And What I found was that other people where receiving this exact email too:

email on a blog post

Now, it feels to good to know that you are NOT alone, but does it answer my question? Hell, does it answer his question?


By reading this, I kinda can tell the answer is no. What Kat was asking was, “was this exact email legit.” He did not ask whether or not the Facebook class action lawsuit was legit (although that is implied) or what is a class action lawsuit is. So basically, this is a dead end. Which is what most of my sources ended up being.

What I can tell you is that the Lawsuit is legit. The lawsuit itself is available in the court documents. And that you could potentially receive 10 dollars. I can also tell you that Facebook is supposed to send out emails explaining the settlement to it’s users. However, I cannot tell you that this exact email is legit.

Now, the likehood that this email is fraud is low. Particularly with the number of similarities to the email that I received (see end of the post) and what I found in the articles. Still, there is a problem with the email that I can’t quite shake:


All class action lawsuits that I have had been apart of before never stated that if you do nothing you receive nothing. At least from those that emailed me directly. This one states exactly that. Which raises my fraud meter a bit.

So, I went out and found the actual website for the settlement through a news article (Which is here) and it says the same thing:

No Nothing

So, while my concern about this crappy clause is legit (it shouldn’t be there), it appears that this email is more legit than I previously thought. AKA: The information within the email is legit. The likelihood that this email is real appears to be much more likely now.

Still, I don’t like that “RE:”. I have never sent an email to this law firm. So, why is there a “RE:” before the subject line? Shouldn’t it be just, “LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION”?  Why do you need to add the “RE:”? I just don’t know. Perhaps, I should email them about it. In any case, this is real and you should take action on it. Just follow through here. And let me know what happens.

The exact email I received:


From: legalnotice <>to me
11:12 PM (19 hours ago)


You are receiving this e-mail because you may have been featured in a “Sponsored Story” on Facebook prior to December 3, 2012.
A federal court authorized this Notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

Why did I get this notice? This Notice relates to a proposed settlement (“Settlement”) of a class action lawsuit (“Action”) filed against Facebook relating to a particular Facebook feature called “Sponsored Stories.” According to available records, you may be a “Class Member.”

What is the Action about? The Action claims that Facebook unlawfully used the names, profile pictures, photographs, likenesses, and identities of Facebook users in the United States to advertise or sell products and services through Sponsored Stories without obtaining those users’ consent. Facebook denies any wrongdoing and any liability whatsoever. No court or other entity has made any judgment or other determination of any liability.

What is a Sponsored Story? Sponsored Stories are a form of advertising that typically contains posts which appeared on about or from a Facebook user or entity that a business, organization, or individual has paid to promote so there is a better chance that the posts will be seen by the user or entity’s chosen audience. Sponsored Stories may be displayed, for example, when a Facebook user interacts with the Facebook service (including sub-domains, international versions, widgets, plug-ins, platform applications or games, and mobile applications) in certain ways, such as by clicking on the Facebook “Like” button on a business’s, organization’s, or individual’s Facebook page. Sponsored Stories typically include a display of a Facebook user’s Facebook name (i.e., the name the user has associated with his or her Facebook account) and/or profile picture (if the user has uploaded one) with a statement describing the user’s interaction with the Facebook service, such as “John Smith likes UNICEF,” “John Smith played Farmville,” or “John Smith shared a link.”

What relief does the Settlement provide? Facebook will pay $20 million into a fund that can be used, in part, to pay claims of Class Members (including Minor Class Members) who appeared in a Sponsored Story. Each participating Class Member who submits a valid and timely claim form may be eligible to receive up to $10. The amount, if any, paid to each claimant depends upon the number of claims made and other factors detailed in the Settlement. No one knows in advance how much each claimant will receive, or whether any money will be paid directly to claimants. If the number of claims made renders it economically infeasible to pay money to persons who make a timely and valid claim, payment will be made to the not-for-profit organizations identified on the Settlement website at (if clicking on the link does not work, copy and paste the website address into a web browser). These organizations are involved in educational outreach that teaches adults and children how to use social media technologies safely, or are involved in research of social media, with a focus on critical thinking around advertising and commercialization, and particularly with protecting the interests of children.

In addition to monetary relief, Facebook will (a) revise its terms of service (known as the “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” or “SRR”) to more fully explain the instances in which users agree to the display of their names and profile pictures in connection with Sponsored Stories; (b) create an easily accessible mechanism that enables users to view, on a going-forward basis, the subset of their interactions and other content on Facebook that have been displayed in Sponsored Stories (if any); (c) develop settings that will allow users to prevent particular items or categories of content or information related to them from being displayed in future Sponsored Stories; (d) revise its SRR to confirm that minors represent that their parent or legal guardian consents to the use of the minor’s name and profile picture in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related content; (e) provide parents and legal guardians with additional information about how advertising works on Facebook in its Family Safety Center and provide parents and legal guardians with additional tools to control whether their children’s names and profile pictures are displayed in connection with Sponsored Stories; and (f) add a control in minor users’ profiles that enables each minor user to indicate that his or her parents are not Facebook users and, where a minor user indicates that his or her parents are not on Facebook, Facebook will make the minor ineligible to appear in Sponsored Stories until he or she reaches the age of 18, until the minor changes his or her setting to indicate that his or her parents are on Facebook, or until a confirmed parental relationship with the minor user is established.


Your Class Member Number: REMOVED

To Parents and Guardians of Children on Facebook: The Settlement also involves the claims of minors featured in Sponsored Stories on Facebook. Please see the Settlement website for more information.

More information? For more information about the Settlement and how to take the actions described above, please visit (if clicking on the link does not work, copy and paste the website address into a web browser) or write to the Settlement Administrator at Fraley v. Facebook, Inc., Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35009, Seattle, WA 98124-1009, or You may also contact Class Counsel, Robert S. Arns of the Arns Law Firm, by calling 1-888-214-5125 or by emailing

To learn more about the lawsuit, watch this video:

SPAM: Let Jesus Save Your Soul


Dear Maureen,

Thank you so much for your kind email. It is good to know that people like you are looking out for my soul. Sadly, I have to report that Jesus hasn’t saved me nor will he ever. For I know a better way, a true way. One that I will pass along to you now!

As an atheist you don’t have to worry about pesky gods or the afterlife. Hell, you don’t even need to read the bible. All you need is to understand that there is no god. And once you free yourself from all the trappings of religion; you will feel free. No longer do you have to behave to suit priests or bishops. Hell you can frolic in the woods if you want! Just don’t tell me about it, k?

And that brings me to the best part: As an atheist you live by your own rules. No other person can tell you how you practice atheism. That part is up to you and your fabulous mind! No longer do you have pester non-believers and to insult their way of being. Since their way is the right way for them. Awesome right?

Now, I understand if you would choose to continue to worship your strange man-child. In fact, I am more than happy to let you do it. So long as you spare me your fake concern for my soul. For I assure you it is quite fine. It is yours I question.

Maybe one day you will see the light and throw off your false god. Until then I will continue not caring about you. As you do about me.

Have a great day,



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