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PBG Double Feature

Two great older PBG episodes for you to enjoy!

MySlave Kingdom – PBG

Adventure Island 3 – PBG


Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy Guitar Cover

Who knows with the new service in stuff if this will around for long. Snap it up soon kids!

Sim City: A Game to Kill For – NOT FAKE TRAILER

Let’s start with a classic from my watch later. I mean seriously, it’s time to get this gem out. It’s talking about Sim City and we all know how old of a game that is! Enjoy.

CGR: DYNAMITE DEKA 2 review for Sega Dreamcast

This looks awesome!!!

Digital games are too damn expensive!

A hot girl talking about video games?! I hate to say this but it’s kinda awesome. Watch her show!

The Sharp X68000

Learn about a rare retro-game system only released in Japan:

Inspiration + Status on my Arcade Project

So, a long time ago I talked about my Retro Gaming Machine. A project that I KNEW would take a long time – it has. And it’s still ongoing. Granted, I don’t work on it all the time (just when I feel like it), but I am still working on it. It is still happening. It’s just taking forever!!!!!

Which I planned on.

Anyway, I have several systems all categorized. This is something that I really wanted no matter wherever or not I choose to emulate on a computer or original hardware (I think this would be really cool for N64 or SNES). I still have to sort Turbo Gafix 16, find a working emulator for saturn (if possible), and decide exactly how far I will go. I am not sure how much my Mac can handle. I am emulating inside an emulator after all (I am running everything on Windows XP inside Parallels). This means less power but also is a good test if I end up on a gaming system like the OUYA.

I still don’t know what the hardware is going to be. I have danced around the subject. I have thought about the OUYA as potential place to get it running (See this post). It is an open-platform Android gaming system that already has the emulators to be able to run most of what I want. Which is awesome, because I get to do less work. And maybe play some other games too.

But then again, I may not want the OUYA as a live system to the internet. So, perhaps it could be hacked to run hyperspin? This is an Arcade Front-end that makes everything look pretty and pretty darned easy to use. Of course, hyperspin is a beast to run and requires a lot of work to get to run right. It may not be a thing I wanna do. But it looks so cool!!!!

Which leads into the video – The Inspiration. I found this today when youtube offered it up. And Youtube was right – I love it!!!! I wish that I did what he did. Now, I don’t wanna make a arcade cabinet like he did, but I would love to create something that awesome. Watch it.

After watching the video it made me think about Hyperspin again as a real option for the front end. Of course, it provably means that the machine that runs the thing will be a PC, but then again the most emulators that exist are for PC. It’s possible that sort of doing a Android PC, I will be running a Windows Contraption. Which is okay for me so long as I don’t have to look at Windows while using the dammed thing.

Also, he did something very interesting with Hyperspin. He not only included systems like the Master System, he included stuff like PS1, PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC games, and DOS games. Most of which I never considered before. That I might consider in the future. The possibilities are endless!!! Which means this project will take forever.

PS: If you want to see what I wrote on the subject before follow this link to see a mega post I did on it. It is kinda cool.

“Beyond Shadowgate” Review

Here is yet another retro review:

Did You Know Gaming? Feat. JonTron

I Love Animal Crossing. It’s one of those Life Suck games that I totally have to avoid. So, I know a lot about Animal Crossing.  But I didn’t know any of this:

The Wolf Queen of Solitude

Okay, so Skyrim is kinda old now. But it is very cool! Hell, I am still playing it (Of course I started a couple of months ago and haven’t played it in a while). Still, you gotta love the production values here. Especially, since this is a fan vid. Which makes it even more amazing when you consider this is a real story from the game. Well in the game’s books that is. (If you don’t know what that is then you haven’t played an Elder Scroll’s game). Get to it!!!

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