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Summer Posts

I wanted to drop this note. Know that my posts have been a little more than sporadic lately and I am sorry about that. No, no one has died or gotten sick. But I have kind of been enjoying summer a tad too much.

And I think I kind of want to do that. Of course, I do plan to keep updating the blog when I can but at least for the summer I plan to post sporadically at best. I am sorry about the inconvenience but this is something I feel I must do.

Enjoy your summer,



Time to start posting again

So, like the last posting – things are a lot better at home and work. I have more time to myself (and I plan to get even more of it), so I can focus more on stuff like my house(i wanna clean it so badly!) and the internet. And while I am guilty of playing Minecraft for hours and hours I don’t wanna be guilty of ignoring you guys. You have followed me through this boring gap and are still here. And that means a lot to me. So, I can’t leave ya hanging any longer. I have to restart posting. IT MUST BE DONE!!!!

BUT OF COURSE . . . It’s not quite that simple.

It will take me a little while to get into the swing of things. To get stuff queued up and ready to go. I may even choose a less frequent schedule of posting so I can enjoy the summer more. Believe me I NEED THAT!!! I just don’t know what I am going to do . . . YET!!!

But I do know that I want to start posting again. So I will. They will be a bit sporadic for a bit, but they will settle down soon enough. The important part is that they are appearing again. And that’s not too bad!

Which will happen in the next post. BYE!

So, yeah things are better . . .

As expected, things got weird and tiring for me. However, they are getting better. My brother’s surgery went well (although he is home all the time and I have to do wound care). All the stuff with my coworker ended (she ended up getting fired, but not on the account of me), and my hours at work will reduce shortly. (They go down not next week, but the following week.

Still, I am very tired (then again I just came off of six days on). And things are not going awesome for me everywhere. For instance, I am NOT going to Anime North this year despite plans to the contrary. This is all because of a screw up at work (on my part) that left me with the wrong weekend off. There is nothing I can do about it now though (believe me I have tried). So, that is off the list (yay . . .).

For those of you attending next week’s con I wish you a great and crazy weekend. I know it will be! I wish that I could be there with you, but I have to cash out hordes of people during their holiday weekend. YAY. . . AT least I get holiday pay. That’s something . . .

So, I am working a lot during the next couple of weeks (And dealing with wound care), so the blog will be mostly silent. I will try to get some posts together soon and queue them up for you. That way you have something to watch. I do have a lot of videos in my youtube watch later waiting to be seen by you. Too bad I haven’t gotten it out there yet! But it will happen. This just takes time.

As always real life gets in the way of virtual life. But that’s life. What can you do?


Remembering my time as a Toy Sales Associate

So, as of today I am no longer a Toy Sales Associate. I am officially a Cashier! Now while this transition has brought up many feelings (both happy and sad), I want to commemorate the happy ones. That is why I am posting this post and offering up a present to you, my followers. A final image taken from when I was a Toy Sales Associate. Enjoy.

2014-04-08 22.04.09

Now, were you expecting that? I bet you weren’t!!!! This is a toy that I found while stocking on Tuesday. It was the most detailed Ram I had ever seen. Which included a nice set of balls. Why, I do not know. But it did cause confusion on what to do with him and his brothers.

2014-04-08 22.03.54

There were three of them in all. They came from the back room and where in the same bag. All of them were not on file and had to be put back on. And each one cost $4.88. That is, if you wanted to buy them! I didn’t. But I didn’t know where to put them either. I held on to them for most of my shift until finally I dumped them here. In Easter. For someone else to find. I don’t know if they were sold, but I hope that they were. I would love for them to go away. But then again I feel that way about all problem children like these three.

Here’s to a successful cashing career!! BAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Is that the sound that sheep make?

Real life Intrudes to Blog Life

Here at Channel the Alley I don’t talk about my personal life very often. It is ironic because the blog is all about me and what I find interesting. But I have found that certain matters should remain private. Matters that I do not wish to discuss with the world. Besides, I find blogs where someone talks about their personal life a lot to be a bit much. So I don’t.

However, every so often a situation or an event in my life becomes large enough for me to desire to talk about it. That’s what this blog post is about.

Yesterday, I got into an argument with my favorite person at work. This lady, who will remain unnamed, decided to go after me. This fine woman has been a source of pain and agony for me since practically the beginning of my time at Walmart. I have done everything I can to at least coexist with her, but I do not believe that is possible anymore.


