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Tobuscus: Viral Song

Get this one too before it’s gone.


A Christmas Video That Makes You Smile: A Funny Christmas Video

This one reminds me of a college student’s work or the very early pixar shorts.

I want to thanks Dots of Color for finding & posting this last year. I enjoyed it!

A Christmas Video That Makes You Smile: TOBUSCUS’S LETTER TO SANTA

While I was going through the videos that I saved at the end of last year (which most of these videos come from that folder) I found a Tobuscus video. Which is pretty funny because I forgot I had even put that video there or that Tobuscus even existed until a friend of mine pointed out his videos. Now, I love him and have even posted his work before (see these links: link 1, link 2). So, it is no surprise that I am posting this video:

This time the source is me. Enjoy!

Videos That Make You Smile: Tobuscus plus Minecraft equals awesome!!!

So, you may remember Tobuscus, it’s that person who made this video. And while that was wonderfully awesome you may not know that he has recorded some of his play sessions on Minecraft. Okay! So, this is usually shit (That’s why I never have posted that stuff before). But these videos aren’t. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Minecraft – MOVIE VOICE

Minecraft – BROTHER PIG

This time the source is me & wolf. Enjoy!

Videos That Make You Smile: SAFETY TORCH!!

May parents are going to kill me!

My friend Justin told me about this one, thanks man!

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