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Charlotte has shared a video with you on YouTube

For some reason my Badfurrvideos channel is very active. Despite the fact that it is only full of clips of other people’s work & I haven’t posted a video there in forever! I keep getting subscribers there. NOTE: My other two channels don’t get that love – just Badfurrvideos.

Now most of what I get there is uninteresting. Just people subscribing and stuff. But today I received this:


Now if you have followed my blog at all, you will know that I am an atheist. And a pretty dedicated one to boot. So anything to do with god isn’t going to interest me. If anything it’s going to piss me off. Which won’t get me to click on your video. If you want to send me youtube spam – stop, think, then don’t do it! But especially don’t do it if it is about religious crap. You don’t want to be on the wall of shame!


Tobuscus: Viral Song

Get this one too before it’s gone.

Cats just don’t want to bathe – Funny cat bathing compilation

Time for some cat videos!!!!

Speaking of weird Youtube emails

A couple days before my youtube trending email, I received this email in another channel of mine:

SPAM!!!I should note that this was sent to my Badfurr Account that only posts stuff that I don’t really want to be connected to. That and I haven’t posted anything in a long time – so, I don’t see why someone would want to work with this channel. It serves no point. It’s not active and the videos do not have terribly high views.  So, this would not be an channel you would want to work with. At least I wouldn’t.

However, even if my account was active I wouldn’t work with this person! I put a link to possibly bad shit and I get – what? Money? I doubt that.  I am more likely to get a virus and my identity stolen than to get a penny from these people. WHY WOULD I GO ALONG WITH THIS???!!!!! I am not stupid, y’know. You can suck it.

Finally, I love the fact that they referencing my Superman: Doomsday clip. Which isn’t one hundred percent legal. Y’know since I didn’t get the rights to show that clip. Which makes any opportunity to make money off it even more problematic. But that doesn’t matter since I never posted it to make money. I posted it because it is one of my favorite Lois moments. And worth watching again. So do that now:


I recently got this from youtube:


I have to say that this is strange. First off, I don’t remember the video in question. If I did watch it, I didn’t get far enough for the sauna scene (believe me it was really weird!) So, I have no idea what they are talking about. Second, even if I did remember – why does youtube send emails like this? What is the point? Will it encourage me to share this video?

No, I don’t think so . . .

In any case, thank you youtube for this crazy email.

Diary of an ex Disney Employee #2

That was evil Swoozie, evil:



OH Youtube . . . . .

Remember when Youtube was all about cat video and people doing stupid things? Yeah, I know it’s come a long way since then but one can never forget videos such as “scarlet takes a tumble.” It’s so classic. It’s so touching. There is so much pain!!!! Enjoy!

Why did I post this video? Because I wanted to dig it up, that’s why!!!!

Gaming Week 2 – Why Is LET’S PLAY So Huge?

Now I know . . .

PS: I love how they worked Billy into this piece. If you don’t know who he is, check this video out.

Welcome To Youtube!

Now go to hell!!!

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