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You Monsters Are People.

I’m going to make a guest list for my funeral, that way people I don’t want to show up can’t waltz in and pretend to have been my friend or some long lost family member.  Normally, I don’t believe in the the velvet rope but I have to make an exception in this case.  There are just some people you don’t want to give the satisfaction of seeing your corpse before they remove the bones so they can be bleached, dressed in a top hat and and posed at the entrance of your children’s daycare center.

And, since it is a well known fact that I’d like to be consumed at my wake or (at the very least) have my ashes smoked by my inner circle, there isn’t enough to go around for every random person that shows up.  There might not be enough to go around anyway.  Hoards of people you…

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I am selling my macbook (more on that later) it’s on Amazon right now! And for the last few days, I have been dealing with a scammer/spammer who has been trying to acquire either my email, paypal, or laptop (take your pick). I am fed up with it! So I decided to send he/she a little message:

I want to know the condition of this item before i make the purchase email me back on hclayhurst@yahoo  i want to purchase it now   Please contact me via email

Videos That Make You Smile: “Encyclopedia” Double Feature

Remember the 80’s show “Encyclopedia”? Wasn’t alive during the 80’s? Didn’t care about it? Well now’s your chance! ‘Cause I have two songs for ya from that awesome show. Remember the 80’s with “Encyclopedia!”



Today’s video comes from me! I found it and posted it bitches! So no links for you!


Videos That Make You Smile: We Need To Talk About Kevin McCallister

Watch Home Alone as if it was a thriller!

Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

Answer this question today!

I am preparing for my next video, but I need your help! Answer this question ( and give your best answer! I want to hear how funny you are! Answer today!

Videos That Make You Smile: The Classiest Way to Get Owned


Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

Plan Your Next Bicycle Trip In New York state

I stumbled upon this site recently when looking for something governmently (that’s a new word bitches!) It had nothing to do with what I looking for but it was awesome all the same. With this internet map, you can plan your next Bicycle trip in New York. I don’t go cross country very often, but if I did – I would use this map! After all, it maps out where the food and bathrooms are – very useful!!!! Check it out!

Click here to go to the map

Word of the Day Challenge # 1: Thole

So, I got a new podcast to listen to. It’s the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day. Which is actually pretty cool! It brings out weird words like “thole” (which you will see today.)  Now, it’s goal is to help new English Speakers, but we can use it too! I will take one word, like “thole”, and use it in a story. It can be between 1 and 2 paragraphs. Whatever goes, goes. Enjoy!

Today’s word:

Thole \THOHL\ verb  : endure .

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day (link goes to today’s word of the day).

Janus stood at a precipice. Just one slip and she would fall. She held onto her daughter Sandra with all her might. If she slipped even for a second, they would both die. The Pain was excruciating.It throbbed and pulsed. But she had to thole on. All she could do was wait and hope for rescue!

Late Night SPAM

It’s late and I bet you have sleeping to do. But just in case you don’t, I am offering up a bit of SPAM for your enjoyment! This piece I received a while ago (been waiting and waiting to be posted). But I never seemed to get around to posting it – UNTIL NOW!!!! So here’s the story of this SPAM:

I occasionally troll Craigslist for interesting things (best ones are free). And while I haven’t found anything directly that I want to post right now, I did find a posting for Broken DSi I was interested in. After all, it was free!!! Sadly, no one responded for a long time until this showed up:


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