After last night’s argument and threats – I have decided that, no the matter what the consequences, I want out of toys. I like the department, and I like the products, and I like the children but I cannot tolerate such a work environment. I cannot stand looking at her and the way she looks at me. Plus, now I am afraid that she will follow through with her threats and attack me.

This is unacceptable and if this cannot be fixed, then I will have to quit. I have to work today later on and if I have to work with her, I’m going to request spending my shift elsewhere. You do not want to be anywhere near her. Six aisles is not enough distance when dealing with someone like this. It’s not worth it.

So, why am I tell you all this? Why aren’t I entertaining you with some cool video or awesome image? Answer is that you might be dealing with a similar problem at your work. There are a lot of people just like her. People you don’t get along with; that are impossible to get along with. You don’t deserve to deal with it. Don’t let it get as far as I let it go. Tell your managers. Request to switch departments. Quit/find a new job. It’s just not worth the stress.

If I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the break room waiting for my ride – then why am I working there? Then again why did I ask for a ride home? I mean there was nothing wrong with my bike and the weather was okay.

The answer is that I simply felt vulnerable. I believed that she was going to potentially attack me or run me down while biking. That’s not cool. I shouldn’t have to put up with it and neither should you.

Get out or change situation before it’s too late.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope that you’re having a fine Christmas eve – well sorta – Well, technically by the time you read this it will be Christmas Day. Still, I hope you had a great time.

Now, I understand that a lot of people are out tonight partying hard. And while that is exactly what I’m not doing I still understand why you do it. I assure you come tomorrow I will be with my family and having a great time.
And while I will not be paying attention to the blog I do have a host of Christmas related videos queued up and ready to go. They will start at 7:30 in the morning and run about every half hour until 5 PM. Or about 10 videos.

Once again have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!!

What I am going to do next week

So, this year I didn’t do a month worth of Christmas Programming. Been there, done that. Besides, I’ve been way to busy to put together something like that. Instead, it’s been normal content such as Gaming Week – which isn’t that normal, but who cares!!!! Anyway, this is my plan for next week, Christmas Week:

  • Christmas Day – ALL CHRISTMAS – ALL DAY!!!! I will load up Christmas day with whatever Christmas Related videos I found. That will be the only day to watch things like the yule log on my bog (well maybe not the yule log – but other stuff like that!)
  • The Rest of the Week – It will be the first (and possibly the last) Documentary Week. I found a few documentaries worth your time that I plan to fill next week with. It will only skip Christmas next week. Which will make it feel like Christmas Week on TV when nothing of interest is on TV.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Google Plus is everywhere!!!!

If you live on youtube as much as I do, then you know that Google is really pushing Google Plus. Perhaps, a bit too much . . . As anyone who wants to comment on a video may attest to. Now, they are pushing it on wordpress:

Google Plus

Now, I get that this could happen.  Hell, it happens on Facebook! But I don’t want an Google Plus account!!! Now, I know that I have a couple – but that’s only because Google forced it on me. Because I need Google Plus integration!!!

So, thank you Google & WordPress for reminding me on how important Google Plus is . . .

Speaking of weird Youtube emails

A couple days before my youtube trending email, I received this email in another channel of mine:

SPAM!!!I should note that this was sent to my Badfurr Account that only posts stuff that I don’t really want to be connected to. That and I haven’t posted anything in a long time – so, I don’t see why someone would want to work with this channel. It serves no point. It’s not active and the videos do not have terribly high views.  So, this would not be an channel you would want to work with. At least I wouldn’t.

However, even if my account was active I wouldn’t work with this person! I put a link to possibly bad shit and I get – what? Money? I doubt that.  I am more likely to get a virus and my identity stolen than to get a penny from these people. WHY WOULD I GO ALONG WITH THIS???!!!!! I am not stupid, y’know. You can suck it.

Finally, I love the fact that they referencing my Superman: Doomsday clip. Which isn’t one hundred percent legal. Y’know since I didn’t get the rights to show that clip. Which makes any opportunity to make money off it even more problematic. But that doesn’t matter since I never posted it to make money. I posted it because it is one of my favorite Lois moments. And worth watching again. So do that now:

Next Week will be gaming week 3

Since I will be WAY busy next week (working 37 hours including Thanksgiving), I will not have the time/energy to post. So I need to queue up everything for the week, this weekend. Which I have free. So, I thought – I have tons of video gaming related videos in my watch later, why not post as many as I can next week? It will clear my watch later up and serve to give me that rest that I will need.

So, I will start Friday to queue up Video Game Week # 3. With that in mind, after today, there will be no more video game posts for this week. You’ll have your fill next week. Enjoy!

